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Horrendously hilarious.

Starring: Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell & Jamie Foxx. Director: Seth Gordon. Screenplay: Michael Markowitz, John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein

Just when you thought comedies out of Hollywood couldn't be more rib-tickling or head-scratching the Jason's of Bateman and Sudeikis team up with Charlie Day for the new comedy 'Horrible Bosses'. A film that takes the fantasy of killing the boss you hate to an all new reality.

The three friends really have their work cut out for them, as a psycho, man-eater and tool really are the bosses from hell. Bateman's boss (played by Kevin Spacey) is a power-mad manager who makes his client drink eighteen year old scotch at eight in the morning, all whilst teasing him with a promotion he'll never get. Day's dentist boss (played by Jennifer Aniston) is a sex-crazed maniac which may not sound all that bad until you take into account that Day is engaged and blackmailed by Aniston who really wants to get her teeth into him. If you thought that was bad then wait until you meet Sudeikis boss (played by Colin Farrell) if you thought the bald head was scary then wait until you see how he goes about his working day, or how he literally tries to 'trim the fat'.

So when nothing else works the three look to get rid of their bosses once and for all. To help them with their firing line they hire a man by the name of Mr. Jones (just wait until your introduced with his first name). Mr. Jones (played hilariously by Jamie Foxx (it's great to see Foxx and Farrell back on the screens together for the first time since 'Miami Vice')) acts as the guys murder consultant and offers them direction for their murder master plan. Just as the boys are about to do the deed however, everything goes drastically wrong and the boys have everyone from 'The Wire's' Wendell Pierce to NFL player Isaiah Mustafa on their tail.

This black comedy really is one of the brightest films this year. The story will keep you guessing like an Angela Landsbury murder mystery and you'll die laughing at the throw your head back and grab your belly at the one-liners and set-pieces. The leads are three-of-a-kind. Day impresses, Bateman reaffirms his status as one of comedies best leading men, while Sudeikis shows that with this and the first-rate 'Hall Pass' he may just be the best comedy actor of the year.

The bosses from hell really are heaven sent too. It's great to see Spacey back on the screens as we forgot how scary he could be, while Aniston has never looked or been better with a drop-dead gorgeous and funny turn. Colin Farrell may just be the best of the worst however with a freakishly funny and bizarrely brilliant role, his character really is on something, from middle of the day office parties to un-affectionately naming co-workers after 'X-Men' characters, trust us the way he looks isn't the weirdest thing.

There are also some classic cameo's here too, from Foxx's sly murder 'expert', to a nice role from Donald Sutherland and a fantastic and funny appearance from Mr. Ioan Gruffudd as a 'wet-work' expert. All in all this ensemble cast are guilty of nothing but entertaining us in this great Seth Gordon film. With a perfect plot that mixes all the hallmarks of classic murder capers and modern-day gross out comedy, this film is as clever as it is silly. 'Horrible Bosses' murders this years competition of other so-called, hilarious comedies and in a Summer blockbuster season dominated by sequels and remakes this original, classic film looks set to make a killing. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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