Sunday, 28 February 2016


Wolverine: Tokyo Drift

Big in Japan?! Here's how the Earths Mightiest Heroes could really rule the world!

Not like they already aren't in this 'Age Of Ultron'. From a 'Civil War' going on between Captain America and Iron Man and 'Batman v Superman', with enough superhero in-fighting going on they don't even have to worry about the 'Dawn Of Justice'. Or the smallest screen for that matter as the biggest heroes of the silver screen are dominanting the Netflix one from the dark 'Jessica Jones' to the even darker, punishing second season of 'Daredevil', that's set to be even more electric than the sonic age of the battle before the 'Infinity War'. All this and those galaxy guardians and we haven't even begun to mention the Spider and the Panther. Or Benedict Cumberbatch's forthcoming 'Doctor Strange'. Or even the current indestructable hype of the fourth and all sorts of franchise wall breaking, merc with a movie 'Deadpool' that's come before all of this right now.

And he isn't even "officially" Marvel.

He made his official debut in the 'X-Men: Origins' of a 'Wolverine' movie. Now currently sitting watching 'The Wolverine' sequel in Japan (not actually "in" Japan...that comes next! Tokyo here I come!) we're wondering where the 'Old Man Logan' inspired "one last time" for Hugh Jackman as the clawed Canadian will leave us. And we're not talking about Tom Hardy donning the yellow spandex...although we're sure you ladies wont consider that a bane to deal with at all.

No we're looking a little further East to the legacy of the adamantium mutant. What about the baby? His son. The one he fathered in the comics and was presumed dead. Only to be risen as Daken. The Dark Wolverine, evil but oh so devilishly sexy...apparantly. For a comic book character at least anyway. Doing for fan girls what Jessica Rabbit did for teenage boys in the late 80's. Now frame this! In the Wolverine movie, the Logan wolf of the X-Men met a Japanese woman and left his heart in Tokyo like Bill Murray channeling Tony Bennett in San Fransisco.

So could all this add up to a Daken movie? Or at least a small budget series?

For some years now fan boy blogs have insighted this inspired idea for the classic, cult comic and even looked for a lead from Hollywood to Asia...but lets at least kill that rumor and just wait for an unknown Japanese player to make his name Daken's. Kind of like what Charlie Cox did for Matt Murdock...and if you think the Yukuza look threatening in season 2 of aint seen nothing yet! Matter of fact like his Wolverine fathers last time on screen lets Marvel at this whole thing being filmed in Japan. Loved the out of the gun action of 'The Wolverine' from the bullet train to iconic martial arts? Then imagine more soaked in skyscraped rain and drenched in the neon of the night. Now that would be electric...especially with the eclectic heart and soul of the brutually beautiful backstory.

Now who you think we could get for a cameo bub?

But wait...there's more...

...if Marvel really want to continue their round the world, globetrotting domination Stan Lee could make an appearance with Rosetta Stone. How about the whole thing being filmed in Japanese? No not a translation but a literal handing of the keys to some guys from the anagram of Kyoto. You've got can deal with it! Let's not go back to the hilarity of some kung...fu...dubbing and....their....erm....unec...essary pausing! Lip sync that!

Not sold by this overseas export? Well how about you imagine that always spine-tingling exciting, comic book flipping, Marvel red I.D. intro in Japanese characters! Konichiwa. Yeah...this ideas got claws! Now can someone tell me the Japanese for 'Excelsior'?! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Monday, 22 February 2016



The Imperfect Storm.

117 Minutes. Starring: Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Ben Foster, Holliday Grainger, John Ortiz, Josh Stewart, Graham McTavish, Kyle Gallner, Michael Raymond-James, John Magaro, Abraham Benrubi & Eric Bana. Director: Craig Gillespie.

Boldly going where no man went before him, Captain Kirk himself Chris Pine channels heroic seaman of history, United States Coast Guard Bernie Weber on a sea trek and four man crews rescue of the shipwrecked U.S. Pendleton in 1952 for 'The Finest Hours' in U.S. Coast Guard history. As the brave and bold men performed the biggest small boat rescue of 32 survivors of a sinking ship split in two with a crew divided in more ways than one. Now decades later in the new milleniuum of the millenial age it's up to the 'Million Dollar Arm' of director Craig Gillespie to throw a wrench into the social media mix of a youthful trend today that could barely give a swipe. Cranking up the action and knocking it out the park in the digital 4K time of IMAX to threaten us with a tense sense of scale to taught teach and snap show us exactly what these brave men went through and what they did...without a compass. Screw your Google maps! Its not about how deep your friends list or followers is. It's what you would do, the lengths you would go for your fellow man. What do you know about old school, meat and extra potatoes getting it done!? All they endured...and all they survived against the tides of a most unforgiving sea. Natures calmest, but greatest eliminator. Like something straight out of the pages of Hemingway but realer than that off the New England shores of Cape Cod, this is 'The Perfect Storm' accented with a hull cranking tension that could even buck that of the submarine dark depths of Jude Law's recent crimson tide of a 'Black Sea'. Only Tom Hanks' 'Captain Phillips' has put up with more in the deep armbands! This one takes the pounding pressure and cast iron noise all the way to the dust of the seabed where only bubbles can hear you scream. That frankly is just how harrowing...and in turn, in the end heroic this real life situation really was. Beneath all the weather warning, black cloud rain storms of lashing waves of white water and Namor God like punishment and power is the hearts and hope of mortal men that could never be drowned.

