Wednesday, 11 April 2012



Worth A Salute.

Starring: Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker, Tadanobu Asano, Rihanna & Liam Neeson. Director: Peter Berg. Screenplay: Jon Hoeber &Erich Hoeber

Type in the co-ordinates '09' and '04' and what you'll get is the date of the release of the guilty pleasure movie of the year in a great 2012-so far-of pleasant surprises from 'Contraband' to '21 Jump Street'. If you thought 'Battleship' would sink without a trace, guess again. You're in for a surprise like the films genre change from the old, classic Hasbro game. This ones off the boards. The best thing to happen to this pen and pencil game since the revolution of electronics.

It's a new, video game world from the board game world and its led by the type of studios that make big, bold, loud and sometimes too proud blockbuster like 'Transformers' and its clear hear some of the slow motion, sunset Michael Bay shine has rubbed off here. Sure this movies popcorn, cornball, cheesy and even more cliches, but this makes for an ideal leave your brain at the door, entertaining yarn. Weaving great action with sublime special effects and a great, gratifying element of not taking itself too seriously. You'd think this film would be hard to swallow, but aside from a bit of an aftertaste its actually quite refreshing.

Mixing some new flavours helps too. Pop princess Rihanna shows she's been taking acting notes too with a good performance. While Taylor Kitsch fires back after being hit with some damage to his stock on the blockbuster flop of 'John Carter' (which actually wasn't bad at all and should have been the first real blockbuster of 2012...coincidentally this might be) by leading well, showing the 'Gambit' charisma we bet on in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' and also giving us guys the best, most hilarious way to get a girls attention (let's just say 'Chicken Burrito') making for the best introduction ever.

Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker and Tadanobu Asano also round out a real nice and likable cast. If you need anymore certification, how about some from the best. Sure Liam Neeson seems to be in everything these days (sometimes making every film in a roll of trailers) but its rare that the new Samuel L. Jackson does rubbish, and in a smaller but by no means throw away performance the 'Taken' star doesn't give away his credibility.

Its all good, minus a few subtractions, but divide yourself from that an add some approved appreciation for IMAX over 3D refusal and some real respect for the old navy vets and tradition and even more of a clever homage to the original game that inspired this flick and what you have is a multiplying picture. Your body language will do the maths from unfolding your arms to raising your eyebrows in pleasant surprise. Sure like any 'Battleship' this is hit and miss, but with comic relief and iron tight, war machine action this movie is something to marvel at. Don't let this ship pass you by. This old game with some new rules just got a hook, line and sunk your cynicism. Gotcha...BOOM! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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