Monday, 17 December 2012



Lord Of The Films.

Starring: Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage & James Nesbitt. Director: Peter Jackson.

2012 has been a big year for films and a hell of a great year for trilogies and other formidable, famous, fantasy franchises based on comics or books. Following Harry Potter's last spell last year this set of 12 months has seen the end of the triumphant 'Twilight' and the 'Dark Knight' Batman saga. The assembling of 'The Avengers' all-together for THE super, superhero film (and best movie this year) and the beginning of 'The Hunger Games'. Now with Disney aligning with 'Star Wars' to give the new 'Star Trek' (look out for the first 9 minutes of 'Into Darkness') a run for it's galactic money, the 'Lord Of The Rings' universe reopens for it's own prequel trilogy of episodes with 'The Hobbit-An Unexpected Journey'.

We expected as much but welcome with open shires this amazing adventure and arguably the greatest and most popular trilogies of all-time, based on one of the biggest and best reads ever. Unlike the cinder block heavy 'L.O.T.R.' trio of books, the starter of 'The Hobbit' reads more like a pamphlet in comparison. Still underestimate the gravitas of this story at your peril, because Peter Jackson know how to take Tolkien to another trilogy with the first of three parts that look to be just as epic and fun and even more special in it's effects and sequences then it's last decade predecessor that truly has to follow this story. Middle-Earth had broken new, out of this world ground.  Now this writer must shamefully admit he only watched the 'Lord Of The Rings' trilogy for the first-time this year (in one-sitting for my 'call yourself a film fan/writer' defence), but now he's firmly following the fellowship.

After Elijah Wood takes off the ring British actor/Dr. Watson Martin Freeman takes over as the original one to rule them all as 'The Hobbit' and for anyone who may have doubts or think "what's Morgan Freeman doing in the Shire? Narrating?", Martin makes his mark and proves to be one of the best actors that this class of characters has ever chosen. Armed with his letter-opener he is endearing, engaging, funny and forthright, all whilst fitting in and standing out in all his undervalued talents, the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins and Freeman will win over everyone and anyone involved. Straight out of the frying pan and into the fire this new group is a hotbed of talent whether tried or yet to be tested. Featuring a gang of Dwarfs led by one with Aragorn courage that would make Snow White change her mind about her seven with familiar, favourable faces like James Nesbitt and arrow-men who can hit the bulls-eye without Orlando Bloom's Legolas shooting yet.

Still those who miss Viggo Mortensen and Liv Tyler will be pleased to see Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchet and Christopher Lee still brought to the table and of course there's the great Gandalf. With another crowning moment for Sir Ian McKellen, 100 years younger, kicking ass as well as casting spells. Then of course there's that little precious one. In the last three films this writer treated Gollum with the same type of reverence he'd greet Ja, Ja Binks in 'Star Wars', but here this snivelling little fiend is the best thing about this three hour trip. We couldn't wait until our Hobbit lost his way because Gollum loves games and we do too. Don't we precious?

From a truly infectiously hilarious opening dinner to the meal made out of the awesome action scenes that are choreographed with class this is a formidable feast. With the beginning of familiar, unchanged font and a sublime scenic route of special effects this series is seriously back. Even though we are taken back to the beginning and the basics, everything is stepped up a notch. Sure it may not be as epic and as grand as the bold and beautiful battles of the 'Lord Of The Rings' trilogy, but this is a different set of films, familiar but fresh. In this modern day as well, better special effects and reservoirs of resources help this movie match-up to the 'Rings' legend and overtake the landscape of it's own legacy. Just look at the sensational storm giants fight to see how much this film hits you like a thunderbolt of concrete. You don't need IMAX or 3D to see that those ones with big, hairy feet are stepping back onto the red carpet to rule the roost once again. Potter, Twilight, Batman, 'The Hunger Games' and 'The Avengers' have had their turn. Now out of the dark and into the warm familiarity of Winter comes one to rule them all. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Half Of 7/5

The 'Madnificent' Seven.

130 Mins. Starring: Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken & Woody Harrellson. Director: Michael McDonagh.

Here are 7 reasons why you should watch 'Seven Psychopaths'...

1. 'In Bruges' director Michael McDonagh is back and following his bold and beautiful first picture comes another brilliant and bruising big-name, no blockbuster 'bollocks' after Bruges. The directors second film is dark but delightful and crass but courageous, sinister but sympathetic, unsettlingly sick in parts but unquestionably sincere in others.

2. Once again our 'In Bruges' tour guide brings Colin Farrell along for his next trip and the star whose had a big year remodeling himself while remaking 'Total Rekall' is still on top of the A-Game he had when he last teamed up as part of this next great actor/director partnership. Just like the classic 'Bruges' showed a deeper side then his standout, scene stealing start in the Speilberg, Sci-Fi blockbuster 'Minority Report', 'Psychopaths' shows a more edgier side then science fiction smash 'Rekall'. Playing an alcoholic, writers block struggling screenwriter our boy provides a tried and tested idea, and an experienced one with an originality that is neither patronizing or condescending. Instead it's courageous and perfect.

3. Woody Harrellson is having an even bigger year then Farrell, with his tour of the latest 'L.O.T.R.' and 'Harry Potter' page turner in 'The Hunger Games' franchise, to go along with his independent hit 'Rampart'. Just like the roles he's been building up over the years, Woody is showing us just how great he really is good or bad. Playing a 'Natural Born Killer' Harrellson shows us his sinister side over his 'Cheers' Woody sweetness. Still you can raise your glass to a ying/yang acor who is just as great at either side of the coin and in playing a mobster who flips between callous and crying over his lost puppy is truly hilarious.

4. Sam Rockwell is another versatile actor with more range then people give him credit for. From the slick (see 'Iron Man 2') to the sick (look away during 'The Green Mile') making him the perfect hit for the man that ties this whole piece together. In an all-star affair he stands out and fits in all at the same time, without cheating or cheapening the story. Darkly humorous and lightly heartfelt this dog thief steals the show. With a bite just as brave as his bravado barking it's great to see Rockwell's crazy talent let off the leash once again.

5. It doesn't get much crazier then Christopher Walken. Crazy, amazing that is. From his facial expressions to his delivery from the dead-pan to the dead-serious, Walken kills it yet again with a chilling and thrilling performance that's also rib-tickling and heart string tweaking. Just look at his moving bedside vigils or how he reacts at gun-point for further reason to his rhythm. Some think one flew over this guys cuckoo nest a long time ago, but if you can't see how together this legend is then you really are insane. Or in need of help. Guess what? I've got a fever...and the only prescription is more Walken.

6. If you need anymore then this cast is vast from 007 girls to Abbie Cornish and some rising talents to the legend and avenging cameo star of the year, Harry Dean Stanton. The cutest Chit-Zu dog and the bunny carried by legendary singer/songwriter/actor Tom Waits brings this movie to a perfect boil with simmering talent throughout. Everyone involved walks their own way without tripping each other up and what we have is a clear winner for best off-beat film of the year. 'Seven Psychopaths' is the craziest.

7. The idea itself (no not this article idea, but the fresh idea of this picture that inspired a different take of a review) is greatest of all and is played out to a punctuated perfection. Set in L.A. but taking shots at Hollywood's violent ways, while scripting and showing us just how much of a contradiction films that try and claim to be 'different' really are. How refreshing. Call me crazy but this is something else. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012



'Dirty Harryball'

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman & Robert Patrick. Director: Robert Lorenz. Writer: Randy Brown.

It's been an eventful year for Clint Eastwood. To begin 2012 the greatest actor/director of all-time teamed up with the greatest actor of our time Leonardo DiCaprio for the Hoover biopic 'J. Edgar'. A great movie, but one that drew some criticism from some critics in regards to some of the themes and how they where dealt with. More political punches where pulled later on in the year when Republican Clint delivered an endorsing speech for then Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Critics labeled Clint's speech as "mumbled" and "confused". Don't they know that Dirty Harry grunts? Besides Clint's political beliefs are his own and that doesn't effect how he is as a filmmaker, even with his take on 'J. Edgar'...which in our opinion was terrific.

Now the great director shows he's still a decent man enough to star in a film where someone else is behind the lens for the first time since 1993's classic 'In The Line Of Fire'. Robert Lorenz's baseball/family drama 'Trouble With The Curve' is an ideal, moving matinee. The kind of slow and easy, Sunday afternoon film that's gentle and nice. One you'll love to watch during a perfect, lazy day on the T.V. in the future. Sure it's no classic like an Eastwood direction (and because he's not in the chair on this one it leaves his directing filmography untarnished), but its a real, feel-good film that's missing these days in Hollywood. Like a weekend afternoon baseball game that you don't care how long it takes this is a relaxed, comforting film, with unsettling dramatic elements added for realism. Through everything though, sports and it all, it's all about family. It's all about the simple things and what's more real than that? They haven't made films like this in awhile.

