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SILVER LININGS COLUMN-The Russo Brothers Are The Right Team For 'Captain America-Civil War'

Game Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s

Captain America, The Winter Soldier, The Falcon, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Agent 33. Or Iron Man, War Machine, The Vision, Black Panther and Widow. Whose side are you on? Either way you can't deny that D.C. have moved to Marvel's side once again with the 'Dawn Of Justice' of their 'Batman V Superman' movie with the trailer for this new awakening force that is set to make its big screen debut before some Christmas movie called 'Star Wars'. You can't deny that the Avengers 2.5 'Captain America-Civil War' trailer is all everyone in the Hollywood movie world and the big bang comic-book geek one is talking about right now. But when it comes to the time to pick a side who do you go with? The soldier or the metal man? Well the side and team you should really count on is the one you least expect...

...the Russo brothers.

Brother the trailers excitement is going to battle with all else you use your phone to procrastinate and distract you it bad/geeky I've lost count of how many times I've watched this on Youtube? From the continuation of the 'Ant-Man' post credits scene to the "he's my friend", "so was I" bromance tear-jerking end. Coupled (or should we say tripled) with one hell of a 'Dragonball Z' style tag-team fight (we see you Tyrone Magnus...your trailer reactions are the best) that is an Easter Egg all itself to who may one day carry the Captain's shield after Chris Evans' Steve Rogers. And let's not get started on the debate for all the Easter Eggs we didn't see ("YELLOW TRUCK"!) along with the characters that join the Incredible Hulk (at least General Thunderbolt Ross is back) and Thor M.I.A., from enemies like Baron Zemo and Crossbones to new heroes that we didn't see like Ant-Man (well, at least I didn't think we saw him), The Vision and to catch the highly anticipated, long awaited, new Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man. Oh and how could we forget the Black Freaking Panther?! Did you see him run? Or the Falcon flipping out and taking two people out at the same time...and I bet you thought he only got exciting when the wings came out? The trailer that has been long over-due offers us so much and withholds even more to get us more than ready for its May day release.

Yet all this excitement comes from two men and I'm not talking about Chris Evans' Captain America and Robert Downey Jnr's Iron Man...even though they've made for one hell of a frenemy pair going toe-to-toe ever since they dared each other to put on the suit. Now suiting up together the banter is back as they threaten to go a few rounds and punch each other in their perfect teeth, but there's much more emotion and meaning behind all of that with everything these Avengers have been through all the way to this years monster 'Age Of Ultron' (maybe Cap did end up taking from Tony Stark's pile of wood). And it's the Russo brothers who bring this all out, making the battle between Marvel's two most popular heroes even more iconic than the fight between D.C.'s top tandem. After all the Russo brothers have given us the best Marvel Avengers film in this phase and maybe even all-time with 'The Winter Soldier' sequel that made us forgive and forget the longing for the war, torn, days gone by texture and traditions of 'The First Avenger' movie (along with Hayley Atwell's 'Agent Carter' of course). Now these brothers in arms with greater storytelling than Thor and Loki could take this war to 'Infinity' one and two.

'The Winter Soldier' has it all. Action, drama, excitement, emotion, thrills, spills. Links to everything including 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D' (its all connected). But it was the way it was shot, where it was set (the political capital of Washington D.C.) and everything in-between that made it not only one of the best superhero movies of all-time (certainly the best since 'The Dark Knight'), but a great thriller that even exists as the perfect movie aside from the supernatural, superhero stuff. Take away that shield and subtlety this is one of the modern days great action movies that harks back to the good old, golden era days of the 90's. And add everything to do with 'S.H.I.E.L.D' itself and you have a spy, secret service movie of cat and mouse, 'who done its' that could find itself and the sum of all its fears under the clear and present danger shadows and patriot games of a Jack Ryan movie. Harrison Ford would love this.

