Friday, 14 September 2012


With 'The Avengers' assembling this week our 'DVD Rack' special looks at the origin films of this Marvel series.

IRON MAN: Let's take a look back to where it all started. With his charisma and charm Robert Downey Jnr breathed new life into the 'Avengers' superhero genre with Gwyneth Paltrow by his faithful side. Hilarious and thrilling, the graphics and the action where sublime thanks to Jon Faverau's direction (he'll be missed). Speaking of those missed by the franchise Terrence Howard raised his and the films stock (although Don Cheadle got his 'next time baby'). While fan favourite and all time nice guy Jeff Bridges (dude where's your hair?) made a surprisingly sinister, coldly convincing villain. Like AC/DC on the score this heavy metal rocked!

IRON MAN 2: How about some more metal from Tony Stark? Jon Faverau may not be on board for 'Iron Man 3' and Terrence Howard may have been replaced but this sequel proved that the 'Iron Man' franchise was still working, even with a little tinkering. Robert Downey Jnr brought his usual effortless charm and humor as he helped lift this superhero off the ground one more time. Ironman got an even better villain this time with Mickey Rourke playing the menacing Whiplash. As for Tony Starks sidekick, Don Cheadle filled in quite nicely as Lieutenant Rhodes and once he supped up that War Machine suit 'Iron Man 2' brought an artillery of action. An army of A listers filled out the cast from the cheesily charismatic villain of Sam Rockwell to Scarlett Johansson and that brilliant costume department. With another hilarious Stan Lee cameo and another 'Avengers' preview, Iron Man showed he was the king of the Marvel franchise.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK: You WILL like Edward Norton when he's angry! Ripping the Eric Bana, Bruce Banner shirt off before handing it down to Mark Ruffalo, Norton does an incredible job as the Hulk. In a mean and moody performance he casts a green light on the character for others to be envious about. Only Ruffalo has managed to be meaner and greater. With support from the brilliant and beautiful Liv Tyler and the sinister and sublime Tim Roth this movie is a beast. Growling proud the finale fight is incredible and gives a nod to the now closed but legendary iconic 'Sam Record's' store in Toronto, Canada. Timeless. After Iron Man helped The Avengers take off, The Hulk helped the rebooted franchise roar on.

THOR: It doesn't get much bolder and brilliant then this. Chris Hemsworth really put the hammer down as 'Thor' with a meaty performance. Joining legend Anthony Hopkins and the classically trained Tom Hiddleston the battle for who would be king and their fathers most favoured is hammed up to the max and what a bold blockbuster this is with plenty of bravado. With awesome action, genuine gags and a bit of Natalie Portman what else could you ask for? It's '300' on steroids with a Flash like Gordon between realms and worlds. It be arguably the funnest of all the Avengers adventures. BAWDY!

CAPTAIN AMERICA-THE FIRST AVENGER: The first Marvel superhero made for the final original Avangers movie before they all assembled for the ensemble picture released this week. Chris Evans gave a leading performance with charm and courage. In this perfectly placed, somewhat period piece our Captain shielded the notion that Captain America is an outdated or corny character, Evans helped swing the part to the modern day with class, With legends Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving and Stanley Tucci and the irresistible Hayley Atwell behind him. This picture armed itself with a battalion of talent. Dark and moody in parts but uplifting and inspirational in others, this is the perfect soldier for honouring the brave and best. Salute! TIM DAVID HARVEY.


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