Sure this isn't going to change the game like Brad Pitt did last year with 'Moneyball' but 'Trouble With The Curve' still swings and hits, honoring all sorts of family traditions from the ballpark to the barbecue. Shot simply but stunningly, its beautiful like the classic cars and with some of that serious Eastwood subtly (maybe he has been lending a directing hand) it see's and hits straight. Clint as an actor is on fine form grumbling with his trademark glare but delivering a strict sincerity that shines through. Playing a baseball scout who is being forced into retirement he's trying to stay in the game, while his baseball fan daughter Amy Adams is trying to stay in his life.

Adams again shows just why she has become one of the best female acting picks in a league of her own. Her interplay and scenes with Eastwood are brilliantly acted with charisma, chemistry and collateral baggage. After stealing the show in 'The Social Network' and making his own moment 'In Time' Justin Timberlake shows yet again he's more than a singer as he plays an ex-pro turned scout. His performance is charming and controlled and is he's good enough for Clint, he's great enough for anybody. Plus the rumors of Clint and Timberlake performing a routine of Justin' Saturday Night Live 'Dick In A Box' are too good to be seen. Matthew Lillard and Robert Patrick are also on helpful hand in an A-list cast, but it's John Goodman that makes the grade with his 'Movember' mustache. After 'Argo' and 'Flight' on the way ot seems like Goodman has found the fountain of fan-favorite form.

Films like this normally don't swing for the fence, but with top-tier talent on the bases and a script that strikes the heart strings this is one for the books. They don't make them like they used to. Just check Clint's moving graveside toast and talk for arguably the films deepest and best moment. If anyone else recited 'You Are My Sunshine' to a headstone it would come across corny and cheesy but the way Eastwood does it with the deepest sincerity would move even the hardest of hearts to condolence. There won't be a steady lip or dry eye in the house as you hear Clint work through the words, "you'll never know dear, how much I love you". It's going to be a real sad day when Clint Eastwood will have to give this game up, but you can't force this guy out of retirement. Even with his Western hat and magnum hung up, Clint's still knocking everything he does out the park...with no trouble at all. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012



Watch This.

109 Minutes. Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael Peña. Director/Screenwriter: David Ayer.

I hate it when an idea for a film I have comes out before I even get the chance to daydream it into a 'Best Picture' category. OK, let's put my petty, jealous, aspiring screenwriting dreams aside and put it out there...I love a good cop movie. From 'L.A. Confidential' and 'Public Enemies' to 'The Untouchables', or 'Heat' to 'Training Day' (speaking of writers there's some of those ones here). With all due respect to the 'Lethal Weapons' and 'Rush Hours' of the world however there needs to be more 'serious', 'buddy cop movies' and between shaky 'Cloverfield' and first hand 'Blair Witch' camera filmed, style footage and 'GTA' like first person shooting comes exactly that in 'End Of Watch'.

I always thought doing a police story via the filmed footage from police cruisers or 'stringers' (that was going to be the name...but I digress) like on the late night, guilty pleasure popular 'Worlds Wildest Police Chases' (shout out to the legendary, pun and white teeth and hair 'tastic Sherrif John Bunnell) would make a good movie. Apparently so did writer/director David Ayer who pens and produces a modern great behind the video camera lens. Even a great shot needs a steady hand or two however and that's where our Starsky and Hutch, cowboy cops come in, complete with standard issue, classic police uniform and car, cruising around Southern California.

The latest Pitt, DiCaprio, Hartnett, pretty boy turned post-30, great actor Jake Gyllenhaal yet again shows us why he's leading up the A-list actor ranks. The man of the moment who always has 'Donnie Darko', 'Jarhead'  and 'Zodiac' behind him has been on fire the last few with a real, romantic comedy in 'Love & Other Drugs' and last years mind-boggling, 'Quantum Leap' time jump classic 'Source Code'. Now with a shaved head and a no b.s. attitude he plays a cop with a badge and a behaviour of warrant. On his side he has his brother and his partner Michael Peña who in-between making a 'Tower Heist' (and showing he has the gift for comedy gab) and joining Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling's G-Men 'Gangster Squad' shows he's a cop of todays times too. One that shows his brilliant portrayal of gritty, modern day Los Angeles doesn't just end with the powerful, emotional punch of the hit 'Crash'.

With each others hearts and backs our two leads deliver soulful performances in a seemingly soulless profession. Between moonlighting as the bravest firemen and doing some wrong in the name of the right thing these boys go above and beyond the law. From cruiser confessional conversations of great front-seat dialogue to action scenes that are tensely taught with every distorted camera shake, the elements of their job and partnership are captured perfectly. Focus on the charismatic camaraderie and the 'ride or die' loving loyalty and you can see why both these great actors one-up the emotional stakes to deliver a great story and film. You have the right to remain stunned by the brutal and bold moments that really reveal the sides of the law and disorder of modern day policing and crime. The five months worth of 12 hour on-the-job, real ride alongs really have paid off for our two actors. This feels so authentic.

Exciting and emotional with bling that could make Kanye blush and gore that could make Tarantino gag this is something else. With a great soundtrack, (most notably Cam'Ron and Public Enemy) supporting cast (most notably Anna Kendrick and Frank Grillo) and setting scene (just all of L.A. is of note) this is a seriously, straight-shooting affair that's as real and raw as it gets. Documenting this police work on film is an inspired way of showing us the genuine article and it doesn't get much more convincing then Gyllenhaal and Peña's first-rate, dutiful performances of valor. The brotherhood bond in these ones are strong, from the hopeful home lives to the warrior like work-ethic perfect parallels. It's this combination of the partners code that give beauty to a movie that deals with some really ugly themes and truths. What would these too or this film be without each other? With them we have one of this years bravest and best. This is no cop it in. TIM DAVID HARVEY.


Law & Disorder.


Are you one of those movie-fans that get so into watching trailers you forget the film you're actually watching? One of those people that get more excited about trailers then films? Then this new 'Trailer Trash Talk' feature is for you. Let's talk trailers because hey we all wish we where like Cameron Diaz in 'The Holiday' and making them was our job. Following the tragic cinema shootings during 'The Dark Knight Rises' screening this year the movie 'Gangster Squad' out of respect got pushed back and changed a pivotal scene which featured a gunfight in a theatre. Sometimes when films come back after delays and changes things can fall flat but as we see with trailer two the hype and the buzz is still at an exciting, electric high.

Fans of 'L.A. Confidential' and 'The Untouchables' are going to love this fedora and tommy gun, cop versus gangsters affair that meets the two right in the middle. This star-studded, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, Robert Patrick, Giovanni Ribisi, Michael Pena, Anthony Mackie and Emma Stone affair looks to have the makings of a modern-day classic. Set in old cinematic, Hollywoodland Los Angeles and shot in high, atmospheric definition. Jay-Z's soulful 'Oh My God' and it's sample breaks once again punctuate this trailer perfectly and profoundly, like the gun throw and catches that sound like a barrel reloading, making it one of the best commercial success trailers of the year.

The emotional stakes are raised on this film which can't come out soon enough. January may mark some of the best films of 2013 ('Django Unchained' coming soon). From Sean Penn's menacing, bad-guy one liners, to chief of police Nick Nolte's lost but hopeful quotes. With Brolin's 'leave the badges at home' authority and Gosling's torn between 'good cop, bad cop' (bible salesman my arse) and Emma Stone's femme fatale attitude look truly captivating. "Want to take me away from all of this, make an honest woman out of me" Stone says as Gosling replies in perfect, Brando esque mannerisms "no mam, I was just hoping to take you to bed". We haven't even talked about the great supporting cast of Patrick, Mackie, Pena and Ribisi. Even the Chinatown, cinema replacing pivotal scene looks so much more of a clinching climax. From the formidable fashions, to the awesome action and the sensational setting to the classic, traditional, 'cops and robbers' theme this looks to be inspired and incredible. Smoking hot like old cigarettes and smarter then long coats over suits this could even touch 'The Untouchables'. The G-Men are locked and loaded. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Saturday, 24 November 2012



Ready For Academy Gold.
122 Mins. Starring: Bradle Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver, Anupam Khe & Chreis Tucker. Director/Screenwriter: David O. Russell.

Back when this little blog started little over two years ago, the original working title for this film review reel was 'Silver Linings', until someone scoffed at the idea and it remained on the cutting room floor. Still for every cloud and all that hey? Besides 'Silver Linings Playbook' makes and even better name for the new Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence picture. Fresh off their star-making 'Hunger' and 'Hangover' the pair give not only the best romantic comedy of the year (if not the past decade), but also by far one of the best, freshest and inspiring releases of 2012 as a whole.

Meaning much more than the average rom-com (its more like an offbeat drama) this is more 'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind' then a Hugh Grant or Katherine Heigel fun farce. Still this 'Playbook' is outstandingly original in its own right. Dealing with the darkest themes of cheating, depression, loss and death with bipolar and anxiety disorders this film magnificently manages to shed some inspiring light on some troubled topics. This writer will be the first to admit that he can relate to some of the issues raised in the film, but then again as the whole picture and characters some together this film proves we all can.

