Sunday, 18 September 2011



The old switch-a-roo..

108 Minutes. Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Leslie Mann & Olivia Wilde & Alin Arkin. Director: David Dobkin. Screenplay: Jon Lucas & Scott Moore

Buddy comedies don't get much closer than this. Funny men Jason Bateman (who's had a busy 12 months with the very hilarious 'Horrible Bosses' and 'The Switch') and Ryan Reynolds (who's had an even busier year with the brilliant 'Buried' and 'Green Lantern') really get on the same page in 'The Change Up', which goes all 'Freaky Friday' for the guys, or 'Face Off' with less bullets and surgery.

Ryan Reynolds is your typical playboy, living the pot-head, no commitment young mans dream, while family man Jason Bateman is working his life away. Envying each others lives they get drunk and go piss in a fountain...and guess what happens? As the two switch bodies, each actor plays the other part real well, kind of like how John Travolta and Nicholas Cage did in 'Face-Off' switching between good and bad guys. The nice guy charm of Bateman and the charismatic cockiness of Reynolds can not be duplicated but from their performances it's clear these two actors and friends know each other pretty well...inside out you could say.

The females in this picture, support and stand by these confused men as these guys go through some hilarious one-liners, but sometimes the 'who let the Farrelley Brothers in' gross out gags are too much. The baby jokes will leave you crying, you be the judge of whether it be the good way or the bad way. When this movie hits the mark though it tickles the ribs and pulls the heart strings like all good buddy comedies do as these two top actors save a script that changes up between hit and miss like the leads do personalities. Top comedy leading man Bateman is genuinely brilliant as usual, dry but delightful, while Reynolds is as always entertaining though it may be time for him to leave the Van Wilder college days behind. Otherwise and all in all this comedy is fun and will leave you appreciating what you have and don't have all at the same time. Sure 'The Change Up' is a recycled story that doesn't really alter much but sometimes it's best when things stay the same. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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