Friday, 14 October 2011


Owen Wilson's still 'so hot right now'!

By Tim David Harvey

Hollywood, it sure can be a m***********! Embracing and replacing all at the same time. Simply you either make it in this town or you don't. A couple of years ago one of this towns brightest and best stars suffered one of his worse and darkest days. Now understand this is not the topic of discussion here. That past part of this mans life is private and out of respect it will remain that here. Still now Owen Wilson is back in the public eye in a view brighter then ever it just shows and proves one notion true, you can't keep a good man down.

Whether sharing screen time with Stiller or Chan or going 'Beyond Enemy Lines' and his acting comfort zone, Wilson has always shined his brightest and worked his hardest. The charming, charismatic talent has been a favourite for the fellas in buddy comedies and a hit with the ladies in rom-coms. The approachable, boy next door, one of the guys persona has helped him line the silver screens with movie gold for years. From crashing weddings to hanging out with you and me as 'Dupree', Owen has owned comedies with his warmth and class. Just like Vince Vaughn's improv, or Will Ferrell's out-right craziness, this frat-pack member has his own signature style. That being the quirky, distinct, yet all-round nice guy that gets along with everybody.

This individual is unique, but no acquired taste, he's loved by all. Sure his young brother Luke is admired two, but big brother comes first. With that great versatile, ability of switching between off-beat comedies that are smart ('The Darjeeling Limited') and stupid ('Zoolander'...actually quite smart when you think about it), this clever character is dumb with talent. His open persona allows him to light up the screen and tackle any role all at the same time. This man can do anything and after enduring everything, he's now firmly back in business about to show a fickle, forgetful world of movies that he really is something.

After impressive turns in 'Drillbit Taylor', 'The Darjeeling Limited' and a cameo in 'Fantastic Mr. Fox', Wilson's work has remained sporadic. That all changed however when he talked like a dog in 'Marmaduke', a film that was a hit like 'Marley & Me' before it. Then it was time to 'Meet The Parent's' again. 'Little Fockers' was a hit and Owen was cast a bigger role like in the first movie, and again Owen owned every scene but had the diligence not to steal the show. A mark of a true professional. Now the world was watching Owen Wilson again. Wilson also built a foundation last fall with 'How Do You Know' alongside, like minded, likable character, Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon and Jack Nicholson, who was reunited with the guys that brought you 'As Good As It Gets'.

Things do look to get even better then this for Wilson however. If you thought 2010 was a comeback, then 2011 has made make Owen, once, twice, three times a leading man. The fall of 2010 was his return, but 2011 has been his year. This year the franchise guy once again lent his distinct drawl and one-of-a-kind vocal talents to the huge Summer smash; 'Cars 2', as he kept another one of his popular series' motoring on. Still it's the buddy comedy 'Hall Pass' with Jason Sudeikis, that showed his true return to form, being one of the funniest films Wilson's been in since he walked down the aisle with Vince Vaughn. Wilson scored big again-in more ways then one-with another runaway, surprise hit. The film was about two guys given a one week, 'Hall Pass' by their wives to do anything they want. This film delivered everything we've asked for from a Wilson picture and apart from some 'Horrible Bosses' and 'Friends With Benefits' was the best comedy of this year, surviving 'The Hangover II' and some 'Bridesmaids'. Owen also marked Cannes as a destination this year, as him, Woody Allen and a crop of Hollywood talent including Rachael McAdams and Adrien Brody went to France for the beautiful comedy'Midnight In Paris'. This ensemble film has sealed Owen's great run through 2010/2011 with a French kiss.

Then who knows what's next for the dynamic and diverse talent. Sure there will probably be no 'I Spy 2', (sorry Eddie) but you can still expect more from the man has played the perfect part in many great films. Whether it be his Chris Tucker to Jackie Chan in 'Shanghai Noon' and 'Shanghai Knights', his scene stealing role in 'The Royal Tenenbaums' or his ensemble in 'Armageddon'. You can also count on more collaborations with close friend, Ben Stiller. Their charm and chemistry has been set over 10 films and although the two guys could co-star with anyone if they wanted to, there's nothing quite like when they lead together. They've made good on all sorts of sequels, even with the 'Night At The Museum' project and the hotly anticipated 'Zoolander 2' is in the works. Now if we could just get a 'Starsky & Hutch' series crashing through the boxes.

Sure Wilson has kept working since his turbulent time in 2007, and with a high quality too, but right now the man is looking as hot as he's ever been right now. It's not about him being back in fashion like his Hansel character in 'Zoolander', its about him being back where he wants to be. The pure entertainer is back making people laugh and smile with his warmth once again. He's also just become a Dad, which is one part of his personal life we can shout about and celebrate. So congratulations to Owen Wilson and it sure is good to have him back. Nice guys don't always finish last.

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