Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Our new 'Focus Future Features' begins with a look at Chadwick Boseman.

This Mans World.

Good God! Who is this kid? He looks familiar, but trust me you aint seen anyone like him before. He kind of sounds like he's from Georgia, but he's Brooklyn to the bone. Not only does he act, whilst writing plays and scripts he also flips his own one to the letter. He's also pretty handy at baseball and singing. Get the funk out of here, you say right? But seriously this guy hits it out the park! And when he isn't doing all of this...well he's quite simply just saving the world as we know it.

Harrison Ford told this young man as he stepped up to the plate that he wanted him to show everybody that he had the guts to "NOT fight back"! Now the rest is history. Racial, sport, music, movie and personal history. After moonlighting on popular T.V. shows like 'E.R.' and 'Third Watch', whilst starring in football films, Chadwick Boseman had his 'Draft Day' last year with his spot in '42'. Playing legendary Brooklyn Dodgers baseball player and iconic figure in African-American history, Jackie Robinson, Boseman displayed more than just humble and honest grace and greatness in his first, full-length, first and foremost feature. One in particular scene where Boseman's Robinson takes out the vile racist abuse he's given verbally on the field, physically with a baseball bat onto a wall in the tunnel is acting at its most influential and inspired from the restrained tears and screams of rage. With this moneyball swing, he struck out at our hearts and showed us he was the man. Not just to play Robinson, but to be the new Jack actor in this Academy acting game and class.

Following that perfect performance, Chadwick worked his lips like chapstick, getting behind the microphone as he transcended the crossover entertainment industries. This new bag ready to make Papa proud showed us how to 'Get On Up' on a perfect portrayal of late, legendary soul singer James Brown. With Oscar whispering 'Best Actor', this gold standard could prove to be a better music biopic than 'Ray'. Your new character chameleon is here. Even Jamie Foxx who is set to play both Martin Luther King Jnr and Mike Tyson might want to worry. The new power player in brilliant biopics is here and his name is Boseman. From the funky style to the soulful swagger and trademark gravel drawl and signature singing voice, Bose' has Brown down from the Little Richard hair to the Elvis shoes. Just look at him ageing and reacting to letting a shotgun off. Good God indeed!

Playing off his own song sheet, you don't have to note this guy off as the future. He's right now. Now Marvel comics movie studio network of epic entertainment has picked him up. After their incredible year, headed off by 'Captain America-The Winter Soldier', the franchise known for finding new faces (see Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston) and knowing which rising stars shine brightest (like Anthony Mackie and Dane DeHaan) have made a play for your Jackie Robinson and James Brown. Joining Captain America's third outing and his 'Civil War' with Iron Man in this age after 'Ultron' will be the legendary Black Panther character of the cult comics. In a trilogy of superheroes and alongside, similar, soaring actor Anthony Mackie's Falcon, Boseman's Panther even has its claws in its own solo movie. Chadwick even beat out the legendary likes of 'The Equalizer', Denzel Washington for this role. Still to those thinking the sixty-something legend is too old anyway, perhaps they should see him play the Black Panthers father and original that would be perfect. Purring away like the career of this young thirty-something stud, three huge films in and so much more to come. Like an acting machine, God almighty knows this big hitter is a superstar to marvel at. The pride of the panther is strong. It'll never fade to black. Feel good? TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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