Monday, 17 March 2014


Great Dane.


"You're going to want to see this"! This being the answer to who is the next, best, young actor rising through the casting ranks? "Now isn't that the question of the day"?! He may have been beaten to the Bafta newcomer award but one day this youth in veteran revolt talent will be counting the Oscar nominations if not the awards. Dane DeHaan is the truth and the chronicles of his career are more than just the treatment of his indie hits or his latest spin in the blockbuster web. This 27 year old is about to play the ultimate cultural movie icon in his work fast, live strong classic career thats growing by the catalogue and comic-book. After capturing the aggressive, manipulative fear and vulnerability of Jesse in the hit HBO pyschological drama 'In Treatment', Dane moved from the small to silver with his indie screen, superpowered, Seattle sky-needle hit 'Chronicle', that took a different, dynamic definition on the superhero genre. Now the acting apex predator is turning to the comic-book, dark side page even more with this Summer's latest Sony studios 'Spider-Man' sequel blockbuster that is set to be truly amazing and something to show the movie universe that this guy is something to marvel at. You can almost hear the excited, nervous apprehension of his voice in the trailer, "we...can...literally change the world". In terms of movie making from the mainstream to the motions of perfect pictures he's about to...and if you think you've seen just about how great this Dane can get then you 'aint seen nothing yet.

You really are going to want to see this. After Andrew Garfield spun a web away from the sticky mess that the Tobey Maguire 'Spiderman' trilogy had become he birthed a great new reboot of avengance that took the world by storm for the new 'The Amazing Spider-Man' franchise that sticks to the pages of the cocky, comic-book origins like it should do. Now if only Sony and Mickey Mouse Disney could work out the rights kinks to get him and 'X-Men's' Wolverine in the next 'Avengers' movie like they should be then we'd have something truly 'new' and amazing to bust the blocks of even a Superman versus Batman superpower. Still, going it alone Peter Parker has a lot to focus on in the lens of his camera. You can see the electricity from 'Django' Jamie Foxx's blue man group 'Electro' villain and the lights out anticipated showdown in New York's Times Square that things are really going to spark up and ignite in another Summer for Marvel that also sees quite literally all the X-Men from the 'Days Of Future Past' and first Avenger 'Captain America-The Winter Soldier' going to war with 'Godzilla' and the 'Transformers'. Still, even with comedian and music sensation Jamie Foxx taking some of the shine off the arrogantly charimatic new Spidey-who could give the iron confidence of Robert Downey Jnr's Tony Stark a run for his one-liners-there's more for the web-slinger and the bolt of electricity to deal with. These enemies are uniting for more star trailers then the ones your seeing before movies at the moment. You see the suit-in-tank hints of Doc Oc and the vulture in the hyped, trailers that buzz around the electric excitement to go along with the stampede of Paul Giammatti's Rhino, but there's one guy to make the 'Sinister Six' sick and green with envy.

It's going to be easy being green for Dane DeHaan and we aren't talking about some Hulk like rage issues for the blockbuster banners. This guy isn't going to be playing with Green Lantern's either like Ryan Reynolds, but instead ringing the Willem Dafoe/James Franco changes and smashing pumpkins like Billie Corgan. Call him a zero now, but face Spider-Man's Lex Luthor or Joker at your peril for a truly amazing and ultimate battle. Playing Harry Osborne's Green Goblin Dane is about to go from fantastic to formidable as quickly as he goes from friend to foe. Jealous? Well the angst ridden and riddled emotions of these young actors parts and power will play out perfectly in this high-school graduated hero who has more than just homework and heatbreak to deal with. This is the perfect formula for an unhinged archenemy, gliding and bombing his way to the forefront with hallucinogenic Jack-o-lantern gas grenades. As the electromagnetic clasps strap our actor and his spikey hair and crazy eyes in, Dane is the perfect actor for this star vehicle. From the apprentice, young rich heir Oscorp beginnings to the spoilt, schizophrenic super-villain he becomes, DeHann will capture this perfectly from his acting voice and look of a tortured soul looking to break free from the paranoia and destruction of his own inner demons. With a Foxx rivalling ultimate villain in this 'Amazing' sequel to Marvel's bold six-spin off origin movies and their own 'Sinister Six' Spider-Man less movie that flips the superhero good over evil script on its bold head, this all looks so good for a franchise that has always watched the Avengers and even the true Gotham City from a skyscraper roof-top afar. Even with the Captain back and the X-Men mutating to even more 'First Class' proportions when it comes to superheros this Summer nothing looks more exciting than the hash-tage of enemies uniting. Now enter the Sandman.