Shot first and foremost between the green and city streets of downtown D.C. too, it almost has an 'In The Line Of Fire' feel to it. From the Mall to the Lincoln memorial, making the worlds most famous, do-good superhero almost presidential in the comic-book world. Clint Eastwood may as well have shot it. That's what makes all those terrifyingly thrilling, amazing action scenes with Bucky Barnes brainwashed 'Winter Soldier' villain all that more ice cold chilling. Now just like moving from World War 2 to this present day 'Civil War', the transition of Buck from great bad guy to fallen hero, no longer dispatching enemies and taking everyone out like 'The Terminator' will in the end be as welcome as it at first seems unwelcome. That's because the Russo's have got this. We can already see that Cold War era spy stuff going on in the new trailer like the best directing brothers since the Cohen brothers were the men from U.N.C.L.E. The jumping from buildings to escape a swat team ascending the stairs. The situation room briefing by Generals that keep the origins of the comic-books registration act alive. The helicopters, the airport face offs, the defining dialogue, bar-room talk whilst going leather and aviator undercover, the tunnel chases. It's all there and it's all classic stuff, old school or new hero generation. These super siblings are really bringing the old school feel and vintage vibe of classic Captain America comic graphic novels like 'No Escape' (Baron Zemo) and 'The Trial Of Captain America' (maybe a future film) to cell to screen legendary legacy, movie making life. It's all going to mean so much more come next year too, because when it comes to 'Captain America 3' you know you can count on the Russo's when it comes to going into battle. It's time for 'Civil War'! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Thursday, 26 November 2015



Netflix & Thrill.

13 Episodes. Starring: Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Rachael Taylor, Wil Traval, Erin Moriarty, Eka Darville, Carrie-Anne Moss & David Tennant. Created By: Melissa Rosenberg.

Keeping up with Miss Jones' 'Alias' is hard. You'd have to be a private investigator yourself to get close to this one. Not to be confused with the old hit Jennifer Garner T.V. show, this 'Alias' AKA 'Jessica Jones' (the name it uses due to copyright) is one of Marvel's newest, deepest and best comic-book heroes, leaping off the cell pages in 2001 to her own show just a decade and change later. A show that brings new life to this character, just like the fellow Netflix, 'Defender' series 'Daredevil' that has changed the game and a bust of a movie to a new booming hero of New York's Hells Kitchen. Giving the rest of what's on T.V a nightmare (even D.C.'s 'Gotham', 'Flash'. 'Arrow' and even new pop hit 'Supergirl') to be Marvel's darkest and best show even among the 'S.H.I.E.L.D' and 'Carter' agent hits. A traditional, television, blindsiding, binge-age watching series that's set to have a second season, complete with an even more credible version of Jennifer Garner's electric Electra character (with no disrespect to the great Garner, but you can see the character correlation), serving as even more of a Punisher to that old delightful but dated Ben Affleck movie. Now following last years 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' breakout year and 'The Winter Soldier' which may just lead to the best Avenger movie in next years 'Civil War' (with the trailer being all anyone is talking about right now outside of 'Star Wars'), Marvel may even be having their best calendar yet in 2015 (bar the 'Fantastic Four' flawed flop...that wasn't even really theirs), in their 'Age Of Ultron' that also saw one of the biggest hits in the smallest superhero 'Ant-Man' and the even smaller screen, from your tablet to your phone with 'Agent Carter' and 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D' season 3 joining Netflix's 'Daredevil' and now this.

If it wasn't for the blind lawyer with the lethal stick, 'Jessica Jones' would be the best thing on T.V. this year. Part cinematic love story letter to every beautiful backstreet and classic corner of New York City. Part magnum strong P.I. show, this is N.Y.C. and private investigating to the notes of the jazz soundtrack that plays subtly but beautifully behind the notes. Brutal but brilliant and even darker than the man without sight or fear, 'Jessica Jones' is dripping in neo-noir, AKA the greatest, traditional detective series with a dame to kill for since 'Sin City'. And boy is our Jessica, Krysten Ritter a real femme fatale, breaking good from her previous television roles alongside the one who knocks. This Jessica is off the chain. 'Don't Trust The B### In Apartment 23' that's not a crass statement but Ritter's previous T.V work alongside 'Breaking Bad' and 'Veronica Mars', but here the raven haired, porcelain skinned beauty shows she'e beyond fragile, with strength, special abilities and an office in an apartment block where she's not afraid to literally show you the door...yet still you'll be left wanting to be the one that knocks. If you think that's one hell of a psychological trip than wait until you see the rest of the show and make an appointment with the Time-Lord, as 'Doctor Who' legend David Tennant becomes a witch doctor of the mind. Making the Kilgrave villain legendary and as abhorrent as his Tardis changing character is charismatic. Tennant is as terrific as his vile villain is terrible and a new classic bad guy, complete in Joker clown, cheap purple suit. The purple man really is something to worry about, controlling everyone's mind like Godfather puppets. Telling everyone exactly what to do, making for the worst game of Simon Says you've ever played. But this man says he's incredible and I am of sound mind and no manipulation...well I sure hope so anyway! How high should I jump? There's more rising actors of influence in control here, from Racheal Taylor and Wil Traval, to Erin Moriarty and Eka Darville. Even Trinity of 'The Matrix' and 'Memento' star Carrie-Anne Moss is here to give more futuristic star power to Marvel's new flying vehicle. Dodge that!

