Saturday, 23 April 2011


This weeks 'DVD Rack' Is a 'Fast & Furious' Top 5 special.

1. FAST FIVE: Not available on DVD just yet (it's only just been released in cinemas (kind of the meaning behind this feature)). This torque, adrenaline filled action-packed, ensemble, 'Italian Job' meets 'Oceans Eleven' esque caper may just be the best yet. More cars, girls, cast members, action and stunts then you could shift a clutch at. The gangs all here (with some added 'Rock' for the cooking) so you know this films going to bang. You never thought this possible but you'll actually be excited for a sixth. As our favourites race in their getaway cars, popcorn-movie escapism has never been better. Capping off a dynamite explosive set of films this is one dynamic group. Catch them while you can.

2. FAST & FURIOUS: With a name so similar to the first film that it probably causes mess ups with DVD ordering this movie felt more like the original in more ways then one. Hence the tag line stated, 'New Model, Original Parts' and what we saw when he lifted the hood was Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Roudriguez, Jordan Brewster back in the driving seat. One of the most exciting and important films of the series this perfect action picture harked back to the classic and was the catalyst for this franchises second-wind. With better acting and an incredibly well orchestrated opening scene/heist this movie really did rev and turn everything up motoring these movies on. It also proved that nothing works quite as well then tried and tested American muscle.

3. THE FAST & THE FURIOUS: The first part, where it all started and the engine of this franchise, this was a different guys movie then usual. More exciting and with a better story this film was a runaway hit, coming at the right time when we needed but didn't expect a film about cars to do so well. The world was introduced to the talents of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Roudriguez, Jordan Brewster and the type of cars we only dreamed about seeing at the bottom of cereal boxes. This really was a find.

4. 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS: Tyrese took the wheel from Vin Diesel and his charisma, charm and acting smarts helped give a scorcher of a slump-surviving sequel set in the gorgeous city of Miami. '2 Fast' had a double dose of everything from the action to the cars. The movie also helped break the beautiful Eva Mendes into the mainstream and showed that rapper Ludacris was just as entertaining on the screens then he was on the mic. Without the Diesel, critics expected this movie to be pulled, instead it ran everything else off the road.

5. THE FAST & THE FURIOUS-TOKYO DRIFT: OK, so the principle cast took a pit stop on this one but that doesn't mean this film didn't still go. Set in the terrific city of Tokyo (Japan stand up) the dangerous world of drift racing was exposed for more thrills, spills and if you thought you'd seen all the crazy cars you could imagine then obviously you've never been to Japan because you hadn't seen nothing till this. Lucas Black and Bow Wow did a good job but it was Sung Kang that introduced himself as a favourite character in this series, plus there was a classic cameo that fueled things to come. This movie is different, but that's what makes it and this franchise that more distinct. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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