'Unstoppable' when it comes to strive to survive, rescue mission movies, Chris Pine really is the Cap, like Steve Rodgers' America or the James T. that seeked out the seven seas of space like an intergalatic voyager on his own pirate plunder. Sporting the Dapper Dan, slicked look he will bring to the superhero, stay at home husband of next years Gal Gadot's 'Wonder Woman', 'Dawn Of Justice', this handsome one is as All-American face of courage and bravery, like he is prepped to be a Hollywood heartthrob heavyweight. And in the fill of his thirties he's still full of young life, yet a maturing one at that. The competence to the already fine crafted charisma of this 'Jack Ryan' comes composed and out of the shadows of any critics doubt. Even being able to put a stop to the runaway success of his early classics like he was merely playing with trains. On a whole new track but still as genuinely compelling as before, soon everyone will be following this leading man. Pine is just that oak strong perfect. Even if he is sharing the leading billing duties with another Captain and Affleck. No not Wonder Woman's other beau Batman, fellow Jack Ryan, Ben. But the sum of the rest of his famous family Casey. The kid grown up good, whose on his own twin double-header this week with 'Triple 9' and the top bill he's copped there. Call it in! The standout star of 'Gone Baby Gone', 'Aint Them Bodies Saints', 'Jesse James' and the 'Oceans' series is more arresting here, shackled to the engine room like it was the depths of a sub. But lieing beneath all that captivatingly captured loneliness and isolation is the survival tactics of a man that know his ship like Pine knows the sea. There's more than one way to peel a boiled egg and under cabin and crew pressure the case for Casey being the best actor of the week and one of the all-round, underrated best rises to the surface with axe wielding puncuation. Worthy of a salute...Good job my Captains! Ay, Ay!

Rocking the boat however more sea legs are needed to stop this ship from sinking. And what a crew we have thanks to an all hands on deck casting director. There's a sea of famous and familair faces all the way down to the authoriative figure of Eric Bana, with another powerful performance opposite Pine. And of course what's an epic ensemble movie without the always on point, actor of character Ben Foster on the program following his controversially underrated, but unamiously underacclaimed, big-time portrayal of enigmatic sports cheat Lance Armstrong? Following that he may not be bike fit here, but he is pedal to the metal...or moor. And speaking of character actors it's easier to name a film John Ortiz has not been in. But yet again even amongst big names his stands out and makes it all on his own again. Bane merc Josh Stewart and 'Rocky' fight promotor Graham McTavish also make great helmsman to Affleck's case. Even 'Once Upon A Times' Michael Raymond-James is on point as this crews counter. Whilst remember that awesome desk receptionist from 'E.R.' Abraham Benrubi? Well he's back here like he never left as the ships cook with an enthusiastic, special dish that steals the show like dessert first. But how about some new talent? Because 'Veronica Mars'' Kyle Gallner and the 'Great Expectations' of Holliday Grainger are ship to shore ready in this movie matinnee throwback. The international players look like they've been Hollywood highlights for years. Just like 'Big Short' and 'Carol' latest and greatest John Magaro. Maybe it's just the tone of this period pieces texture. Because for all the ebbs this really flows on film. The special effects of this time and tide really pass the bar...again and again and immerse us with the law of the sea that these men had to counsel with. The only thing bigger than this blockbusters budget effects is the Walk of Fame names wading these waters. But for real depths the names you need to really remember are Ray Sybert, Richard Livesey, Andrew Fitzgerald, Ervin Maske and Bernard Weber. Everything else barely treads water. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

#SilverLiningsColumn BOTH SIDES OF THE CAPE

Dawn Of War.

Dare I say Season 2 of Marvel and Netflix's 'Daredevil' looks just as good...if not better than 'Captain America-Civil War'?!


As-in my own mind at least-the biggest geek going who even with all these comic books and superhero films is not even beginning to get cape fatigue, I believe I'm as excited as Cap 3 as anyone. If you dont believe me check my last 'Silver Linings Column' where I choose to side with the Russo Brothers. #TeamAvengers people! Especially after the 30 second Superbowl spot that featured everything-including Iron Man's coolest bullet time-keeping accessory and Cap and the Winter Soldier taking mark behind his shield-everyone wants to catch, except the Spider. Between that web crawler, the Black Panther of Wakanda and all the Marvels on display in this Avengers 2.5, this movie looks set to have it all and even better the best Avengers movie, the Russo Bros 'Winter Soldier' debut. As Captain America and Iron Man and their respective hash-tag teams face off in a battle seemingly only the gods and monsters could stop you best believe we think the mighty Thor and The Incredible Hulk will make a surprise cameo to break things up too. There's got to be another reason we saw the Hulk Buster in that convention trailer...unless like that Pop Viynl reveal it's to go to battle with Paul Rudd's sky-scraping (Gi)Ant-Man. What more could you ask for?

Yet as the worlds mightiest heroes are hashing out their trending back and forths, there seems to be a much deeper and darker battle between both sides of the gun and good and bad in Hells Kitchen...and we aren't talking about Gordon Ramsey's latest menu change. Now if you thought the surprise of last years 'Daredevil' Season 1 was Marvel's new Kingpin than you aint seen nothing yet...even without the man whose name you don't say. And we're not talking about the one woman who could put fear into the man who supposebly has none...Elektra. Instead we're talking about one of comics biggest and most cult figures outside of even Marvel istelf who is finally getting his own portryal on screen, the most eagerly anticipated since...well Deadpool. But forget the Merc for a second even with that mouth. Because the military American Sniper of The Punisher is about to literally hit town as Jon Bernthal's Frank looks to tear down castle walls and roll heads as he passes out judgement from the only chambers he knows.


