Friday, 3 August 2012


Bourne Star.


Leading man of the moment Jeremy Renner may just be the luckiest (or more like hardest working) actors in all of Hollywoodland. Right now the born star is owning more franchises than Robert Downey Jnr ('Iron Man' and 'Sherlock Holmes'). Currently you can find Renner in cinemas bolted up and taking aim alongside Downey Jnr's Iron Man and Scarlett Johannson's Black Widow, Chris Hemsworth's Thor, Chris Evans' Captain America and Mark Ruffalo's The Incredible Hulk in the assembling of 'The Avengers'. With a standout performance as comic book legend Hawkeye Jeremy really hit the mark with cocksure style and serious swagger. Still it's the arrow-man's other work that's really struck the bulls-eye.

This same month also saw the release on DVD of the fourth and latest 'Mission Impossible' saga. After being the best blockbuster to close out last year 'Ghost Protocol' re-energized a franchise that looked ready to self destruct. Many credit the presence of Renner and just like his hand-to-hand impressive gun steal sequence with Tom Cruise it remains to be seen if Renner will accept the mission of taking over this legendary series when Cruise finally accomplishes what he set out to do.

If he does he can bank on more hand to hand combat training this Summer as he our new A-Lister has met the grade of taking over the 'Bourne Legacy' that Matt Damon has left. At first fans where skeptical about the loss of Damon who people really see as the one true 'Bourne'. Still, however after the revelation that Renner will play another character and after an even more reassuring and incredibly exciting trailer. Now the same fans can't wait for the next chapter of 'Bourne' and Renner's legacy.

With the almost guaranteed success of 'Bourne Legacy' joining the redemption of 'Mission Impossible' and the record breaking 'Avengers' it looks like Renner has some real good job security for awhile. With a possible 'Hawkeye' spin-off and even more 'M:I' and 'Bourne' films coming as the two franchises look to battle it out over who's the next Bond-type series Jeremy's filmography looks to garner more box office returns and even more greatest hits. He could even take over Matt Damon as one of the industries most marketable stars at this rate. Needless to say, with a work-load over three different and popular, blockbuster film series' his future looks brighter than most stars. Right now Jeremy Renner's stock is soaring. It's a boom time for the actor. He hasn't made a bust yet.

It couldn't happen to a more deserving, harder working actor either. Since his nomination worthy, perfect performance in the award winning 'The Hurt Locker' which turned those blue 'Avatar's' green on Oscar night, Renner's only got better. The distinct style and substance of this character actor turned leading star really developed in 'The Town'. Standing alongside the maddest of men in Jon Hamm and Matt Damon's best director friend Ben Affleck, Renner stole the show from two of Hollywood's most popular guys with another Academy accreditation, gold worthy role. Playing a callous criminal, Renner delivered a cold and calculated performance which somehow managed to create some likable class for his bad guy alter ego. That's just the type of guy Jeremy Renner is...a likable favorite. One that looks set to find himself even more roles and friends soon.

Renner is just that real and his range just that great. The 41 year old, Modesto, California born actor who also has a side gig as a musician (he's performed some key tracks for some of his pictures soundtracks) has been around since 1995, but really started drawing big roles when he appeared in the Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell hit 'S.W.A.T' and '28 Weeks Later' a decade on. Since then his blue-collar hard work and his study of the acting game has seen so much more work and success over the last few years from the critically acclaimed (Brad Pitt's 'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford') to the future ('Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters' with Gemma Atherton). Now over the next 10 years his tenure looks set to make him even better and one of the best talents in the acting industry (there's even rumors of him taking over Kurt Russell's 'Escape From L.A.'. With a hawk eye's on the right acting protocol, Renner has overcome the impossible and is now making his own lasting legacy with avengeance.

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