In putting arguably two of the most famous, popular and desirable male and female leads of the moment in the forefront of all of this helps, but it's their performances that give more credibility to this claim. It's real and refreshing that Hollywood would deal with these issues with a helping hand, rather than an outstretched one. This movie moment excels like excelcior. It's one of those films that gain a cult interest as looking real good and then turn out to be even better than advertised. Like the fond Football theme, David O. Russell writes out and directs the right playbook that guarantee's great results.

'Sexiest Man Alive' Bradley Cooper shows he can go beyond the comedy with an award worth performance that brings warmth to the inside as much as it starts the waterworks. Showing more of his serious acting side, to go along with some classic comic relief this is truly his picture and his definitive time. As his character is in therapy and on prescription meds, avoiding jail-time after beating his wives lover he meets girl of the moment Jennifer Lawrence. 'The Hunger Games' franchise star shows she has more behind those arrows with a straight-forward, all-together performance as a woman who has just lost her husband and is trying to get her life back on track. From jogging to dancing, bin bags to Raisin Bran and arguing to making up, the close chemistry between Cooper and Lawrence is on a charismatic high, making this a classic story for this moments modern times.

These afflicted leads have some real affection behind them in support too. From Chris Tucker's favorite best-friend role to top character actor Anupam Khe, drawing smiles and laughs to the meeting of the parents in Robert De Niro and the wonderful, mother for all Jacki Weaver. Further showing the connection he and Bradley made on the defining 'Limitless', playing his O.C.D father the former gangster actor shows there are no ends to his talent. With tears and speeches that would insight emotion and inspiration even into the coldest Joe Pesci characters heart, Bobby may just find himself polishing off some supporting awards. Still it's the way this whole film comes together from the way it's shot, in the picture perfect, close and remote suburban Philadelphia (showing it's not always sunny, but it is brotherly) and the way it sounds from it's real and raw dialogue, to it's sweet soundtrack. As beautiful as it is bold and brave there are more than just silver linings here. The whole thing plays by the book like something truly great. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Sunday, 11 November 2012



The Genuine Article.

120 Minutes. Starring: Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman & Alan Arkin. Director: Ben Affleck. Screenplay: Chris Terrio.

'Argo' a science fiction fantasy...or not as the declassified case may be. Based on the true story of the rescue of six U.S. diplomats by CIA operative Tony Mendez from Tehran, Iran during the 1979 hostage crisis, this is one of the realest and best films you'll see all year or decade. Posing as a Canadian film crew making a Sci-Fi movie this out of this world idea seems too good to be true...but it's as real as it gets. More than just a tense and taught, nerve-wrecking thriller, this a necessary political education from actor/director Ben Affleck.

Who better to direct a story about a bad script leading to remarkable happenings then Affleck? The man who wrote his story of success along with Matt Damon in 'Good Will Hunting' was cruelly criticized for his acting work until he got behind the lens. Whilst people where making jokes and thinking this 'Daredevil' was riding the coat-tails of Jason Bourne, the world didn't know what a great director he really was. Swinging his career in a new direction with the classics 'Gone Baby Gone' and 'The Town' Affleck has already proved he's great and now with the amazing 'Argo' he puts himself in the line of Clint Eastwood and George Clooney in the next great actor/director ranks.

Affleck's already given us the ultimate action flick-with heart-with 'The Town' and like the two aforementioned big names he's dealt with some difficult issues. Clint has been known to deal head-on with the issues of crime against children in his later career but Ben went for it with his very first movie in the chair. Now like another one of his peers he looks to his political conscience. So much in fact that Clooney helps him out, collaborating with Grant Heslov for the first time since 'Good Night, and Good Luck' a black and white, thought-provoking newsroom film that felt like it's time. From the 70's aesthetic to the punctuated peril and genuine fear, Affleck has it down here with Eastwood subtly and Clooney smarts. Still the real sense of hope and faith run through this escape movie with a man who's truly inspired.

Affleck acts great too under his own direction with a quiet storm mix of calm courage and dedicated duty. He's not the only one all the way in this either. As the 'Malcolm' in the middle of all this 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston almost steals the show with a performance that will make his silver screen stardom as big as his television one. Some real hilarious/meaningful support also comes from filmmakers John Goodman and Alan Arkin who are like a more pleasant version of those old guys from 'The Muppets' (and if you want a more accurate version Cranston tells us they're here too). This revolutionary ruse is played perfectly. From Canadian ambassador Victor Garber to the six brave diplomats played brilliantly.

It's Ben Affleck that brings it all together perfectly however, from the original 'Warner Bros' logo beginning, to the burnt out Hollywood hills sign of the times and fashioned look and feel of the seventies both in his home of America and abroad. The parallels between a nonsense science fiction script read through in Hollywood and a very serious, life threatening press conference in Iran (where more people turn up to the former) is provoking and profoundly done. With another classic to add to his legendary directing filmography-that only features three films-Ben Affleck's legacy is made here. With a film equal parts tense and inspiring, hostile and hopeful and lightly hilarious and heavily serious don't get it confused. There are no parallels to Ben Affleck's career. He is no longer the next great filmmaker of our times. He's it right now. 'Argo' and see. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012



Best Of British.

143 Minutes. Starring: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Bérénice Marlohe, Ben Whisaw, Albert Finney & Judi Dench. Screenplay: John Logan, Neal Purvis & Robert Wade Director: Sam Mendes.

It's been a great year to be British...a great couple of years in fact for Great Britain pride. Following the Royal Wedding last year-of the worlds most famous celebrity couple-the Queen started 2012 with a Diamond Jubilee. This same 2012 which recently saw  England's capital London hosting an incredible, inspiring Olympic Games where they really took home the gold. The Queen isn't the only one celebrating 50 years however. The nations leading man and the worlds most famous spy James Bond turns 50, although he's switched between many ages over the last half century from Sean Connery and Roger Moore, to George Lazenbery, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan. What a year for Ian Fleming's Bond to mark his half-century too, making it a double celebration with Her Majesty by parachuting into the Olympic Stadium with her in true 007 style.

Daniel Craig, yet again on Her Majesty's secret service, shows he has the classic style and the gritty substance to be a modern day killer with a license. It's a real shame his contract is almost up, but the rumors through the wire of current Brit-hit man, 'Luther' detective, 'Thor' gate-keeper and classic American television veteran Idris Elba are ones that could be very interesting and inspired. After remaking 'Casino Royale' and re-branding Bond with a 'Bourne' again style in 'Quantum Of Solace', Craig takes it higher with 'Skyfall'. Where this picture hangs next to the years favorite franchise films 'The Avengers', 'The Hunger Games', 'The Dark Knight Rises' and of course the yet to be viewed 'Hobbit' remains to be seen. Still, this might just be one of the best Bond's ever right there with 'Live and Let Die' and the original Bond, Sean Connery's best.

Director Sam Mendes really knows how to bring the picture perfect ('American Beauty') and the brutal reality ('Revolutionary Road') out of things and he re-charges this super spy show like 'Ghost Protocol' did for 'Mission: Impossible' last fall. With amazing 'Road To Perdition' (a film where Craig and Mendes previously collaborated) gun action this machine is a rapid, surefire hit. With a updated 007 that harks back to the homage of the greats this 50 year celebration looks to bring in the big six zero numbers. Also amongst exotic and exciting locations in Europe and Asia, James is brought back home and to the roots via London for a perfect, capital exclamation of action in the city of 2012.

Still it's the villain of the piece here that is the real draw and homage. Complete with self-righteous smarts, a lot of camp and vamp and a platinum, eighties blonde haircut which makes his 'No Country For Old Men' do look like a super-cut, Javier Bardem may just be Bond's greatest, cruelest and craziest adversary. He's more than a tribute to the baddies of eighties and decades past, with a little snapping nod to Jaws. He's a scheming villain who could even avenge Loki as bad-guy of the year. Silva is so good his name should be Oscar. Expect more awards for the acclaimed Spanish star. If you thought Javier was great at being bad in the classic 'No Country' then wait until you see this one..."Mommy has been very bad".

The Bond gir...pardon me women are a pretty good addition too. From the beautiful femme-fatale Bérénice Marlohe to Naomie Harris' chemsitry filled return to the silver screen, (she had a gold year in 2006 with a hot summer of 'Miami Vice' and 'Pirates Of Carribean-Dead Man's Chest'). Still the ultimate woman in Bond is national treasure Judi Dench and the legend is yet again the perfect mother in M, shouting, swearing and even gun-toting in a way that would make her 'As Time Goes By' fans drop their biscuits in their tea. With all that and support from a man who could play Bond himself what more could you ask for? What best of British film could you do without Ralph Fiennes? Now who does he play? Felix? Another double-0? All you need to know is he's brilliant yet again in this secret service masterclass. The rebirth of Q in the young, recognizable face of Ben Whishaw (with 'Star Trek' like familiar character introductions) and the re-introduction of the gorgeous gadgets keeps this clever film ticking over like a slick watch. Desmond Llewelyn would be proud.

