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Thortunate Sons.


Fan girls assemble! This ones for you. Now who in the D.C. universe or all of the comic book world can we marvel at to super best the cockiness of Robert Downey Jnr's, Tony Stark's Iron Man, the American symbol of Captain America's shield or the incredible green, mean machine monster that is the Hulk? Hawkeye!? Come on now and no not Batman but two of the biggest superhero stars and actors of the moment in all films, let alone cult comic book characters. Back when RDJ's Iron Man started the Avenger assembling in 2008, Marvel wasn't sure how to follow their X-Men rivalling, popular franchise of individual characters and crew. The Captain had to hold on deck in the waiting room with Dr. Banner as Marvel's next foray was the surprise smash hit of 'Thor'. Now that all the Marvel heroes have come together and defeated everyone including the D.C., Batman and Superman led Justice League (for now, show them what you've got Ben) and Phase 2 has begun with the concluding of an Iron Man trilogy story arc (reactor) and a brand new popular, primetime Caulson led T.V. series ('Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D'), it's only right that to conclude the fall before next years Cap of 'The Winter Soldier', Marvel will strike with another lightening bolt in 'Thor-The Dark World'.

As brilliant as the complete cast and crew of 'Thor' was it was all about the new Hollywood pin-ups that along with Benedict 'I'm In Everything' Cumberbatch can rival the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and co as the new popular and best actors in the world. It wasn't the Oscar star presence and love interest of Natalie Portman, or legend Anthony Hopkins as the great Odin. It wasn't even the dry humor of 'Luther' star Idris Elba (where so glad the British star who almost got both 'Doctor Who' and 'Bond' is back for the sequel), or the bold, theatric direction of 'bard Kenneth Branagh (who unfortunatly isn't back, but is replaced by immensely popular 'Game Of Thrones' director Alan Taylor for a 'game of realms' experience). It was the classic hero versus villain theme of modern day movies (especially superhero ones) with a sibling rivalry twist. As Hopkins Odin made the choice between his two sons for who would hold the hammer and the kingdom of Asgard, Chris Hemsworth's Thor and brother Loki played by Tom Hiddleston portrayed this conflict of interests and emotions perfectly for a real, well acted piece of Shakespeare in the park, even if it did look like they where wearing their mothers drapes.

Hiddleston's Loki especially proved that in this Joker, Bane, Khan, Bond villain day and super age you can really root for the bad-guy no matter how much you love the good. As Loki and Thor wrestled over the hammer and the forces of good and evil, fans debated to who was better, acting wise and pin-up popularity wise. This dichotomy was great for Thor's story, hype and critical and commercial reception. No wonder that when the Avengers finally assembled last year for the ultimate superhero picture Loki was chosen as villain. With so many popular superheroes in the Marvel avenger universe with some to spare (if only the amazing Spider Man and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine had the right), Stan Lee and co needed to find the perfect villain. Especially as all of the best villains belong in the D.C. Universe (even if they are all in Batman). Growing his hair, manning up from some of those childish rants and showing a new trend for glass prison, arresting confrontations (the only man to possibly beat out and throw around (apart from the Hulk) Hiddleston to every part and heart is fellow classically trained 'War Horse' star Cumberbatch who opened up this theme as Khan in this years dark 'Star Trek') for all you mewling quims. As Hiddleston showed his bad guy was just as favourable as the classic Avengers he took over the world as well as New York.

His brotherly battles with Chris Hemsworths Thor made for some of the films best emotional and physical moments, story strands and schemes in a theme filled collaboration piece of Whedon well worked cinema. Thor's lightening Avenger entrance on top of a S.H.I.E.L.D ship is as inspired as Loki's sweat soaked, septre start of the blockbuster movie and as for the forest confrontation that comes after...WOW! These guys are basically God's, to this Marvel world and all it's fans and followers. The sibling rivalry is really a lot more than some dinner table confrontation over who should pass the salt. These guys pass the 'Bard bar with humour, depth and a lot of brilliant over-acting, because sure films about guys with hammers falling out of the not so subtle skies are silly, but oh do we love them. Now that the Avengers have disbanded for the moment (it's going to be hard to top Loki in the Avengers sequel, even with James Spader or Vin Diesel), the God of thunder is resposnible for holding the torch and hammer for the moment and just when you thought Thor couldnt get any better the trailer came along and with a few words sent frost giant shivers down everyones spines. "After all this time, you come to visit me now brother...WHY?!" As Hiddleston's Loki voice gifts the trailer for the biggest and best surprise, fans everywhere where as excited as the comic-con ones who got to see Hiddleston in full reaglier, mocking them like the quims they loved being called. Now as the man who believes he is the righful king goes from villain to sidekick you know this will be no Batman and Robin affair.

