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World War 2.5

147 Minutes. Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany, Paul Rudd, Chadwick Boseman, Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Holland, Emily VanCamp, Martin Freeman, Frank Grillo, Marisa Tomei, John Slattery, Daniel Bruhl & William Hurt. Directors: Anthony & Joe Russo.

Winter is done. It's time for war! As Marvel soldier on the summer has finally come. Amongst all the 'Resurgence' of 'Independence Day', 'Star Trek', 'Ghostbusters', 'Jason Bourne' and the Fox 'Apocalypse' of 'X-Men' blockbusters joining the first quarter/fourth wall breaking 'Deadpool', the biggest film of the year is finally here. 'Captain America: Civil War'. Choose a side. Team Cap or Team Iron Man?! Because this is a fight the critically down, but not commercially out 'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice' started. A film seconds out from being off screen, featuring D.C. Comics two champs that actually hits harder than those that didn't take refuse to concede. Besides according to the powers that be this Marvel Contest Of Champions wouldn't have even had the bell rung if it wasn't for the God Among Us that are still facing an Injustice. Now with Bats and his Detective Comics Co living and dying by the shelved 'Sinister Six' inspired 'Suicide Squad' movie were they hope Jared Leto's killer joke is not on them, Marvel have already won more than the battle and still have rounds left from Benedict Cumberbatch's cosmic 'Dr. Strange' and the bruising 'Luke Cage' Netflix series this fall. This is thanks to the punishment they and Jon Bernthal have already doled out for the dynamite/dynamic, duking out, stellar season of 'Daredevil'. Stan Lee's team needn't worry about the 'Man Of Steel' because they're too busy fighting themselves like seemingly every other caped crusader this year. That's what they mean about 'superhero fatigue' right? Now taking a public vs privatisation of world peace, loose leaf out of the comic books according to 'Civil War', the moral core and emotional dilemma of vigilante violence is put to the test once again following the repurcussions of the clunky 'Age Of Ultron'. And every Avenging Marvel will choose where they lie, from serum soldiers to Stark Tech, a couple of master assassins, some enhanced individuals, a cat and even some insects. Resulting in a caped conflict D.C. will fear. Following the political thriller events of 'The Winter Soldier', the third part of the 'Captain America' trilogy that started with the mom and apple pie war years of 'The First Avenger', may not only give us the biggest and best film of the year but also in Marvel cinematic history. Not to mention one of the all-time greatest superhero sequels and trilogies, like 'The Dark Knight' and its own trifecta. Even if this army doesn't have a Hulk...or Thor.

'Raganork' will give those Gods and monsters their chance to fight in a whole other realm however, before Marvel go out of this world like 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' and hit phase 'Infinity'. Were we hope there's even more Fury too. The directing brotherhood of Anthony and Joe Russo will handle both of those epic parts too as here they magnificently manage to spin so many party plates and pieces copacetically. And infinitly with this and the classic 'Cap 2' you know they'll be able to keep up pace even on a cosmic scale. On your left! That's because this film rooted in soldier soil and political turmoil in all it's trappings of real world mirroring corruption and catastrophe is still so exciting like 'The Winter Soldier' classic that froze out the notion of a sophomore sequel slump to the first or even 'Avengers Assemble'. From epic cat and mole chases to an aerial airport assault that really takes off and grounds every other blockbusters effects, this hand to shield combat (with action directors from 'John Wick' lending a clenched fist), really packs a wallop. Just like a stunning staircase scene thats action ascends as the actioneers descend. It may not be the dubbed 'Avengers 2.5', but Cap 3 may just be the best all-round superhero movie since 'The Dark Knight', no joke. Back in 2008 when Robert Downey Jr's Batman billionaire playboy, philantrophist 'Iron Man' was just getting (this all) started and would have made for the best movie of that year if it wasn't for dear Heath. But still do you rather side with Marvel's red, white and blue answer to Superman? In the blue corner, even with all the heroes for hire this is still the skinny kid from Brooklyn's movie. Heroic, integral and so damn polite Chris Evans is 'Captain America' like Christopher Reeve is Superman, or his foe is Stark. He's still Human Torch, fantastic hot as Steve Rogers no matter the fire he faces. He could do this all day. He carries the Shield like his best friend Bucky carries the pain and guilt of his 100 year past. And the stellar Sebastian Stan wears this criminal confliction with real conviction like that metal on his arm. He was the Terminator in the last movie but now looking for salvation this is his judgement day, running away on a motorcycle with a blatant stunt double. The Buck stops here! But don't forget about Cap's other sidekick. Anthony Mackie really soars as the Falcon getting his talons in here for this American eagle, complete with a comic inspired, drone war bird to call friend if he gets jealous of the two O.A.P. B.F.F's. Rounding out the rest of America's men (and women) is the straight shooting Hawk, Jeremy Renner letting arrows fly like hunger, arming up with his 'Hurt Locker' co-star and the wonderful witch that is Elizabeth Olsen's own shades of Scarlett. Stepping out of Quicksilvers deaths door and becoming an Avenger. Maximizing Maximoff in the wake of no longer running with the silver sprinter. But let's not forget about the little guy, because after his own 'Ant-Man' movie last year stood tall, the fondly funny, little man Paul Rudd really is one of the biggest things about this movie.