All in all Bond is back with a bold bang ready to leave you shaken AND stirred. From top British singer and worldwide superstar Adele's triumphant theme song to tube stops that move at a rush hour action pace, this film is a network of thrilling twists and turning amazing action sequences. Taking ques (no pun intended) from everything from 'The Dark Knight' to 'Home Alone' of all films this film has one hell of a third act to follow. Even four years and four Bourne movies couldn't stop or spy Bond. 007 is fit for active duty and you can be sure Daniel Craig will return to rule Britania once again. What a 50 years its been. Here's to 50 more. Now how about that Martini? TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Louisiana Star.


Way down yonder in New Orleans comes an acting talent like no other. Anthony Mackie isn't the hottest, most underrated actor of the moment...he's been that for years. Ever since the 34 year old in 2009 emotionally told fellow breakout star Jeremy Renner, all bombed out and depleted that all he wanted to do was leave the war zone of the critically acclaimed, 'Avatar' beating 'The Hurt Locker' and have a son. Now a few years and many more great roles later Mackie is set to join this 'Bourne' star in the next assembling of 'The Avengers'.

Mackie is currently in the weight-room, arming up for the big battalion of Marvel sequels, starting with 'Captain America-The Winter Soldier', where Mackie will play the first African-American soldier 'The Falcon' which he tells 'Total Film' magazine is "an honor". Soon Anthony Mackie will join the legendary legacy making likes of Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Terrence Howard and Jamie Foxx as not only one of the best African-American actors, but one of the best actors around regardless of race or creed.

It doesn't end there either for the proud alumni of the Julliard School's Drama Division. The man with a voice as smooth as Morgan Freeman (he's already narrated 'The Best That Never Was' legendary ESPN '30 For 30' documentary about Philly football star Marcus Dupree) has lent his vocal and visionary talents to many films of late. Last year the man in all those trailers bolted up for 'Real Steel' with Wolverine, Hugh Jackman and camped it up with Captain America and co-star Chris Evans in 'What's Your Number'. This year he aided the president in a right hand performance in the 'other' Lincoln movie, 'Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter' whilst tipping the balance with Sam Worthington on the surprise 'Phone Booth' esque hit 'Man On A Ledge'.

With 'Ten Year', 'Pain & Gain' and his lead role in 'Bolden' even more is coming out of Mackie, but that won't be before he suits up with fedoras and a badge alongside fellow breakout talents Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling and Michael Pena to take down Sean Penn's 'Gangster Squad' in a classic, 50's American cops and robbers tale that looks to follow in the legendary law footsteps of 'The Untouchables', 'L.A. Confidential' and this years best film 'Lawless'. Even a respectable scene change (done after 'The Dark Knight Rises' shooting tragedy) won't halt this movie from being a cinematic classic.

Mackie's film debut came in Eminem's brilliant trip down '8 Mile' and with a real performance as Slim Shady's nemesis (he's so good at being bad you actually hated this undeniable, likable actor) you could see why only this man would do to play the one and only, late and great Tupac Shakur in the Biggie biopic 'Notorious'. If they ever do a full-length 'Pac picture then they've already found their man. He's already played the best rapper of all time on and off Broadway. The thespian who won an 'Independent Spirit Award' for his inspired performance as a homosexual man dealing with prejudice in 'Brother To Brother' and a 'Black Reel Award' for 'Night Catches Us'. And then of course there is the haunting, harrowing 'The Hurt Locker' and all the award acclaim for a man whose credits also include 'The Manchurian Candidate', 'Hollywood Homicide', 'Eagle Eye', 'Half Nelson', 'Freedomland', 'Sucker Free City', Spike Lee's 'She Hate Me' and Clint Eastwood's 'Million Dollar Baby' among other vast greats for this vastly versatile and great star player.

Far from just another character actor though it was his scene stealing, sobering and sweet performance in the Matt Damon vehicle 'The Adjustment Bureau' that really showed just how much Mackie could keep going, pushing the accelerator forward off the momentum built off 'The Hurt Locker's' Oscar hype. This was the 'Ascension Day' for the 'Crossover' talent who made his rounds on and off Broadway like George Benson as a serious, breakout star with off-key Jazz versatility. His sympathetic and sublime performance draped in smart clothing and conscious smarts helped change and re-course the great fate of this young, humble talent. Matt Damon could see it and now the whole world is going to. The Obie award winner can one day expect a film Oscar. He has an Academy of talent.

Thanks to his choices the former 24 hour New York play star and 'Topdog/Underdog' understudy of Don Cheadle is ready to show 'Iron Man's' War Machine that he has the mettle to play the Robin role to 'Captain America' perfectly as Sam Wilson's Falcon. Let's just hope Mackie can get his claws into 'The Avengers 2' too going into battle with Hawkeye once again. Hold your comic books for now though (or at least until 2014) as Anthony has more in the works including biopics on Jesse Owens, Antebellum slave revolt leader Nat Turner, and the previously mentioned jazz man Buddy Bolden. Who better for these roles then a man who one day may be taking flicks from the likes of Denzel, Will and Foxx? Anthony Mackie is the next one. The legacy of his legend is his to create and he's already made it. It's only going to get greater.

Saturday, 13 October 2012


It's The Remix.


In our bonus video interview me and Tyrese Gibson are in London discussing some hot topics.

Hey this is is Tim Harvey I'm with Tyrese he's in London filming 'Fast & The Furious 6'. I've got some hard questions for you Tyrese you ready?

Tyrese: I'm ready.

Q. So TGT, Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese all together, why now?

Tyrese: R&B needs this. You know it's been a vision of ours for awhile now to do this group and visions and dreams are important but it's real now. Atlantic Records gave us the biggest deal ever. It's a three album deal and we're all very excited. It's about to be a problem. You know what I'm saying there's nothing like going to one concert and seeing three of your favorite artists on stage, bringing what we're all bringing to the stage musically, having fun and reminding me people why they fell in love with true R&B in the first place. You know R&B is very insecure right now. People feel like they can't do a full song by their self without a rapper featuring at the end of it. People feel like they need to do house or techno. There's nothing wrong with having your music to travel abroad with and have a new fanbases be created but ultimately the reason you stopped doing full R&B is because the sales in R&B are low and you jumped ship. But we're here and although we want to sell a bunch of records we're not doing it for record sales. We're doing it for true R&B.


Q. You've been in Miami, you've been in Brazil and now 'Fast & The Furious' is in London. What makes this film different from the rest?

Tyrese: Fast 6 is going to be big man. I'm on the set everyday. You know I'm really shocked there are so many stars in one movie yet Justin Lin-the director-who I think is a genius. We call him the Zen master because how can you have all these different personalities and ego's and energy on one set yet we feel like our characters have been individualized. You'll never catch Vin saying something that Roman Pierce would say. You'll never catch Dwayne Johnson saying something Paul Walker would say. Or doing anything anyone else should be saying or doing. So we all think we have big moments in the movie and it's a big deal. We're very grateful that 'Fast Five' is the biggest one to date and I think 'Fast Six' is going to be a problem when it comes out Memorial Day weekend.

Q. 'Fast & The Furious' isn't the only franchise you're a part of.  You're a part of 'Transformers', but 'Transformers 4' will you be in it?

Tyrese: Erm...I don't know. Me and Michael Bay have been exchanging text messages and I hope it works out. I mean things fell apart with Megan Fox and so we had to do what we had to do to pick up the pieces and keep moving and that’s when we started to rock with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and now things have fell apart with Shia. Business is business and I think Shia has expressed this openly but when you're associated with movies like 'Transformers' other than the box office receipts as an actor, like a full on actor a lot of people can arguably say that they don't treat you serious in this town called Hollywood as they can say "the only reason this movie did big is because of the robots, or the big action and special effects". In a certain capacity it could diminish your value as an actor and what you bring to the table even though it's huge for your brand and your image and your celebrity around the world, but Shia is one of them real actors. Full-on real actors and I think whether it's an independent role and he's just getting paid per diem, or if it's a role that he's just passionate about that he can do for free, as long as he's associated with these heavyweight actors that's the space he's in. But for me I started this shit with Shia, Josh, Michael Bay and the team and sometimes you lose a team member. For me not being a part of 'Transformers 4', if that's what’s happening, it would fuck me up if I'm honest. I love it you know it's a childhood movie favorite of mine I don't want to not be a part of that franchise period and sometimes when you lose a team member you just have to keep it going...period.

Q. The new question is. How do you follow 'How To Get Out Of Your Own Way' with Rev Run on 'Manology'?

Tyrese: 'Manology' is the new book I did with Rev Run and that's coming around February. You guys can pre-order that book around the world right now. You know I'm excited man. There's nothing like sharing and giving people inside information about life live, love, relationships, challenges, things that people are struggling with. We should assume that until we speak on it, no one is listening because we have fans that hold on to the things that we speak on in our minds and our views and our perspectives. So you know 'Manology' is definitely coming, it's going to be some shit. It's going to shake up the world, I believe.

