Thursday, 30 June 2016



Rock Along.

106 Minutes. Starring: Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson, Kevin Hart, Amy Ryan & Aaron Paul. Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber.

Between The Rock and Kevin Hart's place as the undisputed Floyd Mayweather champ of comedy, this heavyweight and lightweight pairing is a punchline knockout. And in the middle of a 'Civil War' blockbuster season that has seen an 'Independence Day' regurgitation...excuse me 'Resurgence', possibly the coming of the real 'Apocalypse' in the latest 'X-Men' franchise farce and critical proton packs already out for the new 'Ghostbusters' movie before ite even been seen (not cool), this film may not be quote on quote "Intelligent", but boy is it good comedy buddy. As these Bad Boys reunited, 'most likely to succeed' no matter their physical appearance make high school look like it was just 48 hours ago. Another classic buddy (cop) comedy for the franchise farm generation has seen Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson and Kevin Hart take a rush hour trip around the Big Smoke of London for 24 hours in the foggy towns respective big double decker bus and smaller hackney cab, all tricked out as 'Central Intelligence' went all British intelligence. And you just have to catch this. As this may be the funniest, one-two punch, perfect pairing since Tucker and Chan. So much so the sequel was probably being wrote the same time as the third act, even though in this Hollywood formula day and age it was probably done with tracing paper. Yet centrally, more than that this comedy seems to be...well clever...if you can excuse the dumb sentence.

'Dodgeball' director Rawson Marshall Thurber avoids even more bouncy, red plastic balls thrown from critics with another classic underdog story that has that out of nowhere humor that will have you rolling over and expletively laughing out loud as much as the elaborate set pieces made to take your a## off. There's 'No Ragrets', not even one for R.M.T. who introduced us to 'We're The Millers' and that may just be because he has the best improv comedian cinema has seen since the script versatile Vince Vaughn, with a scream as fondly funny as that Rat Pack members laugh. You know what I'm saying? Look at this guy! Kevin Hart has done it all. Three feet high and rising! From selling out shows like De La back in the day, to showing his transition from screen to stage is no 'Trainwreck' just like Schumer (and that was a compliment, no insult Amy. We need to talk about your competition Kevin). This man has even got hard with Will Ferrell, "funnys" greatest force, all whilst planning weddings for Olaf. This guy just wont let it go...the comedy crown that is. And we all know about his ride alongs with Ice Cube too. But now teaming up and wrestling with an even bigger (literally) crossover star in what on the surface looks like it could be the third part of the trilogy Kevin shows even more heart.

And it's thanks to his Rock, Dwyane Johnson who shows that beneath all that tough guy, Riddick ripped, Vin Diesel exterior lies more than a few funny bones. There's a full skeleton of them. This 'Baller' and forthcoming D.C. superhero may have been spending a lot of franchise face time with that team of petrol heads. But in going 'Fast and Furious', this mans Hollywood career has hit the nitrus, when some critics thought it would be just 'Gone In 60 Seconds'. But it doesn't matter what all the critics thought as this man in the middle of an eight strong series wonder is the only man rumoured for his own spin-off (think 'Faster'). And in bringing the actually amazing action to what is basically a buddy film for the comedy catalogue this Commando almost bullet-proof vest and camo looks like Hobbs at one point, you can smell the baby oil. You would think this Herculean 'Scorpion King' wouldn't have the time to lather up the gym (six hours a day for the last twenty years) inbetween saving 'San Andreas' and what looks like another franchise as the ultimate hunking lifeguard in the Zac Efron 'Baywatch' reboot. But you might just actually be looking at the industries most marketable superstar. And if Dwyane Johnson really is this generations sportsmen to all-acting action hero like former Mr. Universe, bodybuilding Arnold Schwarzenegger than alongside his Hart this is his 'Twins'. The rock known as the world is his. Spell his name right and address him properly...with no raised eyebrows. There's a lot here to keep those waxed and then draw on, or mono lines of up however. From 'Birdman' and 'Bridge Of Spies' Oscar fare star Amy Ryan playing it Central Intelligence Agency straight, to Aaron Paul breaking out the 'b####' in him yet again. Completing an A-list cast with even more classic comedy cameos from more franchise faces that are too good to spoil the surprise...but we must alert you. Still nothing rings the hilarity alarms like the dynamic between the Hart and Johnson. These two are smell me? We could watch Dwyane's never curbed, epic enthusiasm not take Kevin's screamed "NO's" for an answer all day...or at least for another two films that keep the gags reeled. C.I.A. plus! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Friday, 24 June 2016



Must Reboot Faster!