One man who doesn't need to avoid anything is Mike Colter as the unbreakable Luke Cage under this shows skin. When many thought the muscle of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's' Terry Crews was a perfect fit for the 'sneeze and you're going home naked' t-shirt of this Power Man, it turns out that the 'Brooklyn Lobster' who previously won our hearts and throat lumps in 'Men In Black 3' has the real mettle to be the right Hero For Hire. And with his crossover and complicated relationship with our leading lady here that has more depth and drama than not just this, but what you would expect from most superhero stories, we now can't wait for when he gets his own show, let alone the ultimate 'Defenders' spin-off show. We can't wait to see the origins of his backstory, the future of this team and the Marvel franchise and how it all intertwines. Yet right now standing above it all on a ledge in the middle of midtown Manhattan is the one heroine who stands the strongest. Jessica Jones AKA Krysten Ritter is intensity inspired and passion personified in this ass kicking all-action thriller with a supernatural twist of drama dynamics, tense horror and real-life themes. Ones as hard hitting as the passive aggression of relationship manipulation, and the all too real, evil predatory obsession of a modern day rape culture. It really has something important to say in its hidden meanings about something that in the real world is covered over with ignorance all too often. It might seem like all too much, but it's all the real world problems that this superhero franchise that has always mirrored real-life in its metaphors needs to address, showing solidarity to those who need help as well as an escape. Just like Peter Parker's Spider-Man did for bullies, Krysten Ritter and Jessica Jones do for young woman looking for a hero to follow and be inspired by in this cinematic universe. It's not just Marvel's Avenger Black Widow or the Scarlet Witch and the buzz of the 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' sequel. Jones now alongside D.C and Melissa Benoist's 'Supergirl' joins a range of wonder woman that are just as heroic as their male counterparts and no longer a stocking and spandex stereotype. From the huge, rising popularity of the new 'Spider-Gwen' alternative to the forthcoming phase and age of 'Captain Marvel'. Sure, nothing is more role model worthy than what's real, but these are some positive, heroic, characters for young fans to now grow up with from adolescence to adulthood. Yet, nothing is realer than our Alias here who stares bleakness in its ugly face and lights up the darkness, no alternative. Great power...even greater responsibility. Jessica Jones, AKA the hero we all deserve...about damn time! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

    Wednesday, 25 November 2015



    The Depp-arted

    122 Minutes. Starring: Johnny Depp, Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Rory Cochrane, Kevin Bacon, Jesse Plemons, Corey Stoll, Peter Sarsgaard, David Harbour, Adam Scott, Juno Temple & Dakota Johnson. Director: Scott Cooper.