Q. Even with all this it looks like your triple-threat 'Black Rose' is looking to be your biggest project. Is this true?

Tyrese: Well 'Black Rose' is going to be very different. I think it's going to mean something very controversial you know. It's going to be a double album. It's going to be one side Tyrese, me singing and the other side Black-Ty, me rhyming, rhyming again like I did with 'Alter-Ego' and I'm also releasing a book called 'Black Rose'. So you know it's going to be some shit man I'm excited.

Q. I think the most important question is what is your biggest fear?

Tyrese: My biggest fear I think is...erm death. I fear death and I don’t fear death for a reason most people fear death. I'm not afraid to die because when its time to go it's time to go. I'm afraid of dying because I've got a lot of shit to do and I've I'm not here then it can't be done. I'm a giant. I'm a game changer. I'm fearless. The size of this building can't handle my thoughts, my visions, my dreams. I dream beyond what I can afford. I dream beyond my finances. I have visions beyond my circumstances. I've never claimed to be the biggest star in the world but I'm unstoppable in my mind and none of this stuff could be lived out if you're dead. So I got shit to do.

You can catch the full video interview on Tyrese's Mobli site.

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Friday, 12 October 2012


Good Script Hunting.


The legend Clint Eastwood and this generations Cary Grant; George Clooney better watch out. There's a new actor/director who looks to be the next great in the long silver-screen line and his name is Ben Affleck. Yes that Ben Affleck. The 'Bennifer' guy that was for years cruelly criticized for choosing the wrong films compared to his friend and co-fame founder Matt Damon. The guy that stunned the world with his sobering and sublime debut 'Gone Baby Gone', directing his underrated, talented brother Casey. The guy that shot the lights out of everything even the iconic shoot-out in 'Heat', in-front and behind the lens in 'The Town'. The Berkeley born, Boston raised, blue-collar director who has earned himself the title Mr. November. The man that looks to gain more Academy and acclaim with his next big hit 'Argo'.

'Argo' is based on a true story of back when-during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis-the CIA posed as a Canadian film crew shooting a Sci-Fi movie (the same titled 'Argo') in order to rescue six U.S. diplomats from Tehran. The movie has drawn the talents of legends John Goodman and breaking star of the moment Bryan Cranston, to go along with rave reviews and a production credit and co-sign from politically and socially conscious actor/director George Clooney. This just goes to show that Affleck is in the esteemed company of the likes of Clooney's legendary legacy. These days-like George-the choices Ben makes are bold, brilliant and unapologetically unwavering.

Like the blueprint of acting/directing Clint Eastwood, Ben knows how to direct and deal with the toughest of subject matters that need to be addressed. With 'Mystic River', 'Changeling' and more Clint courageously dealt with the callous crimes done to children in a necessary and thought provoking way deep into his career, but with the great 'Gone Baby Gone' Affleck did it with his first movie. A movie that showed a gritty yet beautiful side of his native Boston much like one of the best thrillers/dramas in the epic 'The Town'. A film with some of the best shoot-outs action films have ever seen. Taking inspiration and almost taking over the classic bank job in De Niro and Pacino's 'Heat'. We feel sorry for whatever stage hand had to pick up the bullet casings after this one.

In 'Gone Baby Gone' Affleck turned his younger brother into a star, like he did with Blake Lively and 'Avenger'/'Bourne' Jeremy Renner in 'The Town'. Not bad for a guy that was said to be suffering from his writing friend Matt Damon's 'Bourne' rebirth in the same spy franchise. In 'Argo' Ben looks to bring the best out of screen greats Goodman and Cranston, like he did with Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman in 'Gone Baby Gone' and like he did in 'The Town' taking 'Mad Man' Jon Hamm from the television screens to the silver ones.

Just like he does with everyone else, Ben is bringing the best out of himself and that is the mark of a true leading man whether it be in regards to direction or acting action. In just three films in the directors chair (he was already doing it with his first) Ben Affleck is gaining the respect of every peer and critic alike that he couldn't with dozens of his roles in the last decade. The 'Bennifer' days are long behind him, he is married to another Jennifer now in 'Daredevil' co-star Garner. Still, those J-Lo tabloid days where harshly scrutinized by the press. After all this was Ben's private life and should have remained as such. His work in the public eye should have demanded more respect too.

When Ben wrote the generational classic 'Good Will Hunting' with high-school friend Matt Damon he did more than add a farts worth as 'Family Guy' jokes and peoples opinions can attest. Together the dominant 'Dogma' boys changed the game and set the tone for future young writers and introduced themselves as major stars and Academy players. Following this Damon went on to find more gold in a spy franchise that would draw him Bond comparisons along with other movies while Affleck looked at blockbuster season. Many saw it as Damon's substance over Affleck's style, thinking that Ben was just taking the money. The reality is, is that both big-names took the big-roles and the small ones too (if not Affleck taking more indie ones). Besides when your friend is being compared to 007 the coolest man alive, what chance do you stand? You could date Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez and still not touch that type of cool class.

Affleck who looks set to direct an adaptation of Stephen King's 'The Stand' and had even been offered a directing gig for a 'Justice League' movie (apparantly he's passed, he probably wants to stay away from the superhero capes) may be in a much better, greater career space now, but his early filmography is nothing to be sniffed at. There's 'Mallrats' and 'Chasing Amy' his classic, classy cameo where he owned the floor in 'Boiler Room' the indie hot, modern day 'Wall Street'. For every 'Pearl Harbor' there's a 'Reindeer Games' and even Michael Bay's epicly, long, war blockbuster was better than most say.

Just like the big, bold blockbuster 'Armageddon', Affleck put in a great performance even drawing some tears in the kind of big, bravado films Hollywood doesn't make anymore. He also passed the torch from Harrison Ford and did a great job as Jack Ryan (Chris Pine should take note) in 'The Sum Of All Fears' in one of those great nineties style thrillers that these days that have sadly left with Tony Scott on that tragic day this year. Even the heavily criticized blind superhero 'Daredevil' should have seen more love, especially from those racist critics who said 'Armageddon' co-star Michael Clarke Duncan (rest peacefully) "shouldn't have played Kingpin because Kingpin isn't black". Please! The late, great Clarke Duncan put in a great performance as did everybody in an underrated, fun superhero film. Besides Affleck got a marriage out of it (to co-star Jennifer Garner),Garner got a spin-off out of it (thanks to 'Elektra') and Jon Favareau got a love for comic-books and an 'Iron Man' gig out of it and we all know how well that turned out. Plus Ben's 'Pearl Harbor' co-star Josh Hartnett is due to reboot it so this hero's obviously done some good.

Sure the 'Golden Raspberry's came but at least 'Paycheck' had a cool concept, even if it didn't work. The tense, head-to-head drama with Samuel L. Jackson 'Changing Lanes' did however wonderfully, running critics off the road and half (alongside with 'Arlington Road') inspiring Sam Jackson's underrated recent find 'Lakeview Terrace'. The classic 'Hollywoodland' and his sobering performance in 'State Of Play' brought everything back together for Affleck however before he started creating great movies and helped make real, new ones with real, relevant things to say like the recession proof 'The Company Men'. It's clear after suffering from being down and out, Ben Affleck's career had tightened up his belt and afforded more.

'Runner, Runner' comes next for the man that just keeps going and going and wants to one day run for congress. Let's just hope him and his 'LivePlanet' co-founder Matt Damon write and star together one day because one of the greatest duo's in film need to give us another classic to add to their A-List catalogue. That would really make the two leading men the Lennon and McCartney of movies and after all they've been through imagine what they could come up with!? For now though it's all about 'Argo' and with award season coming up this film is a genuine picture based on a fake movie with a real chance of making a difference. Affleck may be a long way off Eastwood and Clooney but in the short space of three feature lengths look what he's done. Can you imagine where he'll be when he gets their decades behind his belt. Not breaking rocks and waiting for his friend to show up to tell him not to make the same mistakes as him. This is Ben Affleck's time now.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

GETTING OUT HIS OWN WAY-An Interview With Tyrese Gibson

An Open Invitation.


What more can we say? To be on top of your game in the entertainment industry is one thing, but to be at the top of four games is just incredible. When someone has versatile and diverse talent in two fields like say a Frank Sinatra, or a Dean Martin did, or a Harry Belafonte everybody credits the singer/actors as being a double threat. Still, recently triple-threat territory has been traversed by the likes of the multi-talented actor, singer and comedian Jamie Foxx who really is everything entertainment...but then there's someone else. Someone who dominates the industry across the board. That someone is Tyrese Gibson.

Ever since this 'Baby Boy' got film credits and record deals after catching a bus for a commercial and singing about Coca Cola, this model talent has kept on top of his game all whilst keeping it real and never selling out. Right now Tyrese is in England's capital London following the Olympics keeping a Heptathlon of events on the go. You can currently find him with multi-talented likes of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, The Rock, Ludacris, Sung Kang and more revving up 'Fast Six', the latest in the full throttle 'The Fast and The Furious' franchise. Still, even though he's hard at work you can best believe he doesn't stop motoring on when he heads back to his trailer.

