Wednesday, 12 February 2014


No time to read a full review in this digital age? Here's another new mini, popcorn bite-sized review for your fill.

What do you get if you take Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman to Las Vegas? No not 'Geriatric Hangover' but the pun-perfect 'Last Vegas' in each joke pitched and played in this Sin City winner. The gangster, Wall Street trader, runaway groom and the voice are all legends in their own right but here they combine to give the out of this world 'Space Cowboys' and leather strong 'Wild Hogs' a run for their Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Travolta and Tim Allen old buddy-comedy chips. With some unforgettable hilarious moments and unbeatable warm fun, family feeling film fondness this is your DVD favourite for the future that shows these old legends can still rock like the Rolling Stones. Crashing 50 Cent's party and featuring a member of LMFAO literally in the legendary gangster De Niro's face too they show there's still ice in this old scotch. It's a celebration! Cheers to them! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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