120 Minutes. Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Liam Hemsworth, Bill Pullman, Maika Monroe, Jessie Usher, Travis Tope, William Fitchner, Vivica A. Fox, Judd Hirsch & Brent Spiner. Director: Roland Emmerich.

July 4th hasn't even been celebrated yet, but idiots are already running round screaming 'Independence Day' like someone lit a firework up their a##! O.K. so that was a little aside attempt at a punch to politics. Not so subtle I know, but 'White House Down' director Roland Emmerich is a stranger to subtely too. Making his point with his own laws of gravity whilst dropping a spiralling Burj Khalifa onto the Houses of Parliment for all London Eyes to see. As the Big Smoke burns in a brimstone red across the Thames that shows you what it would have looked like if Guy Fawkes got away with what worse are getting away with now. London is burning alright but it makes for the early and most epic scene in this so called 'Resurgence' that is "so" 'Independence Day' it's been released in June. "They like to get the landmarks" the legend Goldblum drolly deadpans in a marvellous meta joke at the world going to pieces that just may be the best thing about this film. But spoiler alert, you can see that genius reference to Martian's always hovering over our metropolises in the trailer. The original, outstanding 'Independence Day' was a nineties classic. This is nostalgia injected with 'Fast and Furious' nitrus. With a bloated boost of akward action a Bay of Michael's would be proud of. A rush of blockbuster to the headache. Cinematic candy tander mount to an over excited kid opening up a sweet bag too quickly all over the row. But you dont have to worry about tearing your packet open slowly and carefully during the certifications. This film is so surround pound loud you won't be disturbing anyone! You would have thought we would have learnt from the apocalypse of '2012'...or even this years 'X-Men' mutant meltdown. Sure we had twenty years to prepare...but so did Emmerich!

Now Will Smith is in this picture...albeit in portrait form. Hanging in the previously obliterated down White House. Sorry to disappoint you. There's no cameo or spoiler surprise here. Just a terrible tribute in the form of a hero dying during a test flight. That's like a welcome back to earth, grounding punch. It's rumoured Smith passed on this sequel due to his other science fiction commitments to the critically panned 'After Earth'. But I tell you that film were lions, tigers and bears (oh my) get their revenge on everyone who doesn't adopt a a vegan diet had a lot more humanity than this alien picture. It's a shame because the man thats saved the world outside it more times than fellow former most bankable Hollywood star Matt Damon has been rescued could have saved both this movie and his own career. Still without a Will there's still a way and in showing you to your seats Jessie Usher certainly has the firework confidence for this close encounter. But it's a shame they didn't go with the grown up actor that originally played Smith's son...and we aren't talking about Jaden. That would have made the scenes with the ever hard working Vivica A. Fox that much more meaningful. The same could be said for the Presidents daughter Maika Monroe who may not be Marylin, but is more than your average bombshell, flying a bomber and dropping everything else on tired Hollywood stereotypes. Whilst 'Hunger Games' player Liam Hemsworth is the new franchise face card here and no discount Chris as Thor's younger brother shows he has as much charm as Loki. From this new big three to Travis Tope's perfect dope the kids are alright but in a throwback to the golden era of blockbusters best we want to hear from the old heads.