One batch...two batch. 'The Walking Dead' star of real and raw 'Fury' who also was the only one who could sell you a pen in Leo DiCaprio's 'Wolf Of Wall Street' really is supplying everyones demand. Those bystanders who told him not to "mess this up" as he took that solitary studio stroll from the Brooklyn Bridge to get into character can rest in assured peace. I never doubted him and after all this no one else ever will. From his lights out carousel opening to his crossfire with the devil of Hells Kitchen, Bernthal is brimstone burning with a cocked and unloaded, no longer repressed rage running blood red with soldiering precision. The pressure cooker in this Kitchen really is set to microwave explode in less than 60 seconds as Castle looks to "take care of the scum that killed my family". You just can't help but feel the power and pain as one isolated vigilante meets another on the brick to brick, bruise to bullet rooftop of a bloody encounter. "Why are you doing this" cries Lawyer Matt Murdock out for justice. "Because I think you're a coward" replies the man who rocks the strange, iconic skull black tee as Daredevil proves he's no "half measure", getting the job done in a lights out hallway homage to the first series best one shot. Because lets face it he, me, you and Castle knows he's one bad day away from being Frank.

Penny and dime.

So forget the flag and the billionare battle between Marvel's Cap and Tony Stark and the Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne of D.C.'s 'Batman v Superman-Dawn Of Justice' pulled by the manipulating strings of Supermans Joker, Lex Luthor...and perhaps the Clown Prince himself. Or the big screen vs mobile one of Captain America vs Daredevil because there's much more at stake going on here than the in-house in-fighting that is distracting the embattled supes from the War at hand. This really is all about heroes and villains and choosing a side whether you or anyone else thinks its good or bad, or right or wrong. Superhero stories and comic books have mirrored regular life in all its methaphors from the first time Steve Rodgers picked up the red, white and blue shield in Worlds War 2 and socked Hitler in the face. From the corridors of a young Spider-Man showing High Schoolers how to really stand out from a crowd of bullies, to the violence versus non-violent X-Men protest of Magneto's Malcolm X and Professor X's Martin Luther King Jr. I even read a Fantastic Four classic comic 'The Overthrow Of Doom' that was charged with political conscience last night. So you know when half of the superhero movie coming out this year are about inner conflict (actually one more if you count the 'Apocalypse' of X-Men) they really do have something to say about the worlds we live in right now.

Whether it be the money versus power debate of Captain America and Superman against Iron Man and Batman, or the law and order versus capital punishment being waged in the Devils hell there's really a lot going on here like there is down to earth. Even down to the smallest notion that things fall apart no matter the strength and bond of a relationship. The moral mantra code of 'United We Stand. Divided We Fall'. Even friends and family in this time of crippling conflict from the newspapers to what is brought to our front door. And although the controversial choice of the weapon totting Punisher after all the gun crime terroism going on recently is a concerningly curious one at best, its definitly an issue that needs to be addressed outside the cross-hairs. A lot will be under fire here, but the messages in the heart and art of our entertainment is what gives our real life more scope. Even when we think we are distracting ourselves from all that we can never really escape. That's why the already classic line from the Punisher to Daredevil, "you hit them and they get back up! I hit them and they STAY DOWN" sends all sorts of tense shivers down your spine. Just like the notion that he and other anti-heroes are a product of our creation. There is a connection. Remember what the 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' trended? #ItsAllConnected

Still in this age of ultra violence from Hollywood to the homeland, no matter the turbulent turmoil whether internal or even with the people you love there are more than just two sides to a story being told here. There's a much deeper moral message lieing beneath all the twisting and turning plot points and dramatic premis. And that's the notion that after all the debate and hate...all the fighting. After war...there must come peace! Because at the end of all this and all of these wars maybe no one wins...and that's the point. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Saturday, 20 February 2016




115 Minutes. Starring: Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Clifton Collins Jr., Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, Gal Gadot, Teresa Palmer, Michael K. Williams, Woody Harrelson & Kate Winslet. Director: John Hillcoat.

9. Call it it! Police corruption is rife these days so it's time 'Lawless' and revolutionary 'The Road' director John Hillcoat throws the book at these cops that are anything but buddies my friend. Sorry fans of '48 Hours', when it comes to these Bad Boys there's more than one officer down in 'Triple 9'. Whatcha gonna do? Whose side are you on? What's it all about? Three nines?! No, no, no not a renamed emergency service for the 999 call of the U.K. distribution of this movie, but the U.S. call out for when a cop is shot. And boy is this precient a powerhouse in this epic ensemble of A-listers all making the detective grade with colors that fly. But you should never trust a man with a pointed gun, because these dirty badges need more than spit and polish to protect and serve the hearts that lay and lie behind those bulletproof vests. A relatively new sensation of a director, the aussie Hillcoat who started out his career directing a documentary on Australian band INXS, rules and brings it all in excess here for a police story drenched in neon noir and draped in the hood. From a bank job that tries to match the heist 'Heat' of another late, great talent from down under in Heath Ledger's Joker, Clown Prince, broad daylight 'Dark Knight' beginning, to the descending of an elevated finale that will have you looking for 'The Departed', the amazing action is offset by some thrilling tension. All set out in the jurisdiction of the hawking Southern city of Atlanta, Georgia, showing that the ATL can make more noise than just music. Cop this law and disorder modern great that is classic cop, blue bloods running red, meat and potatoes, bread and butter with extra crust to mop up all that gravy. There really are a lot of drawn lines on both sides of the gun here. Just check the rap sheet. Affleck, Ejiofor, Mackie, Collins Jr., Paul, Reedus, Gadot, Palmer, Williams, Harrelson and Winslet. What a line-up. You have the right to remain impressed. Anything you say are do can't be held against what this court of law movie is doing. Book this as just too engaging and arresting. Cuff 'em!

