Monday, 11 July 2016



I Aint Afraid Of No Troll.

116 Minutes. Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Michael K. Williams & Chris Hemsworth. Director: Paul Feig.

Who they gonna call now? All the trolls and the critics. Hiding behind keyboards and headlines ranging from the moronic ignorant to the demonic mysoginistic. Crossing their streams and trying to put proton pack pistols to Paul Feig's 2016 'Ghostbusters' reboot starring-in their eyes-a bunch of 'Bridesmaids' before they've even seen it. Book, cover! Sexist, bastards! Because the one sci-fi blockbuster reboot decades in the making that shouldn't have happened this Summer is 'Independence Day-Resurgence'...and that starred all the original actors (except Big Willie Smith). In a slumping Summer season of sadness were even 'X-Men' films have given us a blockbuster...I think the word you're looking for is 'Apocalypse', these girls busting ghosts are a hit like last years Bond girl parody 'Spy', buddy-cop cuff 'The Heat' or anything else the director/actor power partnership of Feig and McCarthy have put their hilarious one liners too. And this is no surprise success like the 'Now You See Me 2' sequel, even if all the haters are gonna do their usual. Now they don't, won't, will wish they could! And as the original 'Ghostbusters' Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson and writers Dan Akroyd and the late, great Harold Ramis pass the Proton Packs to the outstanding Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon it's clear to see in 3D that this 80's cult hit makes for a great new milleniuum blockbuster special that will have your eyes popping like you were risen from the dead yourself. And as this girl proton power tries to revive the same from all those naysayers, arms will unfold even if some still see this movie through pooh-poohing tinted glasses and 80's Kareem goggles. For them you don't need to be afraid, just try not to slip on all the slime.

Because there isn't something strange in the neighbourhood. Just four great, hilarious actors who will have you hook, ladder and sinker when it comes to the new parapsycholgists riding around in that iconic hearse come Ecto-1 as classic as the Scooby Doo mystery machine or of course the ultimate movie car, the Batmobile. Now before you screamy bloody curdling, "what's next 'Women In Black'" (they kind of already did that with a seperate Daniel Radcliffe thing, but a Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones reboot sounds a lot better than the '21 Jump Street' crossover with 'MIB'. No matter how funny Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are) just tune into your Sixth Sense and see that this franchise isn't dead people...far from it. You couldn't replace Murray, Akroyd, Ramis and Hudson with any old guys...even if you tried. And these four ghostwomen of the apocalypse now give young girls their own heroes to look up to and play with as toys in this super comic-book age. And we all have dynamic director Paul Feig to thank. A man who knows orange jumpsuits are the new black and has always had the faith for female lead films in a still underpaid, backwards Hollywood that seems to still have the same "rights" as the time when the sign had 'land' on the end. The funny Feig isn't afraid to send up his industries ignorance too...all the way up to the Hollywood Hills. So much so he even resigns a leading man, heartthrob and Avenger, clocked out of 'Civil War' Marvel commiments to desk duty. Although Chris Hemsworth almost steals the show everytime he puts the comedy hammer down in his against stereotypes secretary for a crazy cast that features the always reliable and versatile Michael K. Williams on the other side of the wire and some classic 80's cameos like the man of that time Andy Garcia. And let's not forget legends like Slimer...and the city of New York. A character in its own right in every film featured here, especially this Fire House franchise that's a landmark in the Empire State.

Streaming through a movie whose new age, nostlagia evoking effects aren't the only epic thing about this big blockbuster even more however are a fantastic four set to light up New York like a Times Square, human torch at New Year. Stream on (No...we're not talking about you downloading this!)! If you think between DiCaprio and Damon-or The Rock and a Hart place when it comes to comedy-most men are the most marketable in this movie industry then you'd be wrong. As ever since her 'Bridesmaids' debut Melissa McCarthy has been the bride of any major movie she's been in...or should we say 'The Boss'?! She spied out an even bigger break of laughter last year with Feig, but now rocking the Harold Ramis, Buddy Holly glasses in honor she's a real sensation in this special effects spectacle. Not just for how she's as effortlessly, breathlessly funny as a rack of tickled ribs, but also in how she can Lennon and McCartney....or should we say Ramis and Akroyd lead a movie. Because here she plays it anything but safe alongside Kristen Wiig the fellow queen of comedy, albeit with a more soulful, dramatic edge sharing the throne like two fire breathing dragons crossing flames. Wiig wears this Ghostbusters uniform and franchise with Weaver wonder. From 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty' to 'The Martian' she's been starring in all sorts of movies since her mainstream moment down the aisle. But now she seems to be in matrimony with renewing former franchises. First fashioning 'Zoolander No. 2' this year and now being the spirit of this concrete jungle. Still it's two of her former 'Saturday Night' cohorts and new teammates that are as live as N.Y.C. on the weekend here in Manhattan. When Leslie Jones was growing up she told her dad she wanted to be Eddie Murphy. Well...right now she's funnier and soon kids will be telling their parents they want to be her. Slamming all sorts of stereotypes and playing into our funny bones, not our hands. Give this stand up a round of applause this jester has made all the jeerers sit down. But still when it comes to the one reaching for the most gags and digging deep to the guts for that belly laugh, Kate McKinnon has the longest arms. She's dungaree crazy good with the madcap charisma to match. A lightning bolt of proton power charging up this rebooted franchies first film off her effervescent energy. Never has anyone so definitively dry been this inspiringly inoffensive...unless your names Justin Bieber that is. Beliebe that! 'Sorry'! You really want some refreshing comedy than maybe it's time to stop listening to the same lame tired joke and be woke up by something as off the wall as it is offbeat. Kate's great when she impersonates the likes of Hilary Clinton (oh and for the record one of the most vocal detractors of this all-women reboot...Donald Trump. Just saying if we're all here to make passive aggressive points) and Ellen, but like all advice tells you she's the best when being herself. Just like this faboulous foursome as awesome as overcoming all the odds from this cynics picnic. For those who can't believe it's 2016 and we're still going through all this mess we need a movie exactly like this. Not just in the name of feminism, but funny heroism. Gender should have never been an issue, but now it's been made one we know who's won the war. Call on them. Trollbusters! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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