Sunday, 15 February 2015



Love App-tually

Browsing through the perfect movie to watch on Valentines weekend and we find this gorgeous gem. Albeit later than a bad case of buffering hour glass...that's computers from the 90's for you tech geeks! The perfect film to watch with her on your special day is 'her', from 'Being John Malkovich', maverick, dilated director Spike Jonze who has recently been jonesin' blink and you'll miss them cameos in big hitters and money makers 'Moneyball' and 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' movies. Here he brings along Academy acclaimed, current star of 'Inherent Vice' Joaquin Phoenix, a genius actor who has risen from the blunt ashes of a critically perceived mid-career crisis. Still here though and very much in this life our lead is looking for love in this digital and social media saturated age. Despite being surrounded by a bevvy of beauties in ex-beau Rooney Mara, big date night Olivia Wilde and bestie Amy Adams. Even having Star-Lord as his wingman isn't helping, although the out of this galaxy Chris Pratt is looking more like starter-overloader than 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' quest saviour. What makes it more inspiringly ironic is that Phoenix's budding career, day job is writing love letters for other couples. Lets give it up for him. Time to bury your face in the phone again. I mean how do you think I'm writing this?! I wonder if SIRI is busy this evening? Because I've got the perfect matchmake! When Joaquin tells you his latest date is an operating system you may laugh. But O.S.G. when its voiced by Scarlett Johansson you wont, on a tear of a career year 'Under The Skin' with this and her Black Widow, Avenger bite of 'Captain America-The Winter Soldier'. Its all digitally beautiful, set between an even more futuristic Los Angeles meets Shanghai...take that San Fransokyo. In this app, apt, Android age this smart film takes swipes at internet dating in this search engine manifested look for love. Accept this one. SIRI-ously good! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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