Saturday, 12 March 2011


We pick 5 old films we watched this week for your consideration.

THE DARK KNIGHT: Aaron Eckhart leads a troop of soldiers against an alien invasion this week in 'Battle: Los Angeles' but back in 2008 with Batman, Eckhart as Harvey Dent tried to take down Heath Ledger's classic Joker in 'The Dark Knight'. The greatest Batman and sequel of all time was an instant classic thanks to the late Ledger's legendary performance that re-defined the comic books character. Still this movies legacy also belongs to Nolan's dark direction, Bale's best Batman and Eckhart. Playing a hero living long enough to become a villian, Eckhart had inspiring integrity as Dent, then criminal coldness as Two-Face. A ground-breaking great. 'Rises' won't be the same without Ledger or Eckhart.

FAST & FURIOUS: Michelle Rodriguez joins Eckhart's army this week in 'Battle: Los Angeles' but she won't be reprising her other role in the upcoming 'Fast Five' Still she helped motor on the 'Fast & Furious' franchise playing Vin Diesel's love interest all whilst holding her own in strong support. This series became so successful when this fourth movie went back to it's 'original parts' that this year a fifth movie is coming out and a sixth has even been green-lighted. After 'Tokyo Drift', the 'Fast' team took it back to the past with this pure, petroleum filled, perfect prequel. Diesel and Walker re-fuelled this movie and the popcorn movie genre with one shift of the gear.

WEDDING CRASHERS: With this weeks release of 'Hall Pass' let's take it back to another Owen Wilson buddy comedy about chasing women. This classic comedy where Owen and improv-king Vince Vaughan try to 'hitch' up with women at weddings...classy indeed. There's a great cameo from Will Ferrell that 'Step Brother's' co-star Richard Jenkins almost bested in this weeks 'Hall Pass'. The guest-list of this movie is incredible too, from Christopher Walken to the rising of Racheal McAdams. There's also a convincingly cold, callous performance from Bradley Cooper, minus the stuble, hair and class-act charm.

ME, MYSELF & IRENE: Speaking of 'Hall Pass', how about another Farrelly Brothers comedy? The kings of gross really produced a royal flush with the king of slapstick Jim Carrey. Carrey switches personalities in a side-splitting comedy. This classic farce is funny for all the wrong reasons. From strange family dynamics to putting animals out of their misery this movie is so wrong, yet there is something so strangely right about it. This schizophrenic, narcissistic comedy really does manage every emotion into pure comedy. If your easily offended however, it may be best to repress.

THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS: Anthony Hopkins is awakening the demons of his darkest characters currently in cinemas with 'The Rite', still nothing will beat Hannibal Lector and espeically 'The Silence Of The Lambs'. A truly, clinically, cold classic. You could see the psychosis in Hopkins character and the fear in Jodie Foster. The tension between them thicker then his plexi-glass prison. The sequels where great but this original was the series' definition. The 'fava' of horror, thrillers no wonder it took more Academy Awards then victims. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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