    Swallow this Jack Sparrow...why is the rum gone? Perhaps you should check the diaries of 'Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas' writer Hunter S. Thompson for more evidence. Or just maybe you could find it in a bar in Boston. Cheers to 'Black Mass' for bringing the undercover 'Donnie Brasco' gang-related depth of 'Public Enemies' Johnny Depp back from the depths of Davy Jones locker to a whole new depth of acting. As much as there's nothing wrong with the fun and fond 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' franchise (you can expect more soon with the almost gangster sounding 'Dead Man Tell No Tales'), or Depp's Tonto 'Lone Ranger' rides and 'Alice In Wonderland' follies (expect more Mad Hatter and 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' for a wolf who is still clearly going 'Into The Woods' for Disney), it's certainly a far better slice of the man when we see 'Edward Scissorhands' cut into something much deeper and fashion a whole different type of mask. One that see's him as the Boston illegal kingpin face of 'The Town' that Jack Nicholson 'Departed' with Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon for their fictional take on real life mobster Jimmy 'Whitey' Bulger, who as a fugitive according to legend snuck in a cinema to watch that Academy Award winning classic. Living out the rest of his days in prison the gangster won't be able to see the real deal this season, but Johnny may get to meet Oscar to begin next year with the mass appeal he's bringing to his darker side in 'Black Mass'. Polishing off more people than 'Sweeney Todd' Depp may even finish off the 'Best Actor' competition of last years winner Eddie Redmayne, the Apple of 'Steve Jobs'' 'i' Michael Fassbender, New England's out of this world 'Martian' Matt Damon and the overdue 'Revenant' of Leonardo DiCaprio. Or even the gang relation of co-star Tom Hardy playing both Krays for a twin mob-hot 'Legend'.  Who knew he would have to go so bad to be so good again?

    Across this 'Bridge Of Spies' and 'Sicario' hitmen in this Oscar season, there's more people that meet the eye of this Academy...even here. All trying on the Boston accent Pawtucket perfectly like a Seth MacFarlane character creation. Just like Aussie Joel Edgerton who has been ruling everything from 'Warrior' to 'Zero Dark Thirty'. 'Star Wars', 'The Thing', 'The Great Gatsby' and James Dean's 'Life'. This man is in everything. He's probably even in your kitchen...which is not a good thing if you've watched 'The Gift'. Yet this gifted actor really is a presence and a blessing to every chameleon character acting he gives the leading man gold standard touch too. Have you forgotten he's actually Australian? Here playing with the dirt on his blue collar Boston uniform he doesn't exactly play it straight, but he's the closest thing to Depp's mass in character and actor. Copping a role as a childhood friend turned FBI detective, really going undercover with the mobster for an unholy alliance with the cold cases brought up by Whitey's Winter Hill Gang. The thin lines he toes with the steel stained nerves of a man who on the inside is dressed down the more he Mafioso style suits up on the outside, is worked to cuff-link and brass knuckle attention to detail perfection by the enigmatic and evocative Edgerton. It may just be one of his most complex and compelling turns to date for a man whose time is as set as the long road through Hollywood that's yet to come from the underrated, Down Under talent. The only thing that comes close to this in accented performances is that of the British intelligence of Benedict Cumberbatch, who before doctoring in the 'Strange' for Marvel continues his inspired 'Imitation Game' as the Boston born brother of our lead, playing it straight and sublime as a senator, the man people think is really the most powerful man in Boston. More can attest to who really is that however, from 'A Scanner Darkly' and 'Argo' star Rory Cochrane's breakout to a rolling Kevin Bacon thankfully in more movies now, instead of just hilariously, commercially before them. 'Fargo' and 'Breaking Bad's' Jesse Plemons makes a great break for the big screen too. Whilst 'Ant-Man' villain Corey Stoll with as much intense passion, turns to the the other side of the law and mob war and rises to the occasion, never shrinking in the face of a real bad guy with one hell of a jacket. The epic rap-sheet ensemble is furthered with the drug delusional, paranoid play by Peter Sarsgaard, David Harbour, the great Boston 'Equalizer' (actually from New York) and usual funnyman playing it straight Adam Scott. Not to mention some leading ladies to legacy making be, from the always shining even in 'Killer Joe', 'Sin City' or 'Dark Knight' darkness Juno Temple to Dakota Johnson going 'Fifty Shades of Black' here, even more shades darker.

