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The Last Waltz?

148 Minutes. Starring: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Dave Bautista, Monica Bellucci & Ralph Fiennes. Director: Sam Mendes.

Hold the Martini for Idris Elba, because all rounds are still on Daniel Craig. As for right now there is only one Bond. 007, James Bond has returned in 'Spectre' and it's a spirited affair. Like an awakening force of Winter blockbusters after a dinosaur and Marvel machine hot Summer that's even showing 'Star Wars' that Bond, not Han shoots first. Shake one part of the best Bond since Sean Connery and stir in some Waltz, then if this really is the last dance for our leading man you're going to want to memorize every step. From the inspired intro of artistic aesthetics harmonized by Sam Smith's Adele following, epic theme song the writing really is on the wall in drawing through the barrel, dripping red blood. The melody of parts of Craig's list of Bond films flows like Martini off the rocks. From the opening deal of the classic hand in 'Casino Royale' to the chips down ultraviolence of 'Quantum Of Solace', all the way to the best of British pride 2012 year of the London Olympics, Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee and the 50th year of Bond that culminated with the sensational 'Skyfall'. Going by the book these stories would make the author of all of double-0-sevens pain Ian Fleming proud. Now with Sam Mendes' directorial license and his killer assassin spy Craig going by the name Bond...James Bond one more time, 'Spectre' looks to be spectacular down the scope of what could be the final gun drawn.


Day of the Dead? Is it here? This may just be the reckoning...but don't count on it just yet and don't count out Craig...just count on him. Because from the stand-off in Mexico City's busiest day of it's carnival calendar, Daniel is alive with exuberance, enthusiasm and all that's effortless and cool too in an all-action hero that doesn't have to worry about breaking a sweat...so long as the tie on his suit isn't crooked. From chopper crowded, claustrophobic action reminiscent of the 'Da Vinci Code' to Austrian snow-fall aerial assaults, skiing through the slopes and harking back to classic Bond blockbusters, James is back. From magnificent Morocco all the way home in foggy old London town which is today a forever classic with a modern twist just like it's most famous agent. Who really keeps this apace and alit in todays changing times all the way to a Fawkes hot, big smoke, formidable finale on Westminster Bridge that could even bring down the Houses of Parliament like some guy that tried. This man however has plenty of British Intelligence behind him (the only thing missing is American Jeffrey Wright's formidable Felix feline again for you cats) at MI:5 too for a 'Kingsman' year of 'Secret Service' movies that even busts the blocks of the MI:5 of Tom Cruise's 'Rogue Nation', summer smash. Forget another 'Spy' spoof. 'Mission Impossible'? Nah not with this stellar service. The secrets out. From the intelligence of  'Paddington Bear's' Ben Whishaw's Q, who really is the marmalade with his gorgeous, old-school gadget show to Ralph Fiennes' maverick M maestro stepping in for the dearly departed Judi Dench character. As time goes by more Bond girls show they are more than just the stereotypical bras and blouses and Miss Moneypenny is worthy of that crowning. Naomie Harris is on the pound sterling yet again as Bond's greatest and most underrated ally by his side. The perfect partner who doesn't have to Bond breaks heart again by putting a hole through his chest again. She does more than take her bloody shot. Than quite possibly the longest Bond movie in history is joined by the oldest Bond girl in history, but that shouldn't matter or even be an issue. Monica Bellucci is a girl on fire here and would be this films femme fatale if it wasn't for Lea Seydoux, who we've previously spied as a villain in 'Mission Impossible's 'Ghost Protocol'. Going from the Givency and Chanel of old Bond-esque perfume commercials, to the scent of a commercial star of a movie that's beyond all that and its hallmark opening credits. Catching Vesper vapors, Seydoux is sensational as a top billing actress. Expect more to follow lady Lea's lead.

Bond wouldn't be Bond without his baddie however and this could be as good...or as great...or even as bad as it gets. The weeping eye madness of 'Hannibal' Mads Mikkelsen really set the table and perspiring tone for this game, but after the camped up cruel classic of 'No Country For Old Men' versatile villain Javier Bardem the question is how do you top an adversary as amazing as the gold haired Silva? The answer is with two-time Oscar winning 'Inglorious Basterds' hunter and 'Django Unchained' hit-man Christoph Waltz dancing with his destiny to be one of the best Bond bad guys of all-time. It isn't just Tarantino who brings the best out of Christoph, Mendes helps Waltz mesmerize from everything he says to the accented way of everything he does. Even when he picks lint off his jacket it looks as callously conning as it does charmingly compelling. Say hello like 'Scarface' to the bad guy that you love to root for as much as you hate to hate. But from all the eagerly awaited buzz to all the highly anticipated rumors is this man truly a classic Bond villain? That's for your eyes only. You'll just have to see for yourself. Just like you'll wrestle with the idea that Dave Bautisa's hallmark henchmen has shades of both Odd-Job and Jaws. But with all these international men of mystery here get your teeth...and nails into someone that's more than just an 'Austin Powers' random task as the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Drax is a straight, out of this world destroyer on the W.W.F's star movie careers Volume 2. Still from Russia with love, on her majesty's secret service, Daniel Craig's Bond comes in like a Thunderball with the living daylights to die another day. They say you only live twice, but the iconic Daniel is forever with his legendary legacy that will never die like tomorrow. Raising eyebrows like Roger Moore, laughs like Lazenby and with the suave and scuffs of Brosnan and Dalton, Craig even has that Connery charm. Now next rounds on who? Live and let live, the view for the next Bond may look to Elba, but right now his kill license is a provisional. Before the Martini is slid across the bar lets raise a glass and toast one brilliant 007. 'Spectre' is a spectacle and it's all because of Craig. Now how about another...again? Never say never!  TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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