9. Making the case for Affleck, Casey shows he is more than just Batman's little brother. Or a Robin sidekick as the leading man of Ben Affleck's dynamic directorial debut 'Gone Baby Gone' shows he really is a star. Who with another film out this week really is having some of his 'Finest Hours'. 'Out Of The Furnace' and leading into the fire all the big names in this big picture. The man who inspired and impressed with the like of 'The Killer Inside Me' and 'Aint Them Bodies Saints' (not to mouthful mention the Wild West draw of 'The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford') kills and bodies everything and everyone here, anxiously cop chewing through gum quickly in a film as slow burning as his signature drawl. Monochrome toned with a bank pen chain badge necklace and long hair peaking out of his baseball cap, you haven't seen a cop this good since Jake Gyllenhaal made 'Prisoners' out of everyone. Out in Atlanta he has a Falcon on his sidekick side as his partner. But in his most conflicting, dramatic performance since 'The Hurt Locker' is Anthony Mackie worthy of holding a badge....let alone the mantle of Captain America's shield in this uncivil war? True detective or not, Mackie brings genuine grit and good cop/bad cop, thin blue line water treading to this back against the wall, keep you head down thriller. Still it's '12 Years' Chiwetel Ejiofor who may be doing real time as a criminally minded crook whose values are as twisted as the arm of his choices. A far cry from his pure portyal of hero Solomon Northup, or the man that helped bring Matt Damon's 'Martian' back down to earth, Ejiofor shaves that all away like his hair, with a cut throat performance that is a shot to the dome. Still it may be Clifton Collins Jr. that steals the show from all these big names in this detective homicide dispatch. As sinister as the day he scared the numbers out of you alongside Samuel L. Jackson in '187', this character actor shows you why he's one of the most recognisable and realest faces in this industry. And you thought this 'Scott Pilgrim' star was just a member of the vegan police? Now he's serving and winning against the world like soya versus steak. Now how do you like those potatoes?

9. We haven't even met you halfway yet. There's more riding shotgun in this cop car or getaway vehicle, depending on which side you're on in this 'Civil War', dawn of superhero in-fighting age were you dont even know if you can trust Clark Kent. Stepping into the phone booth however is woman of wonder and 'Fast & Furious' star Gal Gadot, who changes gear and keeps her baby daddy on a short lassoo. Alongside Aussie Teresa Palmer (currently making waves in 'Point Break') this international talent is flying. Soon you'll see this amazon princess on screens everywhere and we aren't just talking about perfume ads. More television stars make the big screen transition here however, including zombie hunter Norman Reedus who is all walking dread here. But Yo! You have to hand it to his chemistry with Aaron Paul. Finally breaking good into movies following his 'Need For Speed' being unable to keep up with the formidable nitrus of the 'Fast and Furious' franchise. No need to call Saul though. With some amazing acting, high off his own Heisenberg supply, Paul brings the dark depths to drug abuse. Now tell me what his name is...b####! Even hardest working, cameo character actor of the moment Michael K. Williams (see last years 'Inherent Vice' and 'The Gambler') is here, all dolled up and wearing more than just a wire. There's even more to trace however. Like the expensive suit, stylised role of Kate Winslet. A wonder as a Russian mobster with her hair slicked back with a spray that could even make her Academy Award nominated Polish assistant to 'Steve Jobs' choke. But how about Woody Harrelson? He may have the first name of a porno award, but 'The People vs Larry Flynt' star is a natural born Oscar winner and there will be cheers to him again. The bars on him too. Especially after channeling and keeping tabs on his inner 'Rampart' and chief of police lip fuzz for this corrupt cop fable that even takes his real life portrayal of service weapon scandal to task. Even 'Sicario' world have a hard time dramatically overreacting to the moral judgement here. See for yourself. There's more than a big three in 'Trip 9'. More like a perfect ten with all these units. Why call on more? This 999 thriller has the cop genre down. What an emergency! Now respond to that call! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016




