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Sandler & Aniston take their trademark styles together and go with it.

12A, 116 Minutes. Starring: Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston Director: Dennis Dugan. Screenplay: Allan Loeb & Timothy Dowling

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston just keep working at their respective comedies and projects, it's about time they got together. From last years shoe-sized aged, 'Grown Ups' to the forthcoming 'Jack & Jill' (where Adam plays both male and female leads) Sandler keeps getting sillier. While from last years, 'The Bounty Hunter' and 'The Switch' and more to come Jennifer Aniston continues to rival Katherine Hiegel for the female, romantic comedy throne. Well now just in time for Valentines Day and something the Jacks can go along with just like the Jills, Sandler and Aniston combine their trademark comedies for 'Just Go With It', a romantic-buddy comedy with a difference.

For years Sandler's character, Danny is a successful plastic surgeon who also has artificially been going with the lie that he is unhappily married after his own engagement became disconnected. From claiming he's being neglected to beaten, Danny uses his ring to strike gold with random women on nights out. Then, however he meets the girl of his dreams, Brooklyn but when he wakes up she's holding the ring that she finds in his jeans, and he's tries to grasp onto any explanation he can. Sounding like a typical guilty, 'just give me a minute' guy, Danny has to come up with a plan to get the girl back.

So this is where Jennifer Aniston comes in. She is Danny's receptionist and best friend, Katherine (hmm, appropriate name). He calls in Katherine to pose as his soon to be ex-wife so he can get his story and his life straight with Brooklyn. This is where the problems and comedy ensue, because Katherine has two kids, and two kids that no how to barter and bargain. So as the kids get in on the act (one taking the acting a little annoying too far) it's off to Hawaii to further go with the lie.

You can imagine where this story will go, but I'm not spoiling anything here. Sure it's predictable but I can also guarantee that you'll enjoy the trip. Just like the immature but grower, 'Grown Ups' before it, this film could do with a little trimming of the fat. Still the large laughs, more than make up for the weightless ones. Sandler's one-liners and slapstick still command attention, but it's when Aniston's side of the romantic comedy comes into play that things get real watchable. Sure the sap is turned up full notch, but this is the kind of good sap, like the stuff used in 'Jurassic Park' to create classic moments.

Sandler and Aniston are once again on top form, making this all look like child's play. Plus Katherine's kids, played by Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck are effortlessly good as they go along with the farce. The scene where they negotiate with Sandler is hilarious and there are also as many tender scenes as there are rib-tickling ones. Just like any 'Happy Madison' production, Sandler guarantees his friends more work and Nick Swardson is the recipient of the biggest cheque, adding to the humor, especially when he gets a bit up, close and personal with a sheep.

There are also some great cameos. American sportscaster Dan Patrick puts in some more presenting work for a hilarious hula show. While their are two more cameos from two very big and very different stars that won't be spoilt here. They are best left as a surprise. Still once they come into play this picture becomes much more brighter and much more funnier as they steal the show, much like one does on the Oscars and the other does in concert. It's one of many a pleasant surprise in a movie that gets better then it looks and starts. The locations in this movie make the film shine that much brighter, as this 'Couples Retreat' really shows us the screen saver like images of Hawaii. The soundtrack is also a positive ska to a good looking picture, especially for Sting and The Police, who should be receiving a pretty large, royalty cheque for all their songs and re-makes that are used here.

Sure there's nothing too new here and if your single you might want to steer clear of romantic comedies this week. Still it's more than just schmaltz, and if your someone that isn't the biggest 'Happy Madison' fan it's more than just slapstick. There is something for everyone, especially all couples involved looking for a treat this Friday or February 14th. Still if that's not for you, this movie is still warm and funny and sure to draw smiles. Forget what you think and 'Just Go With It'. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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