It's almost like he's trying to best his career year of 2011. A year which saw 'Fast Five', the latest in the 'Transformers' series (his 'other' big franchise pictures) and just a few more things. Those things being an inspiring, New York Times best selling book ('How To Get Out Of Your Own Way') which has made it into the hands of everyone from Will Smith to Michelle Obama and a new album. Did we forget to mention this Grammy nominated, platinum certified star was a force in music too? After all it's his singing on a bus which has ensured he will never have to ride on a bus again. Reference his critically acclaimed book to see just how far the man who now "just pulls up in a McClaren" has come.

He's making it all look too easy. Last year-after his self-titled debut and more classics like the '2000 Watts' juggernaut and the breakthrough 'I Wanna Go There'-Tyrese released his fifth and arguably best R&B album 'Open Invitation'. A classic which ignited his independent imprint 'Voltron Records' to rave reviews and hit singles like 'Too Easy' (with 'Fast' co-star Ludacris in tow), the sublime 'Stay' and the hands down 'Nothing On You' to join an all killer no filler record. This was the 'Sweet Lady' singers first release since his ground-breaking double disc set 'Alter-Ego'. An album which showed both sides of his musical personality.

To follow his classic R&B side, Gibson gave us his rap alter-ego, Black-Ty with the singers most diverse and bold work to date. Last month we we're reintroduced to Black-Ty via the free 'Invisible Bully-The Lost Tapes' mixtape. A more than generous offering of 53 tracks, that already broke download records just days after its release. The inspired Tyrese and Black-Ty look to double up again on the forthcoming 'Black Rose' album (oh and that's coming with another book too). That will come in between all the other movie deals and projects this multi-skilled man looks to offer up in-between tweeting and video and audio-tuning inspiration to his two million plus Twitter followers.

Tyrese looks to get even more numbers out of his collaborative projects too. We haven't even begun to mention his next book 'Manology' with Run-DMC legend Rev Run or the legendary legacy he looks to make with fellow kings of R&B, Tank and Ginuwine with the supergroup TGT and their album due next year. Did we forget anything? Movies, books, R&B and rap, that's four. That's a quadruple talent. It looks like Tyrese Gibson is working this year to make next year even better than his last. What more can we say? Maybe it's time to hear from the man himself?

We caught up with Tyrese in London.

"Every single day I just try my best to be the best version of me I can be. That's pretty much it. I think we're all a gift and some people don't recognize their own gifts and that's why they don't use them and some people want to give up on their gifts and the timing, the energy and like these random kind of stars line up. Then you start paying attention to you gift and work hard to elevate it to another level. So you know its kind of the gift that keeps on giving. You have a gift and you're not afraid to use your gift."

Q. So Tyrese it's safe to say you've been a busy man of late, your looking to make next year even better than your last. Where do we start? How you doing?

Everything is alright man. You know just taking it all in. You know what I've up to you've seen it on Twitter.

Q. Paris!


Q. Getting into a bit of trouble?

Just a little bit,

Q. Nothing you can't handle?

I got it all covered.

Q. You've been in London for awhile now filming how are you enjoying this city and country?

Its cool man you know I don't go out as much as I should. There's a lot of history and architecture out here. You know I'm still trying to get adjusted to the time zone 'cause we're 8 hours ahead of L.A. but you know it’s been good man. We getting a very, very big movie shot and everyone's enjoying themselves, the cast, the energy is right we just having a good time. It's beautiful.

Q. Your return to the 'Fast & Furious' franchise really has helped re-energise the series. What's it like to be properly back in the driving seat?

Well you know I think its very powerful to be part of such a huge cast, but yet Justin Lin and the writers as well as us-I don't want to discredit the work we've put in-we've all figured out a way to coexist and we've all figured out what we individually bring to this franchise. Nothing that I'm doing will remind you of Vin, nothing that Dwayne is doing will remind you of Paul, nothing that Ludacris is doing will remind you of Sung or Gal. I mean everybody is playing their role and it’s very incredible to be part of this process you know. If it was horrible I'd tell you but it’s been very powerful to be a part of this franchise.

Q. What can you tell us about 'Fast Six' and the location of London? A lot of people have wanted me to ask you about a tank on the motorway. I was thinking TGT, like what's Tank doing on the motorway.

Well a lot of the tank stuff has been happening in Austria I think or Oslo, I believe, don't quote me but they've been doing a lot of second unit stuff out there with a whole other crew. Doing a lot of big action, so a lot of the tank stuff has been going on over there. I haven't done anything with a tank. Shit the car that Dwayne drives looks like a tank but he hasn't done anything with a tank. I got a big action sequence coming up with a tank but I haven't got to that yet.

Q. Can you share with us some of your favourite memories and experiences being a part of the 'Fast Five' and '2 Fast, 2 Furious' movies?

You know I feel very honoured to be a part of this franchise you know if it was a guest appearance or a leading role I'm just very grateful man. I mean there are so many actors, so many actresses out there and the fact that we've been chosen to be a part of this is an honour man. It's beyond amazing. I didn't look at it as replacing Vin or out-doing him or out-shining him. I just look at it as sometimes you lose a team member and you got to pick up the pieces and keep on moving and the movies have got to be made regardless of who's in them and whatever happens behind the scenes you have to keep it moving. Keep it going and that's what happened with '2 Fast'.

Q. It's hard to believe it's been ten years since '2 Fast 2 Furious'.

Shiii...10 years?

Q. Yeah I was 16/17.

You where 16? How old are you now?

Q. 27


Q. Ludacris had the 'fro, you where wearing the Allen Iverson armband.

You know I had Allen Iverson say to me; "yo I love you man, as soon as the movie came out my kids went to see it and they saw you rocking the wristband man and I became their favourite dad for like a year" because I wore that 'The Answer' wristband. You know things that you think nobody would notice. I'm also the biggest Allen Iverson fan whether he's in the NBA or not. He's a legend. He's on fire man. He reminds me of Derrick Rose, just that fire just so aggressive going to the basket and always smooth at the end. Like (mimics a lay-up) 'heeeey'.

QKeeping it basketball, you're from L.A. does that make you a Lakers fan?

Oh absolutely.

Q. Me too (we shake hands) we got a good team this year.

Dwight Howard and who else did we just get Steve Naaaash from Arizona, Phoenix Suns right? Yeah.

Q. Still, that's another blog. Keeping it on screen, in 2011 you had a big year with 'Fast Five' and 'Transformers-DarkOf The Moon'. Any plans for more 'Transformers' or other pictures in the pipeline?

You know I don't really know how this 'Transformers' thing is going to work out man. You know the idea of not being a part of something I helped build really hurts man. I just hope Michael Bay decides to figure out a way to make it work. You know Shia has gone public and clearly said he's not interested, in a different space as an actor and doesn't want to come back and do 'Transformers'. I just hope Michael specifically figures out bring some of the other parts back. They're in the middle of production and tweaking the script and doing everything else they're doing. I hope they call and say 'hey we figured something out' I don't know. But Michael Bay created my character out the clear blue sky. My character didn't really exist at all. As a matter of fact a lot of people don't know this but Michael actually wanted me to play the role Bernie Mac had in 'Transformers 1' but then when we hung out more he just created Robert Epps out the blue and put me in this crew with Josh Duhmel, you know Lennox. I just hope he figures something out and we can move from here.

Q. Speaking of Shia thanks for the 'Lawless' recommendation that could be the film of the year?

(Nodding) Shia is a motherfucker (in a good way) man.

Q. This is the burning question I've been meaning to ask you; who would really win arm-wrestling out of you and The Rock?

I don't know. I think I would definitely give it my best shot you know what I'm saying. I'd go all out. I don't know if I could take him out but I'd try.

Q. Is he brave enough?

I don't know if he'd actually do it. But I'd challenge him to it.

Q. You could take Paul Walker  (in an arm wrestle)though right?

Yeah, I could prob...yeah.

Q. You could definitely take me.

More than likely, yeah.

Q. From 'Baby Boy' to now could you share with us your favourite movies that you've been a part of? A personal favourite of mine is 'Four Brothers' you all really brought it with that one.

You know I’m going to be honest man. At this point my favourite movies tend to be the experience you know what I’m saying. The ones that I have fun while we're making them. 'Baby Boy', 'Four Brothers' man we laughed all day everyday, all four of our personalities man. Mark, Andre, Garrett we laughed so freaking hard. I wonder if we actually had a gag reel, we cracked so many jokes it was unbelievable. You know for me nothing compares to the outcome of Transformers, the special effects and the way Michael Bay moves that camera. There's no comparison. I just hope you know it works out.

Q. Speaking of 'Transformers' I love that scene when that building in Chicago snaps in half and you're all sliding down it, how much of that was C.G and how much was real?

That was all the combination of reality and C.G. we where sliding down the side of something. It wasn't quite that building but it was something. If you get the Blue Ray, you'll see the making of how it happened. It's pretty elaborate.