    The Old Irish of this New England motion picture is one of Boston's strongest crime-dramas and films about the town. Capturing the supporting character of the city, from the houses on the hill to the back alley, brown bottle lit bars as more than just a beautiful backdrop to this brutal but brilliant Celtic city, shamrock story. 'Crazy Heart' country strong director Scott Cooper moves to the state of play in Massachusetts with the mad soul of Johnny Depp and he brings it out in the best way for a film that's even shot like a classic. It really is one when it comes to Depp's depth, done selling his soul to Hollywood. Like a rolling stone he tries to illicit sympathy for a devil that literally almost drugged Boston's underbelly to death. Exposing all the traits of his character like the perfect actor and best leading man he still is, under all the lights and not shadowing any of the dark for a man that was as flawed as they come. Even when he charmed his way to running the city he held in a vice grip of fear like he did the police in his pocket. Blonde, balding and with even more yellow staining his skin and teeth, Johnny is almost unrecognizable with his epic, evil look that's only redeeming feature is a pair of old blue eyes that could even scare the mob s### out of Sinatra, behind aviators and leather. Yet behind his latest and greatest mask, 'Donnie Brasco' and John Dillinger is unmistakable as another anti-hero of legend brought to by the book biopic, silver screen light. This is the actor we know and love, even if he's playing someone we should hate and pulling off some combustible chemistry and caustic charisma. Sure he helps old ladies with their shopping, plays cards with his dear mother and compliments you on how you cook a steak. But he marinates it in mocking, "funny how" like 'Goodfella' threats just to see how the look on your face gets buried real quick. Let alone the way he salutes the law or checks your ailing wife's temperature as she waits, fittingly reading 'The Exorcist' of all horrors in bed. And just wait until your head turns to see him unload a shotgun or hang people from a seated position. Between all this evil, every look, grimace and sly smile on his wrinkled face leaves more than just crows feet for those who will be sleeping with those birds. The feds may have had a file on him, but the critics have got nothing on Johnny Depp now. You can almost hear him answering back through character as he says "take a shot, but make it your best one. Because if I get up I eat ya"! He got up...and this is more than his meal ticket, it's Depp's bulletproof return fire. And you thought the Captain was going to fade to black. Savvy? This is the adjective of that verb. Here's the real Johnny...back in mass effect. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

    Saturday, 21 November 2015



    The Last Meal.

    137 Minutes. Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jeffrey Wright, Natalie Dormer, Sam Claflin, Jena Malone, Mahershala Ali, Stanley Tucci and Donald Sutherland. Director: Francis Lawrence.

    Winter is coming. Snow will fall and the game of Hunger is back for one more time in this battle royale's grand finale. Sure to overkill a 'Mockingjay', 'The Hunger Games' franchise closed the chapter on this franchise on fire by taking a leaf out of 'The Hobbit's' book. Stretching out one scroll to two scripts for whats part by part parcel the longest end to this library of fantasy franchises by the book (of sorts). Forget the fangs of 'Twilight' and the wand of 'Harry Potter' as this stretches the bow on the range of films, sinking it's teeth into the trick of the competitions trade. Now after this you'll have had your fill, but all that means is that your hunger has been satisfied. As the biggest actress and Hollywood movie star in the world Jennifer Lawrence gets her Hawkeye on once again with avengance, she does more than adapt to this adaptation. This is far more than a star vehicle for the multi Academy Award nominee and Oscar winner who is sure to collect more this fall to the tune of 'Joy' with Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and David O. Russell once again on her hustle of America. The whole world now belongs to this girl whose sitting on a throne with more silver linings than her script playbook drew out. Fire? Nah this blazing inferno of a talent is hotter than that. Between the 'Spectre' of Bond and the all-year anticipation of 'Star Wars', the Summer of monsters, machines and Marvel may have given way to an even hotter fall of films, but you can't forget this awakening force.

    Forget the mark she's already made, she's just fired another arrow into the previous one, splitting her bulls-eye. Sure many targeted this franchise for milking money from fans for all they are worth twice-over but here's to the fitting conclusion the die hard's will raise three fingers and whistle for in salute, blowing a kiss to Lawrence who is in the zone and her own district of talent right now. The first annual biggest blockbuster of the movie year 'The Hunger Games' was a classic. Whereas the sensational sequel was anything but a 'Prison Break' (shout outs to the cool Robert Knepper cameo (should have settled for tea) of the best to do it), in vain, lightening in the bottle twice rehash. Even if it did follow formula it made for the catalyst of one hell of a spontaneous combustion for a leading lady protagonist that Alicia Keys may as well have been singing about. Leading off to the second half of these four seasons that followed the epic events with the apocalypse now of a new world divided and in flames. It's no longer a game and 'I Am Legend' and 'Constantine' director Francis Lawrence knows how to up the ante with a post-apocalyptic world in ruins and the hands of demons. With the worlds biggest star shooting from way above the hip, the anticipation of some amazing action and swinging and punching set-pieces will keep that bright-light of your phone dimmed in your pocket and your popcorn without the rustle and bustle. The person next to you, date or not will thank you later. Dystopian war games are on the cards here in this new kind of science fiction tweening between the teens and young adults like only the insurgence of a 'Divergent' series wish they could do to Suzanne Collins' classic. Read and watch between all the lines of debate dialogue table reading to begin this blockbuster and all your remaining engaged senses will be rewarded with a marriage of action. As a scary as s### sewer scene segues into a subway one that comes at you like a freight train wrecking ball, as we may have the greatest two hits in action for this years lights and camera. All this from one shot arrow.

