Thursday, 18 August 2011


With a lot of big releases making their mark this season, this weeks 'DVD Rack' looks back at last years Summer blockbusters.

INCEPTION: In undoubtedly the movie of last year Leornado DiCaprio assembles a team of dream thieves to 'incept' an idea into Christopher Nolan's favourite scarecrow Cillian Murphys mind. Expect incredible action, thrills and twists and turns while DiCaprio and his team go within dreams. This supporting cast all step it up a level, especially the charming Tom Hardy and the riddling Gordon-Levitt. Again Nolan's cinematography is captivating, his brothers script compelling and Hans Zimmer's score classic by any standard. This film is one part 'The Matrix', one part 'Memento' but overall very much it's own film. With shifts in gravity you'll never see better fighting scenes and Leornado DiCaprio plays the conflicted man, lamenting lost love again so well just like he did in 'Shutter Island'. As a matter of fact DiCaprio may have made two of his best films last year. As for Christoper Nolan's greatest, 'The Dark Knight' still reigns supreme but with 'Inception' Nolan hasn't told a better story since 'The Prestige'. Simply one of the best cinematic experiences you could ever dream up.

TOY STORY 3D: Finally the legendary franchise that started the CG revolution in animation gets an original 3D face lift. You'll be hard pressed to find a film that looks better in three dimensions unless you visit Pandora or the world of 'Tron' anytime soon. 'Toy Story 3D' however is more than a visual delight. Woody, Buzz and the gang bring more laughs for all the family. Jokes that will make kids laugh and jokes that will go over their heads. In this third installment the toys owner Andy is off to College, so while girls and growing up await him the beloved toys await donation. Now listen up fellas your gonna need to brings some tissues to this one or just blame the strain the 3D glasses have on your eyes for the way you look like the kid that told us all to 'Leave Britney alone"!

SHREK FOREVER AFTER: If this really was the fourth and final installment in the 'Shrek' franchise then Shrek and Donkey will be missed. 'Shrek Forever After' may be overshadowed by 'Toy Story' yet again this summer but the film still leaves all the rest of the Summer blockbuster competition green with envy. In this tale which is a throwback to 'It's A Wonderful Life' and 'A Christmas Carol' Shrek has settled into family life but is missing the old days, where no little fat kids where amusingly asking him to 'Do the roar'! So Shrek goes for a walk and runs into Rumpelstiltskin who cons him into a one of a kind deal, to go back to being an ogre for a day. Shrek however fails to read the small print and Rumpelstiltskin fails to realise he'd make a perfect mechanic. Shrek ends up being thrust into an alternate reality of Far Far Away where Rumpelstiltskin reigns as king, anyone green is hunted and most regrettably for Shrek he is strangers with Fiona and his friends. The latest installment of 'Shrek' may not have been as eagerly anticipated as it's rival 'Toy Story' but it is a well told story that kids can enjoy for generations and for adults it is the perfect cinematic escape from reality. Parents would love to work a story like this into their children's dreams.

THE A-TEAM: Bradley Cooper is one good lucking and charming dude (Look out Downey Jnr)! No this aint no man crush, it's probably just a product of 'The Hangover'. Still since last years comedy classic, (just like his fellow actors) Coopers stock has rose considerably. I mean remember when the long hair and designer stubble wasn't there? Yep that's right he was just that a****** in 'The Wedding Crashers'. Well now Bradley is literally the 'Face' of the new 'A-Team' franchise. A franchise which starts with a film who's plot is as throwaway as 'The Expendables' but at the same time who needs a plot when you've got hilarious gags, incredible action and Jessica Biel. Put your smarts aside and you opinions that BA could still play MR. T and just foolishly enjoy this one. Liam Neeson's on fine form again and who would of thought that a slow, (so 80's like the original series) helicopter would make for a thrilling opening action scene. No wonder Mr. T doesn't want to mess with planes. Now this film may not get top marks from every critic but every member brings his A game to this justified remake. It's the perfect popcorn movie for the weekend. Now don't you just love it when a Friday night comes together?

THE KARATE KID: In movies ordinarily remakes rarely best the original but 'The Karate Kid' was never an ordinary movie, it was always something different to everything else out there. Your average action hero's rarely have the ability to wow you with their fighting skill and at the same time bring you to tears within two scenes but then again Jackie Chan isn't your average action hero, he's one of the best actors around...period. Your typical child actor may entertain and capture hearts young and old but they don't tend to step toe to toe with their co-stars in their acting ability and screen presence, but then again Jaden Smith (Son of A-list 'I Am Legend' Will Smith) isn't your typical child actor, he's a rising talent (Just watch him pursue happiness for further proof). Ideally a remake of a cheesy 80's film wouldn't be the best way to spend a Friday night but kick it with 'The Karate Kid' and you'll have the ideal night and one of the best at a cinema in recent times. Surprise hit if the year? Check! Better than the original? Check! Best film that's suitable for everyone of the year? Check! Classic? Go see for yourself! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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