Thursday, 18 July 2013



Monsters vs Iron Men.

132 Minutes. Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day & Ron Perlman. Director: Guillermo del Toro.

If your childlike, science-fiction dreams ever wondered what it would be like if Godzilla like creatures duked it out with Transformer like robots then look no further than the powerful punch of 'Pacific Rim'. Visionary 'Pans Labyrinth' director Guillermo del Toro enters the bold blockbuster circuit with possibly the best of the year in a sensational Summer season of mainstream popcorn movies that have focussed on the spectatcular Sci-Fi side of the out of this world budgets and effects. Even 'Star Trek' and the 'Man Of Steel' can't take it quite out of the planet like this. It doesn't get bigger and better than this. This is a whole different type of animal uncaged for the monster movie screens. You thought you had seen the best movie this year? You thought you'd seen it all? Surprise this is the biggest bazinga of the big bang theory year of geeked out, grand classics. This is the new cool. This is the new way to make modern cinema great again.

Del Toro's, mainstream but indie feeling style can't be mimiced. The man who most recentely has had a hand helping write Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' for the big-screen is the new lord of the monster fight club. These IMAX epic, graphic and grandiose battles between man/machine against alien/monster makes everything else look like 'Rock Em, Sock Em' robots, quite frankly the big scale special effects of extra terrestrial and man made machines has never been done this brilliantly. Set to the neon beauty of a Hong Kong backdrop, nothing shines brighter than the magnificent monsters and the marvellous machines. Sharper than a blade, the Snipes vampire hunter director offers something even your 3D glasses won't be able to take. Every frame captures every nuance of each fight perfectly, from the depths of the ocean, to the tops of the skyscrapers (and you thought Superman wrecked the city?!). This Pacific labyrinth raises the bar, not just for action, science-fiction, special effects and blockbuster raises the bar for everything.

The cast is iron-strong too. Charlie Hunnam comes back from the apocalypse of 'Children Of Men' and shows he has the metal to be our hope to save the world. Strinking the line between a Channing Tatum and Sam Worthington-as he plays avatar to piloting the ultimate terminator-Hunnam shows he is the next male lead in waiting. He'll be manning more top roles soon. Still he can't do it alone and the rising star of Rinko Kikuchi (who was bold and brillaint in 'Babel') co-pilots this machine alongside our male lead. Behind every strong man is a woman and here this combo provide the perfect marriage of human and machine, as these robots can only be controlled by two who are mentally in tune with each other as the right and left hemispheres of these metal creatures brains. From the fights to the emotional battles these two are perfectly in sync with each other as this blockbuster films delves into depths and methaphors of teamwork, togetherness and love. Built off memories and experiences flashback to the past and you will see the greatest child-actor performance you may have just ever seen in the mature and magnificent Mana Ashida. The emotional depth displayed here by Agnes in the Japanese version of 'Despicable Me' shows that we have a star in the making for decades.

Theres's more great support from Charlie Day who goes from 'Horrible Bosses' to mad scientist, with his pudding bowl haircut, high trouser, walking stick partner making this all look like a Laurel & Hardy affair. Also what would a Del Toro film be without 'Hellboy' himself? Ron Perlman shines in all his extravagence, suited and booted with signature style alongside his favourite director once again for a charismatic bigger than a cameo performance. Still with all these great cast members it's 'Luther' who comes out of the darkness and shines brightest in this light of day. The man of the moment who has been rumored to be everything from the next James Bond to Doctor Who is the British intelligence of Idris Elba. He's come along way from the sensational, small-screen, drug-lord underworld of 'The Wire'. The actor/singers trademark gravelly voice may need some throat tablets after this one. Shouting his way to the cancelling of the apocalypse this man delivers a soaring speech that could inspire every goosebump and tear duct in the house. Hairs will stand on end as Elba brings hope and faith to a despaired and dark situation. It's clear to hear he's been watching Bill Pullman in 'Independence Day' for this July 4th movie moment. Tooooday this star won't go quietly into the night.

As the Kaijus and Jaeger's muscle up a new cult classic flexes it's way on screen and fights it's way to the top of a crowded blockbuster season like the zombies in 'World War Z'  or the Marvel and DC superheroes. This is everyones perfect comic book fantasy brought to the celluoid of cinema. From the bleak gray destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge (it's just a target for every Hollywood disaster flick) in San Fransisco to the humanoid machines with real human nature heart and hope, this film deals with all sorts of themes and transcends modern mainstream films that lack thought or a provocation of more than just death and destruction. Out of the darkness and with the risk of colonization, Guillermo goes nuclear and sheds more light then just the neon effervescent effects of his bold and beautiful battle royales. Attacking every sense you just have to see and get a taste of what everyones heard about and touched on since the first time the metal siren, scintillating trailer debuted. This doesn't deliver on the hype and the goes beyond it. The blockbuster Summer season may almost be over, but what a way to finish it. You can settle the debate and competition now 'Pacific Rim is here. It's over, even Iron Man needs to bolt up now. With oceans of talent and effects, everything else rims out and doesn't come close. The fight for the top is over and the real iron men of steel and the most orginal and impressive aliens you've ever seen have won. Now they've won this battle, in 'Pacific Rim' who will win the war? TIM DAVID HARVEY.


  1. Maybe there should have been more to do with the characters and story, but at least it was fun for what it was. Good review Tim.

    1. Thank you and thank you for reading! I know what you mean but I think they did a good job.