108 Minutes. Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand & Gina Carano. Director: Tim Miller.

Mother F#####! S###! C###! Gosh-darn it! O.K. Glad we got that out the way! O.K F### Captain America, Iron Man, their petty little 'Civil War'. Thor, The Incredible Hulk. The rest of the Avengers. That little Ant-Man dude. That guy that climbs up walls who they still won't talk about. Those Galaxy Guardians hooked on a feeling. The Fantastic Four and Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men. And even Daredevil and those Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. if you want to get even more specific. Don't even get us started on Batman and Superman and one particular planetery, green with envy member of D.C's Justice League. Because this is Wade's world now and that lovable red faced Wilson is back! But we aren't talking about that Hanks family friendly 'Cast Away' volleyball...although he will treat your samurai severed head like one. WIIIIIILLLLLSSSSOOON!!! Parental advisory...explicit cont...too late! Weapon X is going to give it to ya. Word to DMX (Get Well Soon), but it's time to party up true Marvel fans because 'Deadpool' finally has his own movie. And we aren't talking about no Clint Eastwood remake punk! More like something good, bad and f### ugly! Send in the gimp! Breaking the fourth wall of Stan Lee's comic book pulp fiction and addressing the audience like 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' gave 'The Wonder Years' of Fred Savage a line of blow! Who better than the Hollywood version of stand-up Dane Cook, comedy and action actor Ryan Reynolds to don the fetish mask for the most popular, gun-totting cult Marvel anti-hero whose only getting bigger? All puns intended! Wait until you get a load of D! He already came to us too quick in the sword cartwheel, scene stealing, fast talking cameo of the 'Wolverine' 'Origins' movie that the 'X-Men' franchise and 'Days Of Future Past' H.G. Wells travelling timeline would like you to forget. No matter how entertaining it was (you can see a subtle sign, similair rubble rebirth of this human bandaid, like a Phoenix from an old X timeline after an extinguishing fire fight). There was always potential for more from the man they never really figured how to shut up. That's why Marvel fans where luminous green sick when Reynolds took the D.C. oath for the animated but actually fun 'Green Lantern' flop (oh well at least he got to meet his wife co-star Blake Lively between takes). Thank comic-book God's for the "fan" that leaked some terrific test footage of Reynolds' Pool making video game dead out of some C.G.I. S.U.V. freeway henchman to the radio of Gwen Stefani's 'Hollaback Girl' mixed with some Dolly Parton for all those 9 to 5 Youtube refreshers. That ish was bananas! D.E.A.D.P.O.O.L. Have you seen this footage? Well don't worry its polished up and off in this movie ("Hi Tom")! Now not a year and some after that viral infection clip debuted, following the Canadian Reynolds turning the streets of Vancouver into some Hollywood homicide, we have the full movie that indestructible die-hards never thought this industry would make in a billion, trillion years. Especially with the millions this R rated affair is set to miss. No wonder the trailered marketing campaign from park benches where you can sit on Wade's Wilson's face, to Deadpool P.S.A's, emoticons (you have to love a smiling s###) and some fake romantic comedy posters is Cupid aiming to get real superhero lovers into cinemas this February 14th. By the week end of the St Valentines Day Massacre, the merc is going to be on everyones mouth. We hope you brought protection! Is that a coldsore? Now how do you like those Chimichangas?

('WAIT! Who does this "writer" think he is? All those puns are leaving everyone with more groans than his dates. What does he know about the pool of death? He probably can't even swim! "Stay in the shallow end sweetie"! I'll give you something deep. Hard luck...this isn't even a "real" Marvel movie. Who says so, you see Stan Lee don't you?! Admit it you wanted Wade to takes his head off! Didn't you? The Studios would love the rights back to this like after the mess Fox left with the 'Fantastic Flaw' last year. But you best believe with this Canadian on the outside border like Hugh Jackman's Logan, when it comes to X-Men they can stretch this thing out like the Human Torch becoming Steve Rodgers old man. It's clear this other mutating side of the comic books is here to Sue Storm. But do you reckon I can get the digits before she disappears? I can stretch too. My') WOAH!! Hang on...we've been hijacked...or "Fraped" as the kids say! Looks like someone broke the fourth wall. No, No...finish your tweet. Hash-tag references! Trend this, Ryan Reynolds is back like he never really squeezed that ass into spandex before. This 'Deadpool' was (re)born to play this anti-superhero who could even skull-f### the Punisher and make him look like a p####! Sorry Jon Bernthal I know you just got your own Netflix show and all....Chill! The superhero sarcastic, but heroically funny Hollywood heartthrob with more one zingers than lives has also gone back to the same Origin lab as the wolf that never made it to yellow and blue tights, to end up looking like the indestructible foe should really focus on his skin care. Exfoliate Mr. Wilson! Who are you the Red Skull? Still adamantium has got nothing on him. Some cats have got claws, but this gimp's got gats...and machetes that kill and don't just hang in geeks rooms in their parents house above the XBOX. This plays like the perfect video game, no first person shooter, but all menage a trois and head kill count. K.O.! Even the C.G.I. amazing and fantastic facial animations make you forget that you're barely seeing the actors movie star mug and not what looks like this week end Valentines gift that just screams "too soon, it's only been two weeks". I mean this is a franchise that turned Bradley Cooper into a racoon. Now you don't just have to be a teenage girl to love the posters boy Reynolds. As a matter of fact this is over 18's only. Ryan doesn't just kick ass...he gets shot up it. Started queing up on Main Street. This is the hero with great irresponsibilty. Spider who?

Responsibilty to the breaking wind however there are more heroes for hire here and we aren't talking about Hal Jordan. Now how this for a crossover? There's a new, suped up Collossos on iron fist hand, perhaps hinting at a future Weapon X/X-Men collaboration. Now that really would be the 'Apocalypse'. Stranger than Steven. But Doctor the one Marvel film that could possibly do battle with 'Civil War' has more to follow down the yellow brick road than a guy with no heart and the tin man. Brianna Hildebrand is far from Dorothy, but finds her place and home here as she clicks Deadpool's little red shoes together. This girl is on Chloe Grace-Moretz 'Kick Ass' fire in a graphic novel film that never thought about being afraid to use the C word. Hit Girl would be proud. She can even kick the ass of 'Haywire' M.M.A. fighter Gina Carano who is on 'Fast and Furious' form here as another villain alongside the good to the ba, ba, bad bone Ed Skrein. Who shows you what it would have been like if Jude Law went to public school with Jason Statham. Or if Nicholas Hoult went Beast mode in the gym. Either way there's something about this boy. Transport that! They aren't the only ones not playing by the rules of cliched, superhero stereotype roles however. How about the damsel not in distress Morena Baccarin? Straight outta 'Gotham' and the Ryan Reynolds school of not being afraid to turn-suit between the comic-book rivals of D.C. and Marvel. But this Ms is a Wonder Woman that is Black Widow deadly in beauty and character. Still no matter how good she or the rest of this anti-Avenger assemble of an ensemble looks, nobody steals the show quite like T.J. Miller in classic best friend role. B.F.F.s YEAH!   The ever funny scene stealer owns every frame here...literally. Turn his name to Tim Miller and you have your 'Deadpool' director. Between him and the jokes on Reynolds there's no wonder this rib hit is so belly deep funny. Now we just wish we could have seen the table reads of what only made the cutting room floor. These are two guys that could turn a charred face into the comedy of a running Freddy Kruger, testical gag that demands the DVD deleted scenes before this movie even premieres. These outstanding outtakes are going to make for one epic extended edition. Now you have another reason to stay after the credits of a Marvel movie. It's Miller time! Just see how alive this all is, just dont leave the stove on! 'Deadpool' is dead crude, dead funny, dead good! Hitting like an astonishing thunderbolt, this regenerate degenerate who has healed Ryan Reynolds is no longer a stranger to those leaning on their own arms tonight. Offended? Good! It could be worse. Howard the Duck is yet to get his own movie! Go quack yourself! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Sunday, 7 February 2016