Because this film really wouldn't fly without Jeff. And Goldblum is gold again back in the co-pilots seat with the best one-liners coming from his trademark offbeat, beat poet like dialogue delivery. But he should have saved 'Jurassic World' with Star Lord instead of these prats. Do we really have to put him behind the yellow line and wheel of a school bus full of children screaming for a selfie with one hell of a funky mothership connection that is as impressive and epic as the famous desert set-pieces white sand. But may have a summons sent to it from '10 Cloverfield Lane'...if they could even find an address or post box here. It really is all game for laughs like Jeff's jovial back and forth with his fond father figure Judd Hirsch. But sometimes the comedy plays too much like tragedy. Brent Spiner is back...yep he survived that tentacle hanging. But his seriously sinister scientist has gone even sillier. He doesn't just look a thing like Data. More like a greying Ozzy Osbourne, he doesn't look like himself. Perhaps in retrospect that will be a good thing. At times the only ones playing it straight are born for this role, official character actor William Fitchner and President Pullman. Bill may have left office on a cane but he still has the rights to deliver stirring speeches behind that Howard Hughes greying beard. But even Idris Elba in 'Pacific Rim' knows you can't top that first films tank top speech...and that's the point. Time to cancel the Apocalypse like Marvel should have done, because this one should have gone quietly into the night. Don't get me wrong this is entertaining and exciting, enjoyable popping popcorn viewing. But the day after tomorrow we may all see that this was all a bit too much. Elvis has already left the building...thank you very much. We all knew they'd come back one day...but not like this. With all this new world order that sees extra terrestrial technology turning the world on its head. From tug space boats to propeller missing helicopters that swim through the sky like fish. Must we really go faster?! Because in rushing through plot like their space planes do to the moon, London and back to the U.S.A. again, only Richard Branson would benefit from this type of jet setting. But for all this airborne artillery the potential never quite takes off. And lets leave the interstellar travel for Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey shall we? Now it may not be what I call a close encounter of the 'turd' kind, but this is definitly s###### than the last one! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Monday, 13 June 2016



Rogue Trade.

22 Episodes. Starring: Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, David Mazouz, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards, Camren Bicondova, Cory Michael Smith, Morena Baccarin, Michael Chiklis & B.D. Wong.

Prokofiev's operatic classic 'Dance Of The Knights' fittingly and perfectly plays as young Master Wayne panickly pushes the button of a clicker he remotely finds in the middle of one of his fathers forlorn libary books. We hear stone slabs move like a giant is raising the dead as it's the epic fireplace, not the bookshelves that come apart to reveal what lies beneath the ashes. Bruce Wayne and his Butler Alfred Pennyworth both with urgency but not with haste, step to the gaping hole that's now being made in their living quarters. They look down these dark depths as our point of view is their reaction to what they see where we are. If their faces didn't say it all, the noise of bats circling and ascending the sodden, stone steps tells you all you need to know, staring down the barrel of this cliffhanger. Roll credits. Season One done. 'Gotham' really is the worlds most famous, fictional city. A Metropolis with dark shadows and shades of New York City. The home of Wayne Manor. And the place where Batman begins. But after a formidable finale to the pilot series (that gave us Detective Jim Gordon putting a few mobsters out of commission during a son of a gun shootout, the enigmatic Edward Nygma finally going all the way crazy and riddling with himself...and of course the Bat Cave) it's the villains that rise and not the Dark Knight in 'Gotham' Season 2. It's like the forthcoming bad guys 'Suicide Squad' movie but with more killing. Jokes on you! You thought D.C. couldn't hit back after the cruel critical slaying the actually awesome 'Batman v Superman-Dawn Of (In)Justice' got (just you wait for the 'Ultimate Edition')? Well you should have know they always had a little fight in them. Like it or not. So you're going to love them...and this. Even in this 'Civil War' blockbuster domination the small screen team of 'Arrow' and 'Flash' is still scrapping with Marvel's 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D' and all the 'Daredevil' Netflix has to chill. Don't cosign them to the Deadpool just yet. From the ashes of more cities being destroyed in the 'Man Of Steel' sequel the fire rises. And this one, this cut is going rogue.

Take a tour through this cities origins and you may just find yourself in an Asylum just West of Blackgate. And yes you guessed it...the inmates are running Arkham. These prison breaks are the most vivid comic capturing of the cells since those graphic video games. But there's lots of content here and you don't need to worry about whether it's in game footage or not. There's plenty of Easter Eggs to hunt for here that you'll even believe Christmas has come early. From young Selina Kyle lapping up a glass of milk, to the green glow bathing Nygma's rooftop apartment in neon. And you best believe the best of the last series are only getting more seasoned. Camren Bicondova has really got the cream as Catwoman. Clawing away at the crop of all the feline fatales. The best since Pfeiffer with shades of Michelle....and Hathaway was no half-way measure either. Sorry Halle! Whereas Corey Michael-Smith really catches the Riddler by the toe, no question. Now riddle me this...who uses an umbrella even when it doesn't rain? No not catwalk models, but the suited and booted Penguin. After standing on a rooftop and screaming that he was the King of Gotham to end the first season, the pointed Robin Lord Taylor may be kept under the parousel a little bit this season...wrapped in Arkham black and white stripes like a straight jacket. But this is the new orange black and he wears it like his best waddling suit. Along with the likes of bridezilla Erin Richards, more Ivy laced with the seeds of Poison and enough villains that will leave this rising show fishing at the bottom of Gotham river (or sewer) by moonlight for more. The whole gallery of Rogues is here for you to walk through. Even what looks like a Court of Owls. From a striking Mr. Freeze that even in this modern, realism grounded Gotham City works know what it just works, we don't need a pun on this one...Schwarzenegger and Schumacher fired them all...forever! To a kid who just may have the first laugh as prince of Gotham. But if we're going to keep riding can we get a Harley? Call us clowns all you want but this town really is seeing Strange days. And who better than Dr. Hugo to run it all? And 'Jurassic Park' and 'World' star B.D. Wong focussed on the small glasses and beard of Arkham's chief doc is the perfect prescription for Hugo Strange we must profess. Sure the last time we saw him he may have lost millions to Deadshot's Will Smith (Mooney's man), but here he's on the money as the quack with a Lazarus Pit in his own operating theatre. He may just be the best thing about this oh so messy, but oh so fun series' rise. Strange...but true!

