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18, 88 Minutes. Starring Adam Scott, Steven R. McQueen, Christopher Lloyd & Kelly Brook. Director: Andre Aja.

After just one bite, you'll want to make a meal out of this.

SAN DIEGO - JULY 22: Actors Jerry O'Connell and Kelly Brook attend the 'Pirahna 3D' footage screening during Comic-Con 2010 at Regal Horton Plaza on July 22, 2010 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Weinstein Company)

If you thought that 'The Expendables' was the only throw away but wildy entertaining film this Summer than look at this farce and think again. On the all time list of guilty pleasures 'Piranha' is nibbling at the top.

A homage to old horror b-movies 'Piranha' is of course pretty unbelievable but it won't take too much convincing that it is incredibly entertaining. As for the plot, a bunch of college kids and a bunch of flesh eating fish, you do the math and believe me you'll need to subtract some.

Apart from the blood, gore, bikinis and babes there's more about this film that will catch you like you where easy bait. The hook, how about a perfect cameo at the start? Can you tell who it is yet? I guess he needed a bigger boat. The line, how about a bunch of Spring break kids vs Ving Rhames and a shotgun? Plus a lot of familiar faces rounding out the cast or should I say main course. Bear due witness to 'Hostel' director and horror aficionado Eli Roth's cameo. Now if you aint caught on yet here's the sinker, in this film we go 'Back To The Future' with Christoper Lloyd, naturally a Piranha expert. You can hear the cheers from the 20 something plus crowd in the cinema with his appearance. Could you think of anyone better to play the guy that tells everyone how much peril there about to be in? With that classic 'Maaaarty' look in his eye and wail in his voice he sells it like Lemonade on a Summers day.

In a word this film is definitely gratuitous, but once the first person is popped your gonna make your way through the rest of the film like it was a tube of Pringles. Sure its as formulaic as a first grade chemistry exam but that's just another part of it's homage to films of it's genre. Even if you don't like this movie if you don't come out laughing than obviously you've had a bad experience with a fish. Think this hilarious film is just a waste of time fellas? Well when that date who you found so hard to talk to at dinner leaves the cinema clinging on to your arm for dear life, you can thank the studio's that green lighted this hilarious fright fest. TIM DAVID HARVEY

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