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Family Bear.

106 Minutes. Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane & Giovanni Ribisi. Director: Seth MacFarlane. Screenplay: Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin & Wellesley Wild

Remember when you where little and when you went to bed at night with your favourite teddy bear all you wished was that he came to life and became your best friend? Well...dream on pal I'm sorry but this is the real world. You're 30 and it's time to put him in the loft. Still if you want to relive that "pipe" dream and see what that might just be like today then why not let 'Family Guy's' Seth MacFarlane take you on a cinematic journey of movie magic...with erm, bongs, blunts and booze!?

Because even teddy bear's grow up my friend and life is no picnic. Unless your picnics consist of cereal and weed in the middle of the day. Seth MacFarlane writes, directs and stars (albeit as a classic, genius, incredible, CGI bear that sounds somewhere between Brian and Peter Griffin) in his first feature and after bringing as many protests as laughs to his classic 'Family Guy' series he returns with a film that walks the tightrope of being just as funny and censored.

We don't want to give anything away but between homages to T.V. show legends of the past and a narration from the perfect captain this ship sails. From getting around work, the girlfriend and the couch this is a laugh a minute and right there with '21 Jump Street' as funniest film of the year. Just like 'Family Guy' too MacFarlane knows how to bring the warm fuzzy feelings and human side to this bear tale. If you want more from this beautiful Boston bear biopic then how about a Red Sox, Fenway Park finale that's almost as thrilling as 'The Town'?

Seth MacFarlane also brings family girl Meg's voice Mila Kunis to this two-point-bear household and after her hilarious turn in one of last years best ('Friends With Benefits') she shows that it's more than just a swan that's making her a's a bear too. With great, peculiarly hilarious support from Giovanni Ribisi and some classic cameos (one providing the ideal opening track) this film has it all. Still it's Mark Wahlberg and his Academy nominated, 'Departed' Boston accent that looks and sounds the part perfectly.

The ever improving and underrated (see practically everything he's done, especially 'Four Brothers', 'The Fighter', 'The Perfect Storm', 'Three Kings' and more) Wahlberg who's already revealed a hit this year with Ribisi in the concealed find 'Contraband' again subtly shows superiority and skill here. The type of big name actor that can make his mark but also blend in and not take any of the fuzz off the crass and cuddly main attraction. Following his hilarious, shirtless cameo on 'Date Night' and his perfect partnering up with the funniest man on the planet Will Ferrell on 'The Other Guys' Mark shows he's just as funny as he is unsung.

Still expect more praise to come his way with the film everyones talking about this year. 'The Dark Knight' may have to fall to this one because I think we've just found our Summer smash everyone can enjoy...that is if you don't mind prostitute deification and cock fights with geese. Those who won't be offended will be outraged with laughs in a classic comedy that makes 'Family Guy' look like...well 'The Simpsons' (DOH!). 'Ted' is every boys wish and every film censors nightmare. He does everything except show his bear necessities. Now isn't that just the perfect present? Christmas has come early and it's swearing and smoking this Summer. Ted bares all. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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