    There's more behind this archer and her 'Robyn' Hood mission to take from the filthy rich and give back to the downtrodden poor they stole from. Liam Hemsworth may not be Legolas, but armed with a crossbow the brother of Thor can still put the hammer down, giving even more shape to this love triangle that started with the games between Katniss and Josh Hutcherson's Peeta. Who is on perfect form, growing as a young actor as his range is tested with the mental madness of a man between being brainwashed by love or the law of the Capital's land. More exclamation points come from 'Pirates' and 'Huntsman' franchise star Sam Claflin who brings his trademark charisma and character chemistry to this set and even more girls draped in flames. From the 'Game Of Thrones' to games of hunger switching Natalie Dormer who is inking a reputation as cool as her characters tattooed scalp and half shaved hair, making sure this revolution is televised and the sucker punch of the all bald Jena Malone who rumor has it is about to deliver the next Robin to Batman's 'Dawn Of Justice' face-off with Superman. The kids are more than alright. It's just a shame the adults who made this angst-filled rebellion much more real for the grown ups in he beginning are on the spare change dime of garbage time to close this contest. Last years 'Still Alice' 'Best Actress' Julianne Moore is still in an Academy of her own, the red-head, still hot at 50 with shades of grey. Speaking of which, Donald Sutherland continues his legend, even if Kiefer's kids generation will see him as one evil son of a gun, keeping anything but the peace with his storm troppers built for the iPod age. It's just a shame we couldn't see more from the wonderful Woody Harrelson, emphatic Elizabeth Banks, stylized Stanley Tucci and of course the weapon and sequel energizing Jeffrey Wright. But then again we all knew favorites in this epic ensemble of players could fly away ever since rock god Lenny Kravitz suited up for his best act yet. His steps are still missed, even if we can still see the strut of his seams between the seams, (At least you can thank Mahershala Ali's agent for more from the 'Place Beyond The Pines' and 'Benjamin Button' actor running point for the troops on the ground rebellion). The real tragedy here though is what happened to the late, great Phillip Seymour Hoffman, but here he still delivers in his final film and digitally enhanced screen time, all to the sincere, sign off Dear Jen letter poignantly read by Woody. The legend would be proud of all that has happened here in the end of the series that has given us a new one. The phoenix may have rose and everything else may have turned to ash, but when it come to Jennifer Lawrence, this girls fire will never go out. You can try but you'll never forget her name. She's on top of the world and she's not backing down. She's burning it down!  TIM DAVID HARVEY. 

    Saturday, 14 November 2015



    127 MB.

    122 Minutes. Starring: Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Katherine Waterson, John Ortiz & Jeff Daniels. Director: Danny Boyle.

    Act One. 'Slumdog Millionaire' big-ticket, Oscar winning director Danny Boyle's book of 'Steve Jobs' begins with Silicone Valley being anything but 'Pleasantville' as 'Macbeth' and Magneto himself Michael Fassbender moves more than metal with his artificial intelligence. Following the optics of Noah Wyle's 'Pirates Of Silicone Valley' T.V. and Ashton Kutcher's 'Jobs' movie in his modern day Shakespearean moment as a select and click icon of our generation that believed he was like "Julius Caesar, surrounded by enemies". From magazines of our 'Time' to biography's by Walter Isaacson that this biopic screen-wrote by 'The Social Network' trending genius Aaron Sorkin is based on, much has been wrote and worked about the late co-founder of some of the millennials greatest machines for the moving mainstream. To think there has already been two films (both good no matter what some claim the truth is...Wyle and Kutcher's interpretations are as underrated as they are as leading men) about this tormented and tormenting genius and innovator, cursor cursing everyone the hell out and none of note about Microsoft maverick and former richest man in the world Bill Gates speaks code of volume for the legacy of controversy of Jobs. Some may think that's the reason despite critical, Oscar season campaign acclaim that this film has flopped like an old disk drive. Being pulled from the hardware of over 2000 cinemas in the United States for this hash-tag generations all American hero painted with as many stripes as stars. And you thought the first scene had enough problems getting the monitor of the Mackintosh to simply say hello whilst Steve had a job looking for the breast pocket of someone with the same size shirt to drive his disk into. Now on some silver screens all this isn't even friendly face welcome. Narcissistic? Computer says yes!

