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The Cold War.

136 Minutes. Starring: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Emily VanCamp, Hayley Atwell, Robert Redford & Samuel L. Jackson. Director: Anthony Russo & Joe Russo.

'Winter' is coming back with Avengance! It's forecasted in this soldiering season that's about to Spring towards the Summer that Marvel is set to dominate with the fantastic, franchise sequels, 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' , to go with the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' gang. As of right now Stan Lee's comic creations already have a lot of super firepower to go against the 'Transformers' and the movie monster of 'Godzilla'. Now a cold front is coming like the real-world, Polar Vortex that hit Lower Manhattan and the rest of the world like a Marvel villain in its icy grasp to begin 2014. Before the rights of the other Avengers, one day hopefully join the super sequel of 'Thor' ('The Dark World') and the terrific Tony Stark/Downey Jnr 'Iron Man' trilogy in the second phase of Marvel's post-New York 'Avengers' phenomenon, this team must be lead by 'The First Avenger' in Stan Lee's Captain America for a film as good as the original but in very outstanding, different ways. Chris Evans is our young buck Steve Rodgers, with Bucky's memory in his shield sight in 'The Winter Soldier' that gives the 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D' T.V. show a big-screen, blockbuster boost like the assembling of Jaimie Alexander's Lady Sif. Just like the traditional first comic-book testament, this futuristic fare shows there is a super story to go alongside the special effects of these heroes and plenty of tremendous heart to go with that trademark humour. There's a emotional core here that will strike you in the heart to the end of the line and that's not all this films trying to emote. In today's modern warfare day and age it responds to the call of duty. Making a capital, government exclamation in Washington D.C., with Pentagon power and a real American eagle by his patriotic side our leading hero and formidable, frisbee thrower ditches the spang for a new suit style of substance in this grand design theory of 'Big Bang' geek generation dominate for the new comic-book age.

In this 'Assembling Of A Universe', Chris Evans muscles up again for the role he was born to play like Hemsworth's God of Thunder, or that billionaire, playboy philanthropist called Robert, to go along with his igniting of the 'Fantastic Four's' Human Torch (it's up to young actor Michael B. Jordan to fly with fire like his Basketball namesake now for next years 'Fantastic' Marvel year of the 'Age Of Ultron', dinosaurs and 'Terminators' be warned). This time out however 'The Loser, 'Pilgrim' comic-book collector that could make Affleck and Ryan Reynolds jealous has his own War Machine sidekick in the form of a real iron patriot and coincidentally the former understudy of Don Cheadle. On the science-fiction 'Adjustment Bureau' of his career, with two guns and two wings, the 'Hurt Locker' soldier star and Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner's partner in letting it fly Anthony Mackie soars and truly flies as the legendary Falcon sidekick. On his left, cap is Mac's best role since he told Matt Damon he could rewrite his own fate and this is a guy who had his biggest year last with 'Gangster Squad', 'Pain & Gain' and 'Runner, Runner'. In playing the first ever African-American superhero created with a barrier breaking, symbolic role the next great actor of any race or creed spreads his range by getting his talons into some tense, terrific, aerial assault action that will swoop sensationally through IMAX and 3D...and he doesn't even have to wear that red leotard chicken-suit. The soldiers wingman helps our hero Chris Evans-in one of his best roles-be that more iconic as Captain America. The curious campness of 'What's Your Number' was a long distance dial ago on these actors call back radar. After Evans showed his heaven sent versatile talent last year with the long hair and beard of his killing in 'The Iceman' alongside Zod himself Michael Shannon, he now gives an even colder turn to our former popsicle turned honour warming hero, adapting to his de-icing in a frostier world. His comic trademark of free-falling out of a jet again like he was about to join a forest fight, or case of Shakespeare in the park with Thor and Iron Man leads to an even more white knuckle fisticuff. Pulling no punches, our hero of heroes lands this all in a perfect descent.

Even fangirls won't want to be stuck in an elevator with this darker shade of American blue. The hand-to-hand combat hasn't looked this good since the Avengers master assassins got to duking it out. Bullett to shield, these set-pieces are sensational. There's a lot at stake here with these S.H.I.E.L.D. ships plummeting at a 'Star Trek-Into Darkness' pace of 'Avengers' second act like peril. This Cap fits but there's a S.H.I.E.L.D strong army behind the man with the red, white and blue one, carrying the flag as our Marvel leaves the war torn texture of the first forties movie for modern day mayhem at a military grade, Falcon upgrade. It's a shame not to see more of the dryly hilarious and justly honurable Tommy Lee Jones, (or Dominic Cooper's Howard Stark and Stanley Tucci for that matter) but these are Samuel L. Jackson's 'Rules Of Engagement' now. The man that's in every Avenger movie, let alone every other movie in cinemas now, yesterday and tomorrow gives more furious patch work than his usual Stan Lee classic cameo and one hell of an easter egg for you collectors this season. Hold on to your butts, deeper and darker this is his best Marvel role yet bringing the best out of Cobie Smulders back along after her acquaintance with your mother. She's here too by the conflicted sides of our leader whose lost more than his one good eye. Add the familiar faces of Frank Grillo and Emily VanCamp to this stellar band of shields and you have some great militant direction from the Russo brothers in this agent urgent roll-call. Then of course there's the smoking hot, hard working acting talent of Scarlett Johansson who see's even more shades of red fury and kicks ass at a legs-break-neck pace as the Black Widow. After this spider assembled with our allied Captain in 'The Avengers', and Scarlett herself got 'Under The Skin' in Scotland as a scarily, sexy alien assassin, she's now putting in more hours than the bows and arrows of Hawkeye fitting into her Anne Hathaway rivalling cat-suit once again for the 'Age Of Ultron' even while heavily pregnant. If that doesn't strike a chord from 'Her' in this lazy app age, I don't know what will? If that isn't enough then how about the British Intelligence of a flashback of Agent Hayley Atwell for that much more emotional weight? More than a stylish, period piece, Marvel 'One Shot', the time and tide this great franchise is missing is thankful for its original agent then and now.

Still, every spy needs their nemesis and The Winter Soldier himself picks up where the legendary Red Skull villain (Hugo Weaving's best since the original Agent Smith in his bad-guy career 'Matrix') left off two years and a lot of decades ago, catching Shield in more ways than one. With a distinct disguise, a rebel without a cause regard and an arm that Howard Stark's son could use on his next mark, it all makes for a formidable foe from the classic cap motorbike freeways to the old-fashioned Hollywood set-piece rooftops of downtown D.C. with an action-thriller, Clint Eastwood 'In The Line Of Fire' like political pedigree that sometimes makes you forget your watching a superhero movie and not a spy a good way too. More than meets the eye, the man behind