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Ghostface returns for another killer movie we've all been cravin' for.

15, 111 Minutes. Starring: David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox,
Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere & Anthony Anderson. Director: Wes Craven. Screenplay: Kevin Williamson

Don't get mad and shout, but Wes Craven has made another installment in his 'Scream' slasher series. Don't worry however, 'Scre4m' (the fourth film, obviously) is no howler. In fact it yells volumes for a franchise that can stand the test of time. Especially in a franchise based movie economy, where many reboots and sequels often have nowhere to run like the opening scene victims in these movies.

This speaks even more highly for a film like this to do well in such a dying, saturated genre. Yeah, sure this reviewer normally hates horror movies, but be honest can you even tell the difference these days? Now, sure it's not like this movies original-even to its class of pictures-but it sure does school the opposition. It's an education in the horror/slasher drama as yet again the film mirrors the tone of the fictional 'Stab' movies featured in it (even making fun of their over use of sequels with 'Stab 7'). This sequel goes one better however paying homage to the previous films just like the copycat killers do again and again.

A decade after the original classic, 'Scre4m' is like a deluxe edition, bringing your old favourites and the best bits but adding even more as a welcome bonus. Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette are all back and on top, effortless form to bring class to the slash while even more A, B and C listers are brought to this All-Star mix. Hayden Panettiere leads the cheer with a strong role worthy of a heroine, (MINI SPOILER ALERT) while you know the hilarious Anthony Anderson last words are going to be funny ones (c'mon he plays a cop, you knew he was going to die).

Still it's Campbell, Cox and Arquette that make this picture perfect. The beautiful Neve and Courtney still have it with brains to boot as Sidney and Gail, while Arquette's Dewey character is still as lovably dumb as ever, as a bumbling sap of a sheriff. Thankfully this film matches the buzz but let's hope this doesn't mean there will be another 'Scary Movie' (no offense guys). Sure this movies cliched, but it does this in a comedic way and it's this way the movie doesn't treat itself seriously that makes it all the better and all the greater off.

You don't need to be told the premise of this plot as you already know. A bunch of good looking females and geeky guys are going to get killed in all sorts of basic and unoriginal but strangely, sickly entertaining ways. You know people are going to run up the stairs when they really should know by now and you know that anyone that owns a white, cordless phone is well and truly screwed, ready to be chopped like a Houston hip-hop remix.

Still even though this film is as predictable as Nostradamus sending text messages, you really will be guessing who the killer is to the 'Scooby Doo', mask revealing end and this is what makes this film better then most in the series. This is more then a decent stab, it's a well-worked piece from the matermind of the murder/horror genre. Sure this really should be the last slice in the 'Scream' franchise, but as Wes Craven yells cut at least the series goes out in a blade of glory. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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