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With permission, the Farrelly brothers pass the boundaries.

15, 105 Minutes. Starring: Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Stephen Merchant,
Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate, J.B. Smooth & Richard Jenkins. Directors: Bobby & Peter Farrelly. Screenplay: Pete Jones, Kevin Barnett & Bobby & Peter Farrelly

Guys what would you do if your girl gave you a 'Hall Pass'? Say what? You say? I'm talking about a week off the relationship, not an allowance to take a leak during class. The kind of 'we we're on a break' Ross from 'Friends' argument. Sure some of you wouldn't like to admit it but that could be a pretty sweet deal for you, and even more of you wouldn't like to admit that if you where back on the market you probably wouldn't even appeal to the bargain basement hunters. Still, of course I'm just kidding but like the interesting premise of this Farrelly brothers comedy who knows what sort of hilarious realities would come to pass?

In a movie part, 'Old School' and part 'Wedding Crashers', Jason Sudeikis steps into the Vince Vaughn buddy role with hall of fame comic actor Owen Wilson, as the two funny people are as happy as Madison with their new take on single life. I can't tell why the duo would be restless though with wives like Christina Applegate and Jenna Fischer however. With a week free from marriage the pair look to go Dublin like Ireland, engaged with a barrage of bad chat up lines and tactics. Husbands the age of Wilson and Sudeikis beware, this movies going to make you feel real old, as nostalgia only looks good in hindsight for the pair as their teenage dream turns into a middle aged nightmare.

Owen Wilson once again lights up the screen with is wit and charm, but Sudeikis more then lovingly and laughingly holds his own, showing he really is a star in the making. Yet another product of the 'Saturday Night Live' talent pool helps make this weekend highlight another top film for Friday. Still, it is the support in this film that lifts this movie up like an arm in a cast. Applegate and Fischer are the perfect comedy leading ladies as they go out in search for their own fun, but it's Wilson and Sudeikis' friends that really make this buddy comedy that more non-family friendly.

Ricky Gervais best mate Stephen Merchant goes for his own success, with a sensational if not stereotypical performance. It's all meant however as the British talent gives this movie some comedy intelligence, especially after the credits where he gets his due with a few shots of hilarity to add to this potent mix of comedy. Also comedian and T.V. star J.B. Smooth, offers more enthusiasm with a cool, stand-up performance. The real stand-out performance comes from Richard Jenkins however. The 'Step Brothers' and sometimes serious actor is the classiest of clowns with an embarrassingly great performance as one of those old men clubbers, expert in preying on young, loose women. His classic comedic performance is made complete with a trilby, gold chains and fake tan.

The Farrelly brothers direction is what takes this hilarious movie to all the grossed out places you could imagine. From chow time to lunchboxes in the sauna this movie is disgustingly and disturbingly funny. Some scenes are as exactly random as getting high on a golf course, while others will leave you laughing with shame for what seems like 18 scenes later. Still for all the disgust the brain can take there is also some heart-warming aspects of this comedy. Taking a cue from Ben Stiller movies the makers of 'There's Something About Mary' stick to the classic, modern-day comedy script like Cameron Diaz's hair-gel. All in all 'Hall Pass' is everything you would want from a comedy, hilarity that knows no boundaries, surrounded by a layer of feel good warmth. With this reality check, once again the daredevil duo of the Farrelly brothers prove that when it comes to slapstick and toilet humor, their the 'Kingpin'. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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