Monday, 11 February 2013


Fuzzy Feeling.

Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, James Franco & John Malkovich. Director: Jonathan Levine.

I REALLY LIKED THIS MOVIE! There I said it. This is THE valentines movie for you love suckers. If you think the zombie genre has been done to undeath, enough to make you want to eat your brains then you'd be right. Still, this is one refreshing take on the theme to put some colour back into the pale, overdone world of the non-living. With a great story, feel and meaning 'Warm Bodies', really is warm and looks set to be the next 'Scott Pilgrim' cult classic.

If you liked 'Zombieland' then wait until you get your teeth into the mind of this one. Arguably as funny, but with way more heart, this is one of those films that you go see because you think it looks better then it may actually be, but you end up coming out of the cinema even more pleaseantly surprised and glad you didn't pass this film up for DVD and T.V. You need to see how good this is now. This is THE surprise hit of the year, that swings further in a world of cinema strike outs. You actually get more than your overpriced moneys worth. This isn't just about getting so wrapped up in the trailers and latest Kevin Bacon advert that you don't remember or care what your actually watching. This is something to enjoy right this moment.

It's about a boy. Nicholas Hoult to be exact, who after 'X-Men' and more really is bringing his first class acting, even if most of it involves stumbling around and mumbling like an akward teenager...albeit perfectly done. Hoult has come of age now and honed his American accent. From a dry and hilarious narration beginning, to the truest example of character development, Hoult gives what could have been just another zombie comedy with a bit of cheese it's heart and soul. Alongside Teresa Palmer he really makes a great pairing as the two couple up perfectly for quite possibly one of the weirdest romantic comedies ever. For the younger generation, it's quite possibly one of the best too.

What could have been an apocalypse turns out to be a revolution...and there's a plot too. It's more than gags and teeth. Still, to give away anything about this clever, fresh plot would be to ruin the very nature of the pleasant difference this film makes. So like most reviews do, we won't. Let's just put it in lamens terms. There a boy, there's a girl, he's a zombie, she's not. Anything else would spoil the good time your about to have in the cinema. You shouldn't even watch the trailer. Just go in blind and after the hook of the first scene, you'll see what I mean.

There's great support from James little brother Dave Franco (who's really playing up to his elder, now wouldn't it be great to see them both in something?), 'Hot Tub Time Machine' favorite with  Rob Corddry added feeling, 'Crazy, Stupid Loves' Analeigh Tipton and the ever weird and wonderful John Malkovich. This being ever weird and wonderful too in all it's strange days of a land of zombies. The soundtrack too is a must have for you indie darlings. From the unrecognisable must-haves to classics from Springsteen, Dylan and Bon Iver. There's no creature fear here. Just a great story with more than meets the vacant eyes. Just give it a chance. Zombies are people too...even if they are people walking around all hunched over, muttering and bumping into people.'ve been on worse dates. Don't sleep. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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