Q. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker aren't the only guys your teaming up with in music you've just made your group with Ginuwine and Tank official with Atlantic Records. What can you tell us about that and the forthcoming album?

You know it's a passion project and I don't really know if anybody see's how big this will really can be the way I do. Ginuwine and Tank can see it but I don't even think they see what I see as far as how big this can go. Right now when it comes to fans because of social media fans are spoilt and they have access to their favourite stars in a way like never before in the history of fans and stars. Also iTunes has single-handedly outside of Napster contributed to creating a shift in a major way in what we call the music business. As we all know iTunes created the lazy feeling of 'I don't feel like going to four or five different record stores to buy an album now I can just click a button and have it'. So therefore all of the traffic that was physically moving into the record stores like Virgin and Tower Records is gone. All these music companies aren't where they used to be. We're talking about full on music stores that have been shut down. A few of them still exist but for the most part their wiped out because the convenience of itunes, great for them, bad for the music business. Then you have chains like Walmart or Target, where if they where just in the music business they'd be wiped out but because they have 75 to 1000 options of things beyond C.D's and DVD's that you can buy then it becomes a one stop shot. So as crazy as an analogy that is that's why TGT makes all the sense in the world, because you got me, you got Ginuwine, you got Tank. We're all young legends in the music business so to speak individually but the idea that it becomes a one stop shop where you can get all these different flavours and colours and energy musically. It's going to contribute to the game in a major way. Where you can get everything you want to experience musically in one concert and one album. I'm not saying that me, Ginuwine and Tank are Walmart or Target but you get everything in one store and that's what makes us the R&B Avengers.

Q. I’m loving the logo, it’s like something out of ‘Tron’.

My man.

Q. You guys work very well together and have a great chemistry especially on tracks like the 'Please Don't Go' and the Let Me Grind' remixes, as well as 'One Night Stand' and 'Can't Blame You'. What do each of you bring to TGT and what influences and inspiration can you bring from both Ginuwine and Tank

Basically what I'm getting out the fans right now they want more. They want more. If you think about Young Money, if you think about people with clicks of talented artists and they're all touring together everyone realizes the power of combining the energy and effort. If you look at the success of 'The Avengers' it just goes to show you. All of the stars and the comic book characters have had huge success on their own and it's the ultimate fan experience to get Superman's biggest fan and Iron Man's biggest fan in the same row. They would probably decide they don't want to coexist in one theatre but because all of their favourites are in one movie that's why they're here. That's what we are. I've tweeted a picture of the three of us and said 'ladies just pick one' and they'll say 'Tyrese is my number one hands down, I like Ginuwine or Tank but they can't touch him', or 'Tank all day or every day, end of story. I got love for y'all but Tank is my baby' and it's the same for Ginuwine. You know it's arrogant to assume that fans of Ginuwine and Tank will love me too, but you know what? They will love me because now we're all in the same movie. You can come to the concert to see Ginuwine but they got to see me. I'm not sharing any of these screams, I'm not sharing any of these photo-ops. I'm stingy. They getting screams over me I ‘aint having it.

Q. Ginuwine say's he's Wolverine and Tank's the hawk so which Avenger are you?

I'm Iron Man. I'm Iron Man. Only because-damn this just hit me right now thank you-because I'm a very shrewd businessman. I think compared to Ginuwine and Tank's personality I'm the one that has the strongest bottom line. I'm very aggressive about everything and anything I do. That's just it man, that's where I'm at with it.

Q. Is it safe to assume that Tank will be manning some of the production? With the three of you already you have enough people but who are you looking to work with on the album? Maybe Tank's protégé Kris Stephens?

Yeah, I like her as a songwriter a lot but more importantly as a person. She's very very sweet, she's been to the house with Tank a few times while we where doing R&B boot camp. I told Tank she should be writing on the album.

Q. Can we expect to hear that friend of yours Black-Ty guest featuring on the album?

We'll see what happens. Right now Black-Ty is chilling waiting to be unleashed on this 'Black Rose' album. You know I'm full throttle right now.

Q. With that in mind congratulations on the huge success of your 'Invisible Bully' rapping mixtape how does it feel?

It feels great man. We're well over a million downloads right now. You know it's been about three or four weeks since it dropped. I think we're well over 2 million downloads if you really think about it, because outside of the DUBCNN download, people have created their own sites and tweeted the shit out. So the downloads are pretty endless. It was just my way of reintroducing Black-Ty. It's like Chris Rock said it best "you don't want to be the first black man to do anything". Of course I wasn't the first R&B singer to rap its happened plenty of times before. I think when I did it, itwas so full on, it wasn't a gimmick, I wasn't like me fucking around it caught a lot of people off guard. It messed a lot of people up. Now all of sudden you got Chris Brown, Trey Songz, you got Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and a bunch of different R&B stars rapping and they got alter-ego names. So for me I'm not looking at it like them trying to be like me but I will say I was the first one to jump into that world and make people think it's possible to fall all the way in love with an R&B singer and then listen to them rap at the same time. I will also say a lot of rappers have cleaned up their looks and image. If you where at home watching 106 & Park on mute you wouldn't know who's singing or rapping, because everybody looks the same. Everyone’s got the sexy girls in the video. R&B singers are wearing the big chains, the big earrings with the fancy cars and all the girls.

Q. I think what sets you apart is the concept rap songs. Like 'Lost With Guns' over Jay-Z's 'Lost One' or the 'Alter-Ego' one where you go back and forth with yourself. Where do you draw that creativity from? The acting maybe?

That's some other shit man.

Q. 'Alter-Ego' started it off with a great mix of tracks like 'One', 'Roses', 'Come Back To Me Shawty' and 'Fly Away' and now another double rap and R&B album 'Black Rose' will come next fall. It's early days yet but what can you tell us about the new album?

Well you know this word just dropped on me right now. I am on a mission to takeover emotions. That's what I'm on. So there is a lot of emotional outlets. You weren’t feeling that way till you heard that song. Or you weren’t feeling that way to you went to see that movie. Or you weren’t feeling that way, or considering those things until you read that book. So I'm on a mission to takeover emotions and you can't just do it through music you have to do it through as many areas as possible and so I'm very grateful that people have given me emotional access to them and ama ride this shit all the way out. Ama keep going.

Q. We can't not talk about 'Open Invitation' and the tracks 'Stay' and 'Too Easy'. We thought your previous work was classic but you really knocked it out the park with this one. First off congratulations, how does your return to music feel? I guess that so called expert that said you couldn't sell independently is on his own now

You know its so good man. I think more than anything I came into it very confident but equally as insecure because a lot of people are very consumed in other people’s opinions. What they should do, how they should do it, when they should do it and if they should even do it at all. I've decided all of a couple of years ago ama live my damn life. I'm not going to base what is successful in the eyes of the world to what it is successful to me. What's successful to me is I had a vision, a concept and idea and I got it out of my heart, out of my mind and I put it out there. When you release it to the world then people will decide whether to show up or not. You can't give power to the numbers. What is successful is getting it out. For you to have an article or a vision or a story in your mind Tim and it stays in mind because you're allowing people not showing up, paying for your hotel room or committing to interviews with the Lakers or whatever the fuck it is. You can't give them power because they're diminishing the gift and they don't even know they're wiping you out. They're just doing what they do. "Oh we where going to send you but now we're going to go with someone else", then you decide to shut your whole fucking career down and they don't even know they wiped you out, "oh shit I took him out". They don't know, but you know. I didn't know my album was going to sell the way it did 400,000 plus thousand. I didn't fucking know, but it happened, I went all out. So this TGT album....we're going to do our best album...period and when we hit the road motherfuckers better get ready. That should be the headline (taps table) motherfuckers.better.get.ready.

Q. What's it like working with someone like Ludacris both in movies and music?

I love Ludacris man. Ludacris is a good man. That's what I have to say about him. He is a good dude man for real. I hope to be friends with Ludacris for a very long time. We may never do another movie or record together...I hope we do, but that's my friend hopefully for a long time. He's a gift.

Q. You say your latest video is your greatest. You had a great time it looks filming 'Too Easy' and have acted alongside some leading ladies recently too but what remains your favourite video you have done?

I love the 'Stay' video because of my girl Taraji and you know this 'Best Of Me' video is going to take me to another level.