The young man from Pennsylvania has more credits to his name then this and of course the marrying of his acting sweetheart Anna Wood. More congratulations are in order for the man who deserves a hand for the work he's already put in before he made it in movies, let alone the films he's about to make. From his showing in 'Law & Order' to getting his acting teeth into 'True Blood' this mans filmography work reads like the rap-sheet resume of a television star and household name of real conviction, but it truly is the popcorn and candy land that is the butter of DeHaan's career. After getting his 'Sixth Sense' understudy acting experience with Haley Joel Osment on Broadway via'American Buffalo' this young bucks breadwinning beginnings came with his movie debut in 'Amigo' and then in front of the camcorders for the out of nowhere hyped hit 'Chronicle'. Showing and acting his way to a proof perfect skill-set that this young acting class hasn't quite seen like this before this distinct talent took everyone by surprise and began to steal the show and eyes in every film he played in, even surrounded by the acting hearthrob big-name breakout (themselves) talents of Tom Hardy, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling. These men of the moment counted on the new kid on the block to give their newcoming star status even more refreshing shine. Over the last two years he's starred in arguably the two best if not underrated films of each calander set. In 2012, not three full films into his career he starred in the moonshine magnifence of 'Lawless' breaking new ground alongside the likes of Hardy and Guy Pearce in an amazing book adaptation with an even sweeter soundtrack. It was the high-notes that Dane was hitting however that was worthy of all the 'read all about it' and him headlines. Although this was ultimately Shia LaBouef's breakout and franchise face transforming movie, it was DeHaan's crippled Cricket character that drue the heart and praise of his pained performance.

Not only was he the emotional thread and final force of that best picture but the one of the one that came a year later. With all the Oscar awards and talk gravitating to 'Gravity' and the great '12 Years A Slave' (which features 'Ruby Sparks' star Paul Dano, a similair actor of type who perhaps is the only one to truly rival Dane's newcomer title towards the throne) and even Bradley Cooper's 'American Hustle', an Academy of people forgot that last years best movie moments lay somewhere between 'The Place Beyond The Pines' and 'Prisoners' (also starring the weird and wonderful Dano). These dark, dynamic dramas really deserved more and the epic father and son tale of 'Pines' was an April spring to the step (much like the forthcoming Spider-Man will be) of a movie world that needed it's heartbeat back after the post-season of Hollywood burying pictures that didn't work for the Oscars. As Gosling swapped his 'Drive' muscle car for the peroxide, Eminem blonde and tattoed silence behind the the sound of a Moped and Cooper traded his 'Hangover' wits for some real acting the 'Silver Linings Playbook' of an Academy class missed this one. Even with Eva Mendes and Ray Liotta bringing star power and performances to this emotional spectacle it again was DeHaan that stole the show in the second half of the movie. To say more would be to spoil a movie and its actors performance that truly speaks for itself. Still, take it from us you'll be as moved as the piano perfect trailer score that tinkles the ivories of emotive inspiration. Those in the know who missed this might need to cast themselves with some job-roles because if you don't know this actor or film then you just don't know movies like he does. At least the Academy's gave more scores to the Oscar president Daniel Day-Lewis for his lead in 'Lincoln' that also featured small roles of significance from DeHaan and the rising young star before him Joesph Gordon-Levitt. Hit record on Dane though and soon he'll be as recognisable as the former teen star of T.V. sitcom circuit hit '3RD Rock From The Sun'.

After 'Jack & Diane' and the ties that bound in 'Devil's Knot' critical acclaim finally came for Dane alongside 'Harry Potter's' Daniel Radcliffe in 'Kill Your Darlings'. A sex scene with the male lead in this, still ignorant and some, somewhat homophobic day and age for a new actor of substance may have shown the somewhat more underground mainstream more of this guys bravery and heart. D. DeHaan has truly been rocking and rolling ever since. Like in his character arc through the concert film of Metallica's 'Through The Never' that is more than an extended music video trip like Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life' for example. It's Dane's world now as his green day with Harry Osborne and Peter Parker will follow his own '500 Days' of a summer, love break-up story of zombie rom-com 'Warm Bodies' bite-neck and brains proportions in the aptly named 'Life After Beth' which might just be this acting cards real calling. Bold and beautiful breakout films below the blockbuster acting line that show real power and performance of promise. Just like the chronicles of 'Lawless' and 'Pines' gave him. A coming of age and four year career that has tripled to 12 great films. Just imagine what this guy could do in a dozen or so more years? And we thought Jennifer Lawrence was catching the fire of a hot streak. This year this guys going to have even more 'Life' to the magazine cover like Stiller's 'Mitty', playing the movie icon James Dean. The type of guy you'd expect Gosling or Cooper to be lining up to play. Still between the 'Pines' it's the scene stealer that's about to make the show his own even alongside fan-girls favourite Robert Pattison in this one. Far from the 'Twilight' of the dawn of his young career, Dane DeHaan was already done enough films to even make the great Jimmy Dean look down twice with pride. This young rebels making of an icon cause is about to effect even more people for the better as this guy goes east of eden for his own heaven sent career. He told you, you where going to want to see this.


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