    Know this though; the second act keeps the post, product launch stage trend going as Fassbender stages some dynamite dynamic drama for all the world and its players after bringing the theater of his magnificent 'Macbeth' to the multiplexes of all the world. Now the 'Shame' acting of a Marvel of an iconic 'X-Men' actor that can even best Sir Ian McKellen's 'Days Of Future Past' could finally become the 'Best Actor' the Academy of his career has been looking for, after almost winning the Oscar for almost making us hate him in his evil but epic '12 Years A Slave' performance. Here he flips between garage grunge and greying, weary soul patchy hairstyles so well, giving Jobs the same chameleonic treatment Kutcher did but with even more diverse drama as he soars, even though his black box computer can't take off like grounded flights. Even between failure after failure, Jobs shows his worth as the man that would eventually put over a thousand songs in our pocket with the iPod and swipe a legacy over to the iPhone generation that is the core of the Apple company today. Success doesn't come without struggle and our leading man has more of that in his mind than all those around him can handle. From a sensational and raw stressed Seth Rogen whose characters idea was claimed to be stolen, to an always as vivid as he is versatile Jeff Daniels who goes in the year of his comedy and 'Newsroom' career from 'The Martian' director of NASA, to the owner of the Pepsi generation and the man that fired Steve Jobs. Can you believe that? Watch this and you might. Like Kate Winslet's wonderful and maestro marketing executive in the close confides of a sensational secretary like role to the woman who should really be by his side, the mother of his child (Katherine Waterson following her influential turn on the similarly classically and vividly shot 'Inherent Vice' picture)...and let's not forget the kid herself. Jobs daughter, the emotional heart and soul of a story otherwise lost in the firewalls of something as romantic as technology can and can't get. Like Kindles will never be books, "computers aren't paintings".

    "F### you"! Proclaims Jobs to anyone who challenges his art as merely commerce, justifying the high margins of his price as he finally hits with the revolutionary iMac in the final curtain of these press conference lead up and ins that is quite the act itself. Boiled by Boyle to simmering script and in-sync delivery perfection, this movie is a quality product no question, from the journals of GQ writer John Ortiz to the best of Hollywood's best all in your pocket like your favorite albums. This film has it all at its devices, from Dylan lyrical exercise to the writing of a real but respectful story...even if it is beyond the command of Jobs families desires and wishes. Still, you best believe the Jobs family have the right to complain with what they're seeing here whatever your lead to believe in the subject of high-profile controversy. Yet, you also best believe this film has a point to and it's making it in a visionary way with it's act by act look behind the scenes as all our actors set the motherboard stage for our monitoring consideration. A lot have made theirs from Ashton to Noah and the arc of rumored talent from Clooney to DiCaprio, Bale to Cooper, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and almost everyone expect Ryan Gosling who hilariously compared the New Balance of Steve Carell's jeans and sneakers look to the Apple co-founders dress sense in the 'Crazy, Stupid Love' film. Still, once the leopard leading man Fassbender changes his spots to the turtleneck and sweats of Steve, through his glasses you can see he's the perfect look in this spectacle. The task of playing Jobs is the apple of  this leading mans 'i'. With bark and bite, Michael gets to the core of Steve so much so you won't want to swipe past this. This is more than Fassbender and his teams idea however as Boyle and Sorkin take Isaacson's cinder brick, monitor of a book and turn it into three classic chapters. This big-three really is the Big Apple. Jobs a 'goodun'! TIM DAVID HARVEY.