Tuesday, 4 January 2011


We pay our respects today to legendary actor Pete Postlethwaite who passed away this weekend after a long illness. He was 64 years old. The hard worker starred in many films from Britain to Hollywood, ranging from 'Brassed Off' to 'Romeo + Juliet'. He even gave great significance to his roles in the best two movies of last year, with Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' and Ben Affleck's 'The Town'. There are too many great performances to mention, but they should be recognised. This versatile talent always put in his best work and the scene stealer was more than a character actor. Steven Spielberg once called him "the best actor in the world" and he was nominated for an Oscar in 1993. We will always remember Pete Postlethwaite for his incredible career and our thoughts go out to his family and friends. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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