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109 Minutes. Starring: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Ellie Kemper, Rob Riggle & Ice Cube. Director: Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Screenplay: Michael Bacall

If you thought this modern action/comedy based on a T.V. show that made iconic actor Johnny Depp a teen idol wasn't going to live up to the legacy and hype, then I'm afraid you're wrong. If you thought Channing Tatum couldn't lead a picture that wasn't about lost love, then again I'm sorry you're wrong. If you thought a new slimmed down, Academy nominated Jonah Hill couldn't get much funnier than 'Superbad' then...yes you got it, wrong again. This is 'Superbad' with more balls...literally.

'21 Jump Street' makes the jump from the late eighties series with avenues of hilarious lines of comedy. Tatum and Hill turn out to have even more roads of talent then originally thought. With this, his legendary 'Superbad' mainstream debut, 'Get Him To The Greek' and so many more classic comedies under his new notched down belt, despite what critics thought, losing the weight and Justin Timberlake N*Sync 'fro has done nothing to hurt the laughs coming from Hill. There is a new King of Comedy for the Weezer generation...and his name is Jonah.

Channing Tatum also shows just how versatile he is. In between making indie-hits and winning the girls over in sloppy romantic comedies, Channing also shows he has the tongue to be a mainstream comedy success. Drawing just as many laughs as his punchline perfect partner. Tatum and Hill play so well off each other that what we're left with is a surprising hilarious buddy comedy which could make best friends with even the harshest cynic. Even with Chris Pine and Tom Hardy's recent smash, these two agents of 'Jump Street' raise the stakes. 'This Means War' indeed. Let the games begin.

To reveal anything about this film would be a massive spoiler alert, so let's just say its a surprising hilarious classic comedy that more than does justice to the original and does even more to its argument to be one of the best films of the year...even if it is early 2012 days. As these two cops go back to school and the drawing board of remakes (the film brilliantly parodies itself here), they take the comedy competition to class and task. As their old school days are out, the pair greet the new school generation with little glee, but make their mark, singing, dancing and free-basing.

There is hilarious support from Brie Larson, James' talented younger brother Dave Franco, (OK we ruined that one, but it isn't hard to tell) Ellie Kemper, the rib-tickling Rob Riggle and Ice Cube who slams a stereotype with some foot to the floor, formidable funny moments. Also from hallucinations to staged fights and sensationally silly set-pieces this is one entertaining coast through education. With pleasant and unpredictable surprises too, that we can't reveal too much into this is one refreshing modern movie. Someone spiked the punch and everything tastes better for it. Now we can't wait for when this street jumps to '22'. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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