Monday, 23 March 2015



The Big Boov Theory.

'Home' is where the heartwarming is in this new comedy animation from the Dreamworks team that trains dragons. The fires clearly not out as this big picture could be one of the best animations of the year. Taking us 'Home' with their voice acting are two of the most popular people in the entertainment world on this whole, wide planet. Unstoppable pop megastar Rihanna gets her first leading big break after sinking big roles in movies like 'Battleship' and she's perfect here as Tip. Showing she's got more vocal range than providing the charts with a constant rotation of her R&B, pop infused, dancehall sound. Fans won't miss her music here however as it provides the soundtrack of this set. Still its the iconic voice of Jim Parsons, sounding like Yoda drunk off Kool-Aid that really sings here as Oh. A Boov alien that is cuter than a million minions and the biggest hero this side of 6. 'The Big Bang Theory', cult, geek idol supernova finally shows he has more "Bazinga's" up his sleeve than his Sheldon Cooper muse. Now after admitting that he'd like to play The Riddler in a new Batman movie, there is no question that this perfectly peculiar power player that runs with a Flash t-shirt should be in D.C's future Marvel matching plans. Besides the small screen legend is an expert at this and the big draw of this big picture that even matches these young stars with some classic counterparts in the voices of Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin. This fun family film is hilarious and full of heart. Its exactly what you need if you feel like the one person at the party sitting down, not wanting to dance. You're about to throw your hands in the air like you just don't care! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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