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When this film rises, it shines.

12A, 107 Minutes. Starring: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton & Jeff Goldblum. Director: Roger Michell. Screenplay: Aline Brosh McKenna

So what's the story with this 'Morning Glory'? Well, what do you want from an early morning television show? Do you want entertainment, fun and public interest? This is what 'Daybreak', the fictional, floundering, flagship morning show of television network, 'IBS' in the new feature film 'Morning Glory' is missing. It's time for 'Daybreak' to wake up before this show is put to bed, for good.

So what does a receding television show need? Rejuvenation? A young, fresh approach maybe? Well this comes in the great form of Rachel McAdams, who in this film is the executive producer upstart given the reigns of 'Daybreak' by boss Jeff Goldblum. She and the show have one last shot to make it big. McAdams leads perfectly in this movie, being the pick me up that this plot needs. Now that really is a wake up call.

It's clear there are more ups and downs for 'Daybreak' then a lazy Sunday afternoon. When you have the talents of Diane Keaton on your show but you are in need of a co-host, (after Ty Burell's character get's fired after a hilarious cameo, back to the 'Modern Family' hey Ty?) who do you call? Well why not the classy, legendary presence of Harrison Ford? Sure his anchor and Keaton's may not get on in this picture but that just makes for great television, banter and dialogue for this movie. Sure this brew of talent may not be everyones cup of tea, but everything still goes down smoothly, in a warm movie that's just right.

What do you want from a film like this? Comedy? It's got it in the form of Harrion's deadpan and his back and forth with Keaton. Big laughs? Just wait until the show and this film really reaches for the ratings. With hilarious one liners and even funnier slapstick 'Morning Glory' really does make a day out of a good plot. Fresh like OJ, this film really has a helping of good bits.

What more do you want from a romantic comedy? Heart? Well just check out McAdams desire for a better love and work life, and her characters bravado as she balances the two. Or how abourt Ford's integrity? As on his return to the silver screen we really are reminded why we love this golden talent. If that isn't enough for you how about Diane Keaton's characters enthusiasm? Which rises as the ratings does. Or how about the city of New York? Where the heart of these city streets really keep the visual appeal of this film moving with every beat. Familiar and embracing, this film is warm like made coffee and sweet without the need for extra sugar.

What else do you want from an ensemble piece like this? How about great support? From another effortlessly, engaging performance from Jeff Goldblum, to great comic turn from character actors like John Pankow and Matt Malloy this picture really anchors in the talent. Or how about star studded apperances? As 50 Cent's brief apperance raps up the list of comedic cameos. Speaking of music what else do you want to hear from a classic, modern day romantic comedy like this? How about a soundtrack as diverse and as deep as one with a tracklist including everyone, from Corrine Bailey Rae to Dean Martin?

What else could you ask for from a film like this? A script that doesn't feel tired and a direction that rises to the occassion? Well you can have both these as this film get's better as the day goes on, just like it's subject's television show does. 'Morning Glory' is warm, affectionate, funny, enjoyable, light and entertaining. It's just like one of those feel-good mornings where you wake up on the right side of bed. Bright and uplifting it's time to tune into a show with more up and go. Now what else could you ask for from a film this Friday? TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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