Gallaries of villains are so bad, they'll need a good cop to go rogue. And Gordon isn't playing this one by the book...he's throwing it at everyone...along with his punches. A long way from Orange County, Gotham's finest Ben McKenzie is the badge and gun law of Jim Gorden. His hair is even getting longer. All we need now is a beard. But it doesn't matter if he doesn't look a thing like Commissioner Gorden. Neither does D.C. Universe's J.K. Simmons (but you're still excited)! He looks more like a newspaper editor that hates superheroes. Gotham Tonight anyone? Come to think about it with the exception of Gary Oldham the only ones that look close enough to the comic version of Gorden are former Lakers and Bulls coach Phil Jackson and Colonel Sanders. It's a good job Donal Logue looks like he was born or artistically rendered to play the comic book cop Harvey Bullock...he has it beat. Now that's a partner you can trust...sort of! He's a copacetic, comic character composition just like Sean Pertwee who just like the Caine's and Irons before him show us a Monopoly of Brits can play Butlers, but only a few with dirt under those silverware spit and polish white gloves can show us the real Alfred. Very good sir...very good! Just another example of a comic crossover that works like the marvel that is Morena Baccarin on double agent duty, two-timing as Gorden's golden girl and Marvel movie Fox Deadpool's spandex squeeze. From Fox's to Dent's there's plenty of room for more players in this small screen line of silver (but more on that in a G.C.P.D. minute). As former 'Shield' agent (and this time we aren't talking about Marvel) Michael Chiklis throws his badge as his new book chapter as chief of police. But above the law and rooftops of this gargoyle covered city lies a would be knight. And as the kid David Mazouz grows and matures before our eyes, it's not only a pleasure, but a labour of love to see the effort behind a young man searching for answers and meaning whose about to take wing as the bat. And we can't wait! Mazouz is a master as Bruce day it'll be his dark night. Just look for the pale moonlight. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016



Inhuman Nature.

22 Episodes. Starring: Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Henry Simmons, Nick Blood, Adrianne Palicki, Luke Mitchell & Brett Dalton. Creator: Joss Whedon.

Uncivil wars rage between different fanctions of Avengers with blockbuster stakes. Yet the Marvel 'Agents' that stand behind Captain America's shield work in the shadows. But boy do they work Cap! So far as Season 3 of the 'Agents of Strategic, Homeland, Intervention, Enforcement, Logistics, Division' clocks out, these heroes have logged in excess of 50 hours of company time on screen. That's more than any comic book superhero in this force of a franchises upcoming third phase. That's even more than Samuel L. Jackson's director Nick Fury. Or even the Avenger that really assembled it all to begin with, Robert Downey Jr's 'Iron Man'. Tony Stark who co-headlined the latest 'Captain America' mega movie, battling with Chris Evans' Steve Rogers and even is set to make a cameo in Tom Holland's Spider-Man's Marvel 'Homecoming'. Only Netflix's 'Defenders' of a two seasoned 'Daredevil', 'Jessica Jones' and a forthcoming 'Luke Cage' and 'Iron Fist' could come close to contesting these champions. As Stan Lee's team with the biggest silver screen film of the year (forget an 'Apocalypse') continues it's small screen dominance, despite D.C.'s 'Flash', 'Arrow' and 'Gotham-Rise Of The Villains'. Expanding their range like Steven Strange and those Galaxy Guardians. It's just a shame the vintage, original 'Agent Carter' (Save Peggy...lets hash-tag it) is out of service after two runs. Because it seems like these 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. just can't die like Agent Caulson.