Man Of Blue Steel.

102 Minutes. Starring: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell & Every Celebrity In The World. Director: Ben Stiller.

Ridiculously ridiculous. The wait for the eagerly anticipated sequel to the crazy, classic cult comedy 'Zoolander' was almost as ridicuously long it was almost getting out of fashion...let alone hand. But still, Stiller's Magnum opus was far from deralique. Balls to that. This is the Red Hour Ben who has milked the 'Fock' out of his 'Meet The Parents' and revisited 'Night At The Museum' franchises. It was about time he added a new line to his most weird and wonderful collection. With a spring in his catwalk step, Mr. Blue Steel is on one so hot right now streak ever since the Forest Gumption of 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty' and now this clothes show reveal. But then again time lines have changed from the early days of the new milleniuum. This is 2016. A world of driver beware selfie sticks and hash tag trends...oops! To some Derek Zoolander and his biggest rival turned partner in crime to fashion police, Hansel are older than the legend of Gretel and oh so 'Lame' (I think that's French for...well lame). But these icons turned cursory tales have got more to worry about than being in the bargain basement of past season looks. Someone is out to put a block on all those celebrities pouting for the selfie like teenage filter diluted Instagram girls. Now we can beliebe killing Justin Bieber (hilarious guest star by the way) but The Boss?! Hash-tag not impressed. Now look, if you thought stopping Chinese throwing stars was hard enough wait until 'Zoolander No. 2' gives you all it has to throw at you. Perhaps you'd like it if we started with a wash cloth? How about something a little more self absorbing?

We bought that Zoolander showed us there's more to life than being really, really ridicuously good looking...but does he still look good now after all these years? Well pout all you want critics if you thought that Zoolander was going to humiliate himself again like the time he walked up and accepted an award from Lenny Kravitz that wasn't for him. Because Derek Zoolander is back and its like he's never left magazine covers and advertising billboards. Ben Stiller revisits and even directs his classic character like he never lost the pout. Despite churning out classy comedies like 'The Watch' and 'Tower Heist' at a 'Tropic Thunder' pace. And guess what? Yep that's right he can finally turn left! This is his best character since his 'Dodgeball' villain and now all we can hope for is that he brings the moustache of White Goodman back too. Because this underdog is back on top with his sequel story. Dodge that! And Stiller's chemistry with his 'Starsky & Hutch' co-star still cops charisma. Owen Wilson is still so hot right now as Hansel even without his scooter or Yo Yo. From 'Cars' to 'No Escape' and the magnificent 'Midnight In Paris' inbetween Luke's brother has been trying some different looks recentely. But from stepping up in 'The Royal Tenenbaums' to shrinking down for the artifacts of the 'Museum' trilogy, Owen has always had Stiller's back like he has Wes Anderson's. And it's done him well here as he returns to one of his favourable best characters, getting all the best lines and looks here. Everybody still loves him...even an orgy '24' strong! The most lovable Wilson since Tom Hanks' volleyball is no Cast Away or cast off. Owen owns this!

If you thought two of the biggest and best comedy legends and friends was showstopping enough for this stage, than just wait until you read the label on this list of designers. An endless runway of movie stars, musicians and of course fashion designers makes this probably the record holding movie for celebrity cameos...and they're all hilarious. So much so we dont want to spoil a single one. Not one of 'All'...even if you have seen one of the best in this trailer age of spoilers. All we know though is that we'd trade them all for another classic one from the late, great, God of you own style himself, David Bowie. Rest Peacefully Ziggy! There's more big names to this outfit however. Just like the forever young and beautiful Penelope Cruz. Fitting into this comedy catsuit at the same time as her 'Grimbsy' turn and giving some foreign flair to this European 'No. 2', that sees this 'Zoolander' go from a Chanel looking perfume ad to the spy spray of an early look of the five strong 'Mission Impossible' franchise Cruise. And what modern comedy, even a male model classic world be complete without the 'Bridesmaid' queen of comedy? Following there just being something about her in 'Mitty', your new 'Ghostbuster' Kristen Wiig is even more unrecognisable than you think. Fleeking (darling...I hate that word almost as much as selfie) and fashioning up something that sends up everyone from Donetella Versace to anyone that has ever gone under a plastic knife. Botoxed to the hilt of you forehead wrinkles, as always she'll still leave you in creases. Still down this line you have to make way for the king. And comedy God, Will Ferrell is back to another character he does best to start the year inbetween comedies with Mark Wahlberg. 'Daddys Home' (in competition with that and the 'Dirty Grandpa' parent Stiller met in the running joke to start the new year) and back as the Dr. Evil of fashion, Mugatu, Ferrell is on feral funny form. From a Burgundy 'tache to white Einstein hair the only man that has a way with classic characters more than Ben is's his movie too. And this continuing legend reminds us of the legacy of his 'Anchorman' sequel. Long awaited. Hyped and buzzed to the point it probably would have worked better if made sooner, but oh so worth the wait. To some the future of this special preview of the Spring line '2oolander' may be so last season. But everybody loves retro. RELAX. Just do it! TIM DAVID HARVEY.



