Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Half Of 7/5

The 'Madnificent' Seven.

130 Mins. Starring: Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken & Woody Harrellson. Director: Michael McDonagh.

Here are 7 reasons why you should watch 'Seven Psychopaths'...

1. 'In Bruges' director Michael McDonagh is back and following his bold and beautiful first picture comes another brilliant and bruising big-name, no blockbuster 'bollocks' after Bruges. The directors second film is dark but delightful and crass but courageous, sinister but sympathetic, unsettlingly sick in parts but unquestionably sincere in others.

2. Once again our 'In Bruges' tour guide brings Colin Farrell along for his next trip and the star whose had a big year remodeling himself while remaking 'Total Rekall' is still on top of the A-Game he had when he last teamed up as part of this next great actor/director partnership. Just like the classic 'Bruges' showed a deeper side then his standout, scene stealing start in the Speilberg, Sci-Fi blockbuster 'Minority Report', 'Psychopaths' shows a more edgier side then science fiction smash 'Rekall'. Playing an alcoholic, writers block struggling screenwriter our boy provides a tried and tested idea, and an experienced one with an originality that is neither patronizing or condescending. Instead it's courageous and perfect.

3. Woody Harrellson is having an even bigger year then Farrell, with his tour of the latest 'L.O.T.R.' and 'Harry Potter' page turner in 'The Hunger Games' franchise, to go along with his independent hit 'Rampart'. Just like the roles he's been building up over the years, Woody is showing us just how great he really is good or bad. Playing a 'Natural Born Killer' Harrellson shows us his sinister side over his 'Cheers' Woody sweetness. Still you can raise your glass to a ying/yang acor who is just as great at either side of the coin and in playing a mobster who flips between callous and crying over his lost puppy is truly hilarious.

4. Sam Rockwell is another versatile actor with more range then people give him credit for. From the slick (see 'Iron Man 2') to the sick (look away during 'The Green Mile') making him the perfect hit for the man that ties this whole piece together. In an all-star affair he stands out and fits in all at the same time, without cheating or cheapening the story. Darkly humorous and lightly heartfelt this dog thief steals the show. With a bite just as brave as his bravado barking it's great to see Rockwell's crazy talent let off the leash once again.

5. It doesn't get much crazier then Christopher Walken. Crazy, amazing that is. From his facial expressions to his delivery from the dead-pan to the dead-serious, Walken kills it yet again with a chilling and thrilling performance that's also rib-tickling and heart string tweaking. Just look at his moving bedside vigils or how he reacts at gun-point for further reason to his rhythm. Some think one flew over this guys cuckoo nest a long time ago, but if you can't see how together this legend is then you really are insane. Or in need of help. Guess what? I've got a fever...and the only prescription is more Walken.

6. If you need anymore then this cast is vast from 007 girls to Abbie Cornish and some rising talents to the legend and avenging cameo star of the year, Harry Dean Stanton. The cutest Chit-Zu dog and the bunny carried by legendary singer/songwriter/actor Tom Waits brings this movie to a perfect boil with simmering talent throughout. Everyone involved walks their own way without tripping each other up and what we have is a clear winner for best off-beat film of the year. 'Seven Psychopaths' is the craziest.

7. The idea itself (no not this article idea, but the fresh idea of this picture that inspired a different take of a review) is greatest of all and is played out to a punctuated perfection. Set in L.A. but taking shots at Hollywood's violent ways, while scripting and showing us just how much of a contradiction films that try and claim to be 'different' really are. How refreshing. Call me crazy but this is something else. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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