Loki's Septre may have impailed him to the tune of a classic Chris Hemsworth yell of "NOOOOOO"! But is seems like 'The Avengers' scene stealing Agent Caulson is as invincible as his team. After series creator Joss Whedon resurrected him for this show that seemingly can even survive 'The Winter Soldier' fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. But as it's all connected can they withstand Hydra's hail and all that falls with the storm? It seems like Clark Gregg's fan favourite Caulson can. After being lobbied by fan boys and girls alike to return with Avengance, the man would give his right arm for S.H.I.E.L.D. So how about a hand? As Season 2 ended with his being axe ground, chopped off to save his life by a fellow team member. We told you he could survive anything! Now the gnarly new director is looking for a new appendage, modelling all sorts of hands like Joey Tribianni. Even a black gloved looking one that looks like he's about to audition for 'The People vs O.J. Simpson'. But no Winter Soldier metal or Wakandan vibraniuum... hey at least he can still deal those Captain America trading cards. Gregg keeps his character in mint condition however...despite the more than slight foxing round the edges that results from the tragedy and turmoil that comes with all this seasons time and tide. Twists and turns that include their own registration, political powers, Bond meets Bourne like undercover spy work and hand-to-hand set pieces of real supremacy. An emotional finale fit for 'The First Avenger' in reverse. And even a shot to the gut spies goodbye that just may be the most beautiful, goosebump and tear inducing moment Marvel-let alone this show-have ever done. You just have to raise your glass to it.

Not to mention the rise of the Inhumans that are born here and not in the unfairly shelved/planned movie that will finally introduce us to the sonic boom of Black Bolt and the Inhuman franchise that joins the universe of Marvel's Avengers, X-Men, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Fantastic Four families. And it's the real franchise face of this show Chloe Bennett who gives us the Inhuman touch with her Daisy character in bloom. Bringing the supernatural and humanity to a character that is like the Avengers Black Widow with more in her web of former hacker tricks. Still if you want a Widow with more bite than how about Ming Na-Wen's stern approach (you'll only ever see her smile on Instagram) in lashings? As the former 'E.R.' star sends everyone way past the emergency room...better roll out the gurney. Administer a double helping of Fitzsimmons in the 'science friends zone', will they or won't they of Scots Elizabeth Hendstridge and Iain De Caestecker with new agents Nick Blood and 'John Wick' assassin Adrianne Palicki and you have Marvels most wanted (make it happen). Beef that mixture up with the axe blunderbuss, bayonet wielding, Luke Cage built, scene stealing Henry Simmons (perhaps the best thing about this show) in the frame with an electrifying Luke Mitchell serving as an off the bench spark plug and the team is complete. Now ex-agent Brett Dalton is the perfect friend turned enemy for this squad. Not many people are hash-tagging 'Team Ward', but don't take Grant for granted. He is a hive of double agent like bag guy metamorphis in this Matrix. Halfway between an Agent Smith and a Neo gone rogue. But when it comes to legendary Marvel villains in this universe is he the chosen one? All these superheroes and Inhumans taking this Civil War to infinity are really expanding this Marvel universe in a galaxy of its own already. Adding big name guest stars like John Hannah and Powers Boothe (whose voice is to villains what Morgan Freeman's is to narration) after the likes of the out of the picture Bill Pullman and the 'Blindspot' commitment of Jamie Alexander's recurring Lady Sif and so many Easter Eggs (even a flame chain of a 'Ghost Rider' reference) and everything really is connected here. Now all we need is Cobie Smulders' Agent Hill on full-time duty-we know how we met her mother already-and this show will be set. With that said then will you be ready to go forth to the fourth season and phase? Because Marvel don't just live and die by the shield of the Avengers. Expect these Agents to bring more change too. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Saturday, 4 June 2016



L.A. Unconfidential.

116 Mins. Starring: Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Angourie Rice, Matt Bomer & Kim Basinger. Director: Shane Black.