Boston Glow.

129 Minutes. Starring: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, John Slattery & Stanley Tucci. Director: Tom McCarthy.

Shine a light on the beautiful city of Boston and you'll see this New England town is famous for a lot. The Sox, the Celtics...Cheers. Even gangsters and the movies they inspire from 'The Departed' and 'The Town' to Johnny Depp's Oscar snubbed 'Black Mass'. But one thing that gives Beantown more of a black eye than this is the scandal of the Catholic Church. The 'Spotlight' investigatory team of the Boston Globe newspaper revealed that there where 90...yes you read that right 90 priests who had been accused of paedophillia in the seventies and over 100 survivors walking the streets of Boston today. 100?! Survivors?! Those are the victims of abuse who didnt tragically decide to take their own lives. And these unfathomable numbers are just in one city and one country. Not the whole community or world. How can we ignore an issue like this that is still purily prevelant today? Well 'Spotlight' didn't...and neither will occasional actor ('Meet The Parents' and the journalistically grand 'Good Night And Good Luck') and until now feet wet director (aside from the independantly acclaimed 'The Station Agent' and 'Win, Win') Tom McCarthy who in one epic ensemble of a film may just have claimed his place and podium in the Academy for the Oscar's 'Best Picture' of necessity and merit. All the Academy's board must see that this is the greatest power of journalism for good picture since Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman's 'All The Presidents Men'. That's how great this cinematic episode that captivates from the first frame really is, even if it is all scripted in dialogue...even if it is dynamic. 'Bridge Of Spies', 'The Big Short', 'The Revenant', 'The Martian', 'Room', 'Mad Max: Fury Road' and 'Brooklyn'. This isnt just one of the best movies of the year. It's under the Spotlight as one of the greatest movies of all time.

No wonder McCarthy has been able to recruit an Academy of actors to bring this 'Spotlight' to the Hollywood press. Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, John Slattery and Stanley Tucci. Its a bold type faced billing worthy of a broadsheet. So much so there's formidably enough room in the footnotes for a breakout performance from musician and theatre player Brian d'Arcy James and a wealth of familiar faces (a brilliant Billy Crudup) and voices (an uncredited Richard Jenkins) in stellar support. Just like the 'Spotlight' syndacite its journalistic self, this ensemble is all about teammwork. That's why the first actor whose name appears here has been nominated for a supporting gong. But coming off his nominated, but still so underrated, trapping 'Foxcatcher' performance last year, Mark Ruffalo really is the best actor here. Furiously inspired and incredible, the Hulk here is red with a different type of anger. Raging with the bull passion ingrained of a journalist that wants to get to the root of the story and a man who feels wronged enough to want to do whats right. Strained yet sustained. Anxious, accented and amazing. This is Ruffalo at his roughest, rawest, but realest.  The man who broke through with show steals in the legendary likes of Tom Cruise's 'Collateral' and Leo DiCaprio's 'Shutter Island' is finally making a name for himself. One man who already has from 'Batman' to 'Birdman' is 'Spotlight' leader Michael Keaton, keeping his story and star journalist at bay like the Back area of Boston. Following his Oscar nominated one shot as a fallen superhero and going up against the like of his last directors 'The Revenant', Keaton deserves another and not just as part of the big picture. Anybody who thought this man was a one trick Pegasus can find themselves with the birds. There is no virtue for ignorance here. You should have expected this. Keaton back to his keepsake best. Focussed, formidable and back amongst your favourites. Oscar or not. What name is better than Michael?

There's more to this story however. How about Rachel McAdams? One of the greatest actresses in the world who of late has vowed to show us she's more than just the time travelling rom-coms. About time! Here after her deep and dark, made up turn was one of the two saving graces in the highly anticipated but underwhelmingly disappointing 'True Detetctive' season two (the other being the classic copped, learning from Al Pacino's 'Recruit' Colin Farrell), McAdams reporters notebook read into more. She's tunnel visioned singular and oh so anti-journalist stereotype sympathtic to more than just the cause. Emotive and engrossing this will go down in the effects as one of her most definitive moments on screen. And if you really want to talk about Sopranos in this city than how about 'Ray Donovan'? An almost unrecognisable Liev Schrieber is also undeniably real as a new in town editor who yearns to know more about the state of his city than 'The Curse Of The Bambino'. There seems to be something eating away at his character and we cant quite tell. Maybe he's running away from a divorced marriage in a broken city, whether with his work or his wife. Or maybe he's running towards the right story or the desire to do the right thing. Or just maybe we should rewrite the word 'right' with 'necessary'. Whatever it is, either way Schrieber plays is award worthy perfectly. Just like the stark and stellar John Slattery, who forget 'Mad Men' is playing the role of an enraged one...and its not because the scotch and cigarettes advertising age of the fifties is now at the bottom of his glass. And who could forget that even more share the spotlight? Who could forget the classic actor of character Stanley Tucci? Who with so much in the pot is cooking up even more, featuring with an amazing assist that makes him one of those 'and' actors on the character billing of legend. Someone get this casting director an Oscar too. Still though, 'Spotlight' may shine on a lot here sure, but the one thing it must keep its and our focus on is the subject at hand. That's what matters most. No matter how hard it is to take and understand outside the realm of cinema with movies that make us think about the real world and all its fraileties and cruelties. For that we need to do more than just stand around and watch. Let us do more than pray. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Saturday, 6 February 2016



Meet The Grandparent. 

