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With Will Smith donning that infamous black suit and shades for a third time this week in 'Men In Black 3', our 'DVD Rack' sorts through some of his favorites.

MEN IN BLACK: With 'Men In Black 3' suiting up this week let's take it back to the original and the film that along with 'Independence Day' more than worthy of a mention) helped take Will Smith from the 'Fresh Prince' to out of the world, Hollywood heights of megastardom. Critics thought that another alien movie coming off the heels of Smith's fourth of July escapade-especially a comedic one-would ruin him. Turns out it truly made him, funny and exciting it showed just how charismatic and versatile this entertainer is alongside the legendary Tommy Lee Jones. Singing and alien dancing his way onto the soundtrack this rap legend also gave his second career of music a second wind.

ALI: Will Smith wasn't robbed the Oscar (Denzel schooled everyone with 'Training Day'), but he was robbed the respect. People may have thought his unique personality couldn't capture another so in kind, but Smith really channeled Muhammad Ali perfectly from the impressive speech and mannerisms to the impossible dedication and weight gain. In the actors finest and most underrated performance this lost classic was epic. This picture helped develop a working relationship between Mann and Jamie Foxx following a breakthrough, incredible performance from Jamie as Bundini. Jon Voight was also unrecognisably unique as Howard Cossell. Also giving this film weight was it's sublimely soulful soundtrack (the Sam Cooke intro is just so uplifting and inspiring) and the fight scenes which are the best ever seen in cinema...yeah I said it. This film rolls with the strongest of punches.

HANCOCK: Sure this may not be Will Smith's best movie, but then again this is not your average superhero movie, making for a refreshing change for the saturated genre. Smith plays 'Hancock', not so 'super' and not so 'heroic', but with crime fighting powers and the ability to withstand anything and anybody, except a few rounds with Jack Daniels. Smith however is on top form, charismatic as ever, even when playing an 'asshole'. There is great support from family unit Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron while the CGI and effects really are special. Even when this funny film shifts in mood from light to dark it's still appealing in it's action and heroism.

HITCH: The love doctor is in. Will Smith gives his most genuine and funny turn alongside the beautiful Eva Mendes in a gorgeous rom-com. This is how romantic comedies are supposed to be. Hilarious and inspiring all at the same time. Will gives men a manual in how to treat women, while the sweetly funny Kevin Smith gives us a step by step guide of how not to dance from the Q-Tips to the making of the pizza. The classic city of New York also serves as a sub-character shown in all its glory and all sorts of lights. Its barely looked better, even looking Parisian in parts for more romance. With a stunning soundtrack too with a heart-warming, spine-tingling induced Sam Cooke and Jimmy Cliff opening montage this film shows you just what a joy love and life can really be. 'You Can Get It If You Really Want'.

THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS: It doesn't get much more inspiring than this. Smith and son (Jaden) explore the true story of rags to riches stockbroker Chris Gardener (who makes a nice, fitting cameo) told in the book of the same, rightfully so, misspelled name. Stunningly set in San Fransisco Smith goes for broke with a genuine performance of a real story that will leave you both emotional and inspired. As Smith's Gardener looks to climb up the ladders and boom in the stockbroking industry he must face the busted life of living on the streets and sleeping roughly where he can (including a toilet cubicle in a foot to the door, foot in mouth, heart-wrenching scene). Will Smith films these days seem to bring the tears but none more than this. This is as real and rough as it gets. Still positive emotion trumps negative emotion everytime and the joy in this piece makes for something truly inspirational. If this doesn't leave you in awe and with some get up and go nothing will.

See Also:

I AM LEGEND: Will takes on zombies and the end of the world as we know it and wins one of his best performances and biggest movies to date. This is this action stars 'Blade Runner' or 'Total Recall' with a prequel in the works whilst everything else is getting remade. You'll be amazed at how deserted New York City looks. You'll be moved my mans best friend. You'll be entertained and inspired. You'll know what to expect from Will. He is legend.

SEVEN POUNDS: Moving and inspired picture where Will seeks out seven strangers in need of his help and goes more than out of his way. This is dark, deep but also bold and beautiful. There won't be a dry eye or empty throat with this one. This choked up classic goes for the jugular and heart strings. With seriously standout performances from Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson and of course Smith this will capture your eyes and heart.

THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE: Normally a film starring both Will Smith and Matt Damon would be a hole in one at the box-office but this period piece about golf wasn't received as well as it should be. People need to make this DVD their next round however as it is a quaint but beautiful story. With one of his deepest and realest performances, Will swings subtly...but strong. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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