Nice guys finish la...ahh you know what? Screw that corny, cliched crap! Just ride shotgun with 'Iron Man 3' director Shane Black's 'The Nice Guys'. You'll get plenty of 'Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang' for your 20 bucks...even if it is a recession. After puckering up and shooting twice with Robert Downey Jr for Marvel comics and in also reuniting the "hush, hush" of Russell Crowe and Kim Basinger, Black is back to the offbeat, cult favorites that made Shane's name. Back in the 90's days, Shane Black had scripts copped for hits like 'The Long Kiss Goodnight' and 'Lethal Weapon', so it's only right today he brings the buddy cop genre back to Hollywoodland like another 48 hours all over again. In this Disco electric, neon, noir novel of Los Angeles crimes, the city of fallen angels spreads its wings to a Gosling and Crowe off Mullholland Drive. Offset in the seedy seventies boogie nights with our two leading men, lead detectives searching for some Misty Mountains...and we're not talking about the type those Hobbit's low key sang about. There's fear and loathing here...even if its in Los Angeles and not Las Vegas, in a cop comedy that definitely doesn't go by the book as weird and wonderful as Phoenix's 'Inherent Vice' last year. Gosling and Crowe are said to be difficult to work with and together make for the "worst detectives ever' here. But really these guys are nothing but nice.

Gosling, suited and booted with the same tailor as Ron Burgundy (not to mention the same lady-tickler) really anchors this picture. Playing it all perfectly he's a six shooter of charisma...every bullet aimed with charm and loaded with one liners. He was effortlessly, attractively cool in 'Crazy, Sexy, Love'. The coldest, strong, violent type in 'Drive'. And pin stripe perfect in 'Gangster Squad'. But now with another detectives notebook, dressed in blue valentine the man that dramatically stole Hollywood's show in both 'The Ides Of March' and 'The Place Beyond The Pines' is just so crazy, funky cool here. Even when at the sight of a lot of blood lurching, catawalling and screaming like a child, not once...but twice(?) as the trailer will lead you to believe he puts his Cadillac through the boy from the third 'Iron Man' movies family living room. Yeah..."nuanced"! But then again if you had a king sized bee in the back of your car (no bonnett) trying to catch a buzz, you'd wonder what your cigarette was laced with too as you worked the steering wheel like you just dropped that Marlbro on your lap. Something probably 'The Big Short', big shot, "jacked to the tits" for the previously untapped, comedic genius of a serious actor having another career year alongside the A list contemporary company men likes of Steve Carell, Christian Bale, Brad Pitt and now Russell Crowe.

Crowe being just a little left of murder, kills it pound for pound as the flesh for hire muscle that beats down any notion that his career is being taken to the cleaners. It's going to be a good year for the Gladiator. Even if his Hawaiian shirts and plastic faux leather jackets weren't even fly back in the seventies, he still looks the part here. If Ryan is the cutting himself whilst shaving in his car, or whilst breaking and entering on a P.I. case with his Magnum moustache slapstick, then Russell is the beat-bat Louisville slugger with Jack Johnson on his left and Tommy Hearns on his right ready to knuckle up if he hasn't already struck you out. And that's just the easy way...Crowe's character has heart too and a soul behind those guns even if it is more locked than loaded. The kind of warmth that found itself next to Kim Basinger's white gowned, Black Dahlia in 'L.A. Confidential'. The kind of heat that could still ignite a reunion even decades later. And it's nostalgically nice to see this pair coupled on screens again. Basinger's basic supporting role may not win her anymore Oscars, but she's still in the Academy. Showing even more depth over the decades. But still in this film for the guys its actually a lucky 13 year old newcomer that steals the show from all the big names and kids. You'll be hearing the name Angourie Rice soon as much as you've heard the name Chloe Grace Moretz over the maturing years. Even Matt Bomer's bones of a classic villain in all matt black attire is bad to the b-b-bad, armed with a chopper that will cut you in half. He more than just looks the part...he suits you sir wears it. Even managing to pull off a mole on the cheek that will no longer leave you wondering what happened to Enrique's after the surgery. Heroes don't really find themselves in this buddy comedy that it is more private eye, meets eye bruiser than cop classic, but the guy Black has really given us a noir, cult classic that's action is as entertaining as its in-joke plot is all over the place. Shane has captured all the seventies asthetics and this pictures acting smarts perfectly. From the decade detiriorated, burnt out Hollywood sign establishing opening to throwing Rice at the casting of Gosling's childhood sweetheart daughter Holly. It all comes together so pop art perfect that you really hope this dynamic duo make it a double for a sequel from the director that likes to tie up trilogys. Now that guys would be...well, you know! TIM DAVID HARVEY.