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2 In A Minion.

98 Minutes. Featuring The Voices Of: Steve Carell, Russell Brand, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt, Steve Coogan & Ken Jeong. Director: Pierre Coffin & Chris Renaud.

How much fun can you have in a cinema? How about a minion? Let's yellow face it no matter how many special effect, out of this world blockbusters come out this year, there's no fun quite like watching a  computer generated family comedy. Fun for all ages, it may just look like the kids are laughing their heads off, but you can see their parents trying to hide those shaked-head grins behind the popcorn and all the condiments too. Following the super success of the first film of our evil genius, 'Despicable Me 2' lands in the middle of this heavey blockbuster season looking to attract more film goers and fans then any other mainstream success story. With enough power to stand on Supermans cape and kill off Brad Pitt's zombie film, Steve Carell's villian turned good is back baby!

Here's to Gru. Quite possibly the best thing Carell has done...even with his American take on 'The Office' and his cult, classic character of Brick in 'Anchorman' whose legend continues this Christmas. Incredible he, with his trademark comic-timing and an accented voice he is perfect as everyones favourite bad guy who has swapped the freeze-rays and moon stealing for jam, jellies and fatherhood. That's right after adopting the adorable girls of Margo, Edith and Agnes our mastermind is enjoying the quiet life. He was won over-like we where-in the first film as soon as he read that sock puppet story about the three cats (they really need to release that). Now between dressing up as fairy princesses and trying to fend off some desperate housewives, Gru still has a lot on his plate. Still it's all worth it...the Unicorn loving Agnes may just be the cutest kid and character...EVER.

Gru is still a wanted man however. You can't commit all those crimes and get away with it. Kidnapped by the AVL (Anti-Villian-League), Gru works with the good guys to track down a villian who is hell-bent on taking over the world with mutant killing machines. Getting his James Bond on Double-Gru-7 teams up with Kristen Wiig who returns, but plays a new character here in Agent Lucy Wilde, who proves to be a popular new character like Miss Hattie in the first film. As Gru spys hard as a cupcake salesman in a towns mall he must try and get the better of the bad guys and one boy whose taken the eye of his oldest. Father time has never been funnier.

It's the minions that steal the show however, as oddly hilarious and weirdly wonderful as they are. With no need for translation these favourite army of characters keep getting bigger and better. The planned Minion spin-off film can't come quick enough. Be-ba-doo! From putting out fires to dancing the YMCA these little guys are the biggest and best thing in CGI Kids films right now...even the 'Toy Story' alienes have to give it up for these cute characters...OOOOOH! The rest of the cast are an army of talent too. Russell Brand's awesome, unrecongizable voice is back as Dr. Nefario, while Steve Coogan also joins the party with a different voice of his own. As does the hilarious Ken Jeong who is on one hell of a morning after, following 'The Hangover'.

How good does this all sound set to the backdrop of Pharrell Williams 'Fun, Fun, Fun' soundtrack? With Robin Thicke's (he had a great song in the first film) number one 'Blurred Lines' and his Daft Punk collaborating contributions 'The Neptunes' star is back on every other song in the charts like it was 2001 again. After his cult success following his contributions to the first films soundtrack, the producing N.E.R.D. is given the musical reigns yet again for the second films top score. Not only is his 'Despicable Me' theme perfect, but the happy-go-lucky tunes he's making really hit the high-notes for some of the best records he's made in his entire career...and this is a man who has worked with everyone from Justin Timberlake to Jay-Z as well as having success with his own songs and side-projects. Everything is set up here right for a perfect sequel and who knows maybe a trilogy. The minion spin-off looks set to run circles around eveything as this popular franchise and it's cult characters look to keep turing and working. Roll out the yellow carpet. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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