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Unraveling the latest Disney twist.

PG, 100 Minutes. Starring: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy Director: Nathan Greno Byron Howard. Screenplay: Dan Fotraitsgelman

Well, once again Walt Disney studios have outdone themselves with this adaptation of classic fairytale 'Rapunzel'. To date this is the most expensive animated production ever made and the third highest grossing Disney animation falling only shortly behind 'Aladdin' and the 'The Lion King'.

When the beloved queen becomes ill before giving birth, the king orders his royal subjects to search the land for a flower that holds magical healing qualities. However, unbeknown to the king is that the magical flower is being hidden by a wicked old lady who uses the flower to keep herself young and beautiful. By mere chance the flower is found and used to save the queens life. The princess is born soon after, a beautiful child with long golden hair. The wicked old lady breaks into the Palace and tries to cut off a lock of the little princesses hair believing that it will posses the same magical qualities as the flower however, as soon as the hair is cut it turns brown, furious the wicked woman kidnaps the princess and locks her in a tower, years pass by and The princess grows up not knowing who she is and believing the wicked woman to be her mother but when a young rogue climbs the tower to hide out, the princess realises there’s a whole world outside her window… and starts out on an exciting and perilous adventure!

'Tangled' is everything you want with a Disney film, romance, adventure, loveable animal comrades and of course Disney wouldn’t be Disney without a few cheeky songs and montage moments. The great thing about this film is that it can literally be enjoyed by everyone; I even caught Tim Harvey giggling! (No Shame (TIM)) I believe that 'Tangled' can easily rival any Dreamworks production, in aspects of humour, story and imagery.

I’d recommend watching this film in 3D, there are particular moments in the film that are simply breathtaking and 2D might take away from those moments. All in all I would say that 'Tangled' is well worth the money spent on it, the imagery is just wonderful and the adaptation of the 'Rapunzel' story is heart warming projecting lovely morals about love and friendship. It is defiantly one to take the kids to although as a 21 year old woman I came out the cinema with a huge smile on my face proving that Disney is defiantly not just for kids! SAMANTHA SMITH.

MY TWO STUBS WORTH: Sam's right. Just when you thought the ideas may be running out, Disney come back with a more modern take on the 'Rapunzel' tale. Cool, charming, magical and moving, 'Tangled' doesn't get tied up with trying to walk the thin line between staying traditional or trying to hard to appeal to the modern day crowd. It is straight, trademark Disney and brushes aside any notion that the legendary franchise can't appeal to new generations without losing it's integrity. The story of this film is so good that it would work just as well on the old, classic celluar level. Still, it looks great in all it's computer animated beauty and eye popping, 3D. Scenes with lanterns beautifully lighting up the night sky are really brought to life and an underwater scene is so well done that the characters look real. Speaking of which, with a comedically charismatic leading man, and a damsel in a distress she can 'pan handle' herself, these characters are favourites which are easy to please. With classic Disney songs, humor, animals you'll fall in love with and voice work that speaks volumes, this film appeals to everybody from the early ages to the old and men and women alike. Throw away your inhibitions this weekend and go see a movie you can really let your hair down to. Disney has still got it. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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