'The Dark World' looks to be the sequel Thor deserves, looking like a big, bold and beautiful bifrost trip across realms. Still, yet again it will be the relationship (or lack of) between the brothers and sons of Odin that will make this movie more than just another exciting and entertaining big-budget blockbuster of effects and thunderbolts of lightening. As Thor reluctantly admits to the brother he still loves (even if he calls him adopted) that he needs his help, you know this sequel will return us to the superb and sublime parallel, good and bad partnership that defined the first movie and Avengers legacy. The sight of Loki in a glass prison yet again will assemble fan-girls and boys to theatres by the realms. Especially when seeing Loki throw chairs at the wall like a man force possessed is certainly an upgrade from his shaggy haired Sideshow Bob look, as is his "if you did (trust me), you'd be the fool I always took you for" statement of idle threat over his "when do we start" acceptance of their alingnment. It's clear the actor with BBC and theatre experience is about to add even more classic credits to that incredible resume. The scripts aren't just piling up along with the fans love letters for the British intelligence of Hiddleston however. In this kingdom, the Aussie still rules and reigns supreme.

It's hammer time and nailing quite a career already, it's clear Chris Hemsworth is the future of films and we aren't talking about if Keanu Reeves wants a 'Point Break' remake. Hemsworth whose emotionally charged cameo as Kirk's dad in the new 'Star Trek' really began the franchise reboot with a bold bang of tears and heart is having a career couple of months, let alone year. The man who gave Snow White a dark Huntsman (and will return his character for his own film soon, sorry Bella) is having another double celebration year in 2013. His injection of James Hunt charisma and his own charm in the 'Thormula One' of Ron Howard's 'Rush' has made for one of the best films this year in an epic race of superheroes and science-fiction. In the ultimate fan-girl fantasy, if you cacth 'Rush' at the cinemas, you'll likely see a 'Thor 2' trailer right before and between the Bacon. Just like Hemsworth was Rose Byrne two years ago, this Australian is owning the "Hollywood" movie world. Now with a hammer in hand and a brother in arms he's set to ignite the pages of another comic book classic and answer any critic out for this God's head. The only question remains, which realm will Stan Lee cameo in? Which ever one you can count on these two brothers to continue the legacy of this Marvel family for years and years and realms and realms, as fans scream "another" like Thor drinking tea.

As these Avenger films look to be the new Bond's, decades from now we'll have a new Tony Stark or God of thunder, reboot or not. Even Hugh Jackman won't be able to defy age for long. Still, when this happens-just like those calling time on anyone who dares to follow Christian Bale Bat steps-it'll be the hardest task to top the Thor and Loki portrayed by good friends come brothers in Hemswoth and Hiddleston. Their characters relationship has given this Marvel franchise more depth and distinction amongst the rest. Recharging the comic-book redemption in a rebooted age. Just when Marvel fans thought it was all about the Bat, or at least the man in a can, these two ridiculously dressed thespians proved there was more to superhero films than big-budgest and secret, billionaire identities. Out of this world and realm the Thor films have showed the Marvel world and the D.C. universe that the Superman rivals have done themselves just justice with leagues and leagues of heroes and that one of a kind villain who is arguably the greatest and most popular bad-guy since the late, great Heath Ledger's legendary redefining Joker. Holding all the cards, Marvel look to play their strongest hand with a pair of kings for the next roll of phase two's dice. As for Chris and Tom, expect 'The Dark World' to light up their ignited careers even more. Now do you look to be in a gaming mood?

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