Excelsior! But what about Tony Stark's iron legion? R.D.J is back as Iron Man and he's as fun as ever, leaving you in bolts. He has one one liner for The Winter Soldier that even tops his Loki 'Reindeer Games' or Shakespeare in the park ones. But at the heart of Stark there's a character arc reactor to the fallout of the Ultron programme and much more that gives this film its emotional core and the Academy actor plays it all poignantly and powerfully perfect. The special effects C.G. team behind Michael Douglas' young Hank Pym in 'Ant-Man' also give us a look at a real Downey Jr alongside John Slattery's originator Howard Stark in loving lament. Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man like Batman is Christian Bale...or maybe Ben! Iron Man's own Cap Falcon sidekick War Machine flies like a real wingman too, with more weapons of mass destruction upgrade. Nobody right now is having the week Don Cheadle is having coming off his brutually brilliant biopic of Miles Davis. He is miles ahead of the original and outstanding Rhodey Terrence Howard and the Iron Patriot paint job that made this machine head look like the love child of Iron Man and Captain America. But with no lost here between Steve and Tony, Stark needs more power from his tech. And he has that in the android upgrade the Vision. Former J.A.R.V.I.S. in ear app Paul Bettany is at your service with a visonary turn as the synthetic hero with feeling. Here trying to wine and dine his comic book love interest and manifest himself some stay at home dad comfortable sweater and slacks too. Then there's one of this franchises most famous faces, Scarlett Johansson still at Black Widows peak, kicking ass and both sides of the conflict coin. Just like double Agent 33, played with get Carter gumption by Emily VanCamp. But how about the new recruits? After playing the funk out of James Brown in 'Get On Up' and the first African-American baseball player in Major League history, Jackie Robinson for '42', it was only the right the best new actor around, Chadwick Boseman played the first black superhero in comic book history, the Black Panther. And T'Challa really is the highness. With pure Panther power this cats got claws man...vibraniuum ones that can leave its mark on Caps shield like no one else. Soulful and noble, playing the King of Wakanda with regal dignity and grace, Boseman reaches the throne with his debut big-three of diverse but dominant boldness and integrity. Watch him! But did you catch the spider? The scene stealing Peter Parker coming out the water spout! After Sony and Marvel studios went dutch on the Spider-Man character, 19 year old Tom Holland shows us he is really amazing and superior, even leaving the great Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield wincing like incies. Flipping funny and acrobatically agile, from the seventies throwback suit to the shy/cocksure, Parker/Spidey dynamic this new web crawler that's about to hit the world wide one really is ultimate in all his homage. What a real Marvel in his homecoming! And how about the fox Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, answering all the old critics perfectly. We only have one question...can we stay for dinner? Add Frank Grillo wearing a near skull and Cross-Bones in war zones only the Punisher knows, an underused but accented Martin Freeman and 'Incredible Hulk' standout William Hurt in a commanding General presence, but sadly no red Hulk (yet?) if you were hoping at least someone got angry here. Well there's enough animosity between both sides and the powers that be to not even warrant a villain. But even so Chris Hemsworth's former 'Rush' racing opponent Daniel Bruhl (no wonder Thor's not in this movie) is brilliant as Baron Zemo...we just want to see him don the purple hood at one point. Even the purple heart of veteran Captain Rogers can't stop war and that's what makes this civil one anything but. Besides there's an even bigger one coming and more than the world is at stake. And when it all comes down to it, the one that us. And in this gauntlet we're with them to the end of the line. Oh Captain my Captain! Salute! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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