102 Minutes. Starring: Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Aubrey Plaza, Zoe Deutch & Danny Glover. Director: Dan Mazer.

Inappropriate just isnt the word. We all have those embarassing parents, but my God what about the grandparents? Mum and Dad may get out the old photo albums when your new date comes around, but these fogies pull back the curtain and dust off the slides...and you thought they had nothing to play those things on. Now they may not remember what they had for breakfast this morning but boy do they still remember when you where yey high! They've got all the stories. All the skeletons in the retirement home closet with no filter in this I.G. age. You've just got to love these O.G.'s in cordaroys, chinos or slacks, comfortable shoes and a flowery, Hawaian shirt that begs the question, "where you ever in Miami Vice"?! Florida may be their new home but boy are they still living, even when the teeth hit the bedside glass of water. Just wait until they hit the dance floor. They have a ball. And boy do they know how to cut a rug...they've probably had that one in the room since the first World War. But they're no joke. They'll show you how its done...pop some pills and do it all again. But don't you ever think about doing anything wrong, or getting into trouble, because they'll do more than hit you or anyone messing with you upside the head. But it's because they love you. They've got your back. And you've got there's. That's why when the day comes when they need you because they have nobody else there you have to do more than just call. Even if they just want a few minutes of your time or a cup of tea. It's your pleasure to do it. Remember. Anything! Even if they want you to take them away for a few days to forget about it all. You do it! Even if they want you to take them to Spring Break so they can get loose one last time you....wait...what?!

Zac's abs presents Bad Grandpa and boy is this dirty Jackass good! Now if you thought Bobby De Niro was crazy in 'Taxi Driver' or 'Goodfellas' than you aint seen nothing yet. Meet the grandparent still raging like a red bull and hungover from many a 'Casino' and 'Last Vegas' old man craps game in Sin City. They say in real life one of the best actors of all time Robert De Niro is one of the shyest people you'll ever meet...but you can't tell here. Between picking up cougars on the 18th hole to applying sun tan lotion to women that have only just graduated from Spring Break forget about locking up your daughters...lock up everybody! And trust us you dont want to interupt this guy on his morning "workout" routine. Now analyse that! Or this, this fomer gangster actor has turned gangster rapper, dropping all sorts of bombs and kareoke mikes. Ice Cube would be proud. Even if this crude and crass comedy is giving his 'Ride Along' sequel a run for its Kevin Hart money like Derek 'Zoolander 2'. Granddaddys home and this is Ferrell funny, slapping sticks and ass! Once upon a time in America this untouchable legend ruled the mean streets but now he's the post retirement King of Comedy when he's not moonlighting and mining for depth with David O. Russell for modern marvels like 'Silver Linings Playbook' and 'Joy'. This is still fun though, even if its not exactly for the pills before noon crowd. Some may not nod their De Niro head in approval from die hard fans of the icon to those who like their senior comedy more 'Downton Abbey' than 'Downtown' by Macklemore, but you cant shake him. Like the 'Godfather' too you don't want no beef boy! De Niro is still the don in a Sinatra smoking jacket.

Now if De Niro is a far cry from a retirement home than Zac Efron is the furthest thing from a 'High School Musical'. Can you believe this Hollywood hearthrob is pushing 30? Not to make you millenials feel old or anything. But here's an 'Akward Moment' for you as this fomer teen idol who did a dead on De Niro 'Taxi Driver' impression in the oh so good 'Neighbors' (look for the sequel knocking next door soon) is now next to Travis Bickle as the Goose to his Maverick wingman. But this top young gun is still on the top of his game like he was '17 Again'. Jumper draped in clothes that prep him up to look like 'Abecrombie and Bitch', Efron fashions and muscles up a perfect performance of the fading glory days of a "damn homie/in High School you where the man homie" kid all grown up to the "dream" life and wife that leaves him sleeping though his twenties and hitting the snooze button on his dreams....again. And you thought this was meant to be a comedy. But seriously though it is...and a Farley funny one at that. But it still has something to say. Especially to those critics out to pan it like...well erm 'Pan'. It's about lost youth and lost future, meeting in the middle like the bond of grandfather and grandson....toasted with jello shots. So raise your minature glasses to quite a pair. Like awesome actresses Zoe Deutch and the always hilarious Aubrey Plaza who channels her inner Girls Gone Wild For Seniors (literal seniors) here. She steals the show and De Niro's gaze for some hilariously akward chemistry with the professor. And let's not forget a lethally funny, classic cameo from Danny Glover finally trying to convince us that he really is too old for this shit. You never will Riggs. All in all Dan Mazers running ball and butt gags wont be winning De Niro anymore Oscars, but its a frat house welcome mat rib tickling respite from the January blues to the Greek letter. In a serious season of cinema too wrapped up in debate or laughing shy comedies afraid to go for the jugular. This one has the ball to go for the nuts...and boy is it that. BAP! TIM DAVID HARVEY.