Q. How about your own favourite guest features your spot on the posthumous 2Pac album was truly inspired?

Yeah you know what scary man is. I don't know what's about to happen bro. This dude knows me (points to his friend G. Flowers) no two days are ever the same when you're around me. It's always some other shit. This is what's scary-in a sarcastic way-about my life is that this is normal for me. When other people come around and respond to me like "oooh shit" I realise it's not normal and the thing is it's not that I'm taking any of my blessings or access for granted. In the midst of everything I'm forever grateful for what's happening but this is my world and you come into my world there's a likelihood that you're going to be exposed to some life changing shit. And where not just talking about hanging out with stars, but where talking about one person who is literally involved in at least 12 or 15 different world simultaneously on an extreme level. I'm liable to be hanging out with Michael Bay and get a text from Vin Diesel. I'm in my back yard with Martin Luther King's son and daughter and Will Smith, Vin and Paul Walker are sitting to my right, the King kids to my left. I'm hanging out with a fucking holiday. Ooh shit, what the fuck? Like this is normal. It's some other shit man and they don't come to my house for like an hour, motherfuckers come to my house like 14, 15 hours straight. Me and Vin Diesel are in our house playing basketball in my backyard for like 6 hours, drink in hand. Vin comes to my house and buys me Starbucks (mock voice) "Hey Ty, (holds up cup that I brought him) I brought you some Starbucks". Like what the fuck is going on right now, I'm telling you man. It's some other shit I never take it for granted. Here I am man. The only Olympic game I go to I get on the phone I have a conversation with Elaine Wynn, the first lady of Las Vegas from the Wynn Hotel. She invites me to the Olympics. We have dinner, I bring her to the set the next day. She invites me to the Olympic Games. I have the best seats in the house. I get Vin to come down, Ludacris was there, he ended up blessing my whole friends with tickets to the game, that's why I love Luda man he's just a giver and I'm here to witness the American basketball team win the gold medal and whup some ass. With Elaine, Vin, Ludacris and everyone and their momma. Like, what is going on right now. I could of paid to go to the game but the way I went was on some other shit and that's my world man. That's my world bro and that's my shit.

Q. Even Jamie Foxx should be jealous of you.

Jamie ‘aint jealous of me. There are definitely some worlds that Jamie needs to jump into. Jamie's got so many stories to tell.

Q. More importantly from your self-titled debut to now what remains your personal favorite album and song?

My favourites are the ones I love listening to as well as performing. When you experience the reactions of the fans to the songs. The feeling you get when you're on stage, when I do 'Stay' it's bar non. 'Stay', 'Sweet Lady', 'How You Gonna Act Like That' these are records that are going to be around for a long time. When they come on in concert it's like some shit you'll never see, it's like the Holy Ghost. When the intro for 'Sweet Lady' comes on (mock sings and cheers) I don't even know if they're in church yelling like that. If it looks like when these songs come on it takes these peoples problems away.

Q. Is it safe to say in five or ten years that 'Stay' could be as big as 'Sweet Lady'?

It's already there. It is and I'll tell you why. First of all 'Sweet Lady' technically is not as big a song as 'Stay'. 'Stay' was number one for eleven weeks'. 'Sweet Lady' got to number 3 but it still did a lot for women’s confidence and is a classic record that everyone loves. 'Stay' is a record that's going to be around for a long time. It's pretty scary.

Q. Although you're all different. The thing you Tank and Ginuwine share is that you represent that more mature side of R&B, singing about themes like settling down instead of the throw away stuff that won't be around in years. Can you tell us more about what sets you apart? 

You get in the vocal booth you put your heart on the mic and you just hope people can relate and identify to what it is. Whenever you do anything and it comes from your heart it's going to find hearts and connect with hearts. This is why Autotune-even though I've used it a couple of times- with Autotune there's a disconnect because you can't feel peoples soul sounding like a robot. People can't connect to that. So you know that's it on that.

Q. Is TGT going to follow in the footsteps of the classic nighties R&B acts like 112 or Jagged Edge and even going further back then that Boyz II Men, Blackstreet, etc.?

I don't really know if we can be compared to anybody. Naturally because Gearld Levertt, Johnny Gill and Keith Sweat did LSG before. We don't even compare to them. Now the concept of three solo artists doing a three can be compared, but they where a much more mature and older demographic. We're young gunners. We about to get that...

Q. Maybe you represent that mid-point-because you're all in your thirties-bridgin the gap between the younger and more mature generations?

The thing is we just don't compare. If you heard our songs there's some other shit going on right now dawg. It's not fair that this TGT album sounds this good. It's not fair. Because this isn't coming from an arrogant place I'm just speaking facts. Like if you look at all three of us that's going to get women to show up but it's not FAIR that our music sounds this good. It's almost expected that the three of us getting together with all this much hype, we'll end up getting together and doing an album that is trash and horrible. But this shit sounds SO good it's scary.

Q. You guys on Slim Thug's 'Let Me Grind' remix and 'Please Don't Go' and you're duet with Ginuwine on 'One Night Stand' have already shown great chemistry and am sure we can expect more.

Yeah it's definitely way different then that.

Q. All this hard work has really paid off congratulations on the success of Voltron Records and your recent award nominations? How does all this feel? I guess it motivates you to just keep going? 

You know what it's one of them things where you put your best foot forward and the rest is on God and the fans. You know I worked my ass off on that 'Open Invitation' album and I had to remove the spirit of doubt. You can't go into anything having any type of doubt in yourself. You have to just say 'fuck it, if nobody is checking for this, that's what it is'. People said, there where comments like 'this is not todays R&B', 'this is like R&B of the nighties' 'R&B is very different these days'. Well R&B today ‘aint selling. So what's missing is the R&B you used to love, the albums you used to love where you could press play and listen to top to bottom. Albums these days sound like mixtapes because they have 12 different producers and I wanted to get back to the formula. Like when Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis did Janet Jackson's whole album, like when Jermaine Dupri did Usher's whole album. This is the formula. All the Wyclef and Lauryn Hill albums.

Q. Like Timbaland producing Brandy's 'Afrodisiac' which was easily one of the best R&B albums of the last ten years.

I don't know if that was her best. When she got with Rodney Jerkins for the 'Full Moon' album that was way better in its entirety. They where classic fucking albums. One producer, one batch of songwriters and just take flight. For me that's the formula.

Q. Which artists past and present influence and inspire you?

People compare me to other artists and I listen to a lot of other artists. I don't get into the vocal booth to purposely sound like anyone else. I'm just me you know. Just me man at all times and I'm a self confessed weirdo. It always has such a negative connotation but I think weirdoes are the most forward thinking individuals. You know I've tweeted this before. There is no such thing as thinking outside the box in my mind there isn't a box. I'm on some other shit. I've left earth a long time ago. I'm on Google maps. Motherfuckers looking up at me, everybody down there doing the same shit, I'm on some other shit.

Q. Of course music and movies aren't your only fortes. You recently penned a very inspiring book 'How To Get Out Of Your Own Way' which congratulations was a New York Times bestseller. Can you describe what its like to inspire your fans in a different way and reach an even wider audience?

You know it's the most amazing thing man. First of all the timing of releasing that book was very important. Because there's a lot of people with the gift of the gab who just know how to talk a good game. You know people in the world respond to success. Statistics, numbers, results. I've never claimed to be the biggest star in the world. Nor do I think I'm interested. I don't like the pressure that comes with being a fucking megastar. Barely can move anywhere, can't go anywhere without being recognized, everyday, all day. It becomes this non stop feeding frenzy that becomes too much. I don't know if I want that always, always. So you know I just want to do me and be me and however far that goes and takes me, I'll take it.

Q. And now the 'Black Rose' book is coming with the double album what can you tell us about that?

'Black Rose' is in the embryo stage and where going to get that book in motion I'm very excited about that. I'm going to fly the woman who I wrote 'How To Get Out Your Own Way' to London so we can just try and get into it. It's going to be one of those real game changers. I'm excited. 'Black Rose' is going to be scary, that's going to be one of those books that have a flow and an energy to it like 'woo'. It's going to fuck people up.

Q. Is that what some of the video blogs you've posted on Twitter have been for?

We used a lot of that content for the 'Manology' book. Whenever I did a video these two girls that are beautiful would transcribe that and we'd use it for the book.

Q. You inspire a lot of people and we thank you but in and outside your industries who inspires you we know your close with R. Kelly, Will Smith, Michael Jordan and the Obama's?

You know I'm inspired by a lot of different people man in a lot of different areas. I'm inspired by people who think outside of the box. People who are unapologetically, boldly, doing their motherfucking thing period. Like, just do your thing. I'm a force I believe that, like the size of this building can't handle my thoughts. That's how I rock. I'm a giant in my mind that's how big my spirit is. If you don't have this type of mind state you're just average and I'm not average. So Denzel, Oprah, Will Smith, Steve Jobs, R. Kelly, Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, I mean I just saw that trailer for that movie 'Lincoln'. Are you fucking kidding me son!? I'm ready for that Dr. King role because of that trailer. I got a lot to do. Let me tell you something man my biggest fear is dying. I don't fear anything but death and they say you don’t fear death and I'm not afraid of dying because of death. I'm afraid of dying because I got a lot to do man. I can't do shit if I'm gone. I don't want to die. That's why I'm kind of like a hypochondriac, as soon as I find myself under the weather man I go straight to the doctor. Fuck that. I'm feeling something in my chest (taps veins in his arm) man hook me up. Something ‘aint right. C'mon man.

Tyrese thank you it's been an absolute pleasure and really appreciated. I remember Ginuwine wrote in the thank you's of his 'Senior' album that "the game owes you". Things really are paying off now, I guess good things really do happen to those who work hard and patiently. I guess you won't have to sing 'Taking Forever' that much anymore hey!