Thursday, 26 December 2013


No time to read a full review in this digital age? Inspired by a recent application here's a mini, popcorn bite-sized review of 'Anchorman 2'.

This Christmas we spell comedy R.O.N. Last time I looked in my leather bound, Burgundy dictionary there was a picture of Will Ferrell’s iconic newsman under the word “funny”. It seems like an age since ‘The Legend Of Ron Burgundy’ gave us one of the greatest comedies in ‘Anchorman’. Now nine years, NASCAR drivers, ice-skaters, Basketball players, minions and minions and a whammy later, the news team of Ferrell, Carell, Rudd and Koechner are back. Assembling with yet more A-listers and classic cameo surprises to fill a news-team battlefield, Adam McKay takes this to the 80’s and a satirical 24 hour news cycle. There’s much more between the gags that leave you gasping for the air that left the room from the fell flat ones. Sure nothing beats the original but this ‘Legend Continues’ without a ‘Hangover’. That’s how much of a big deal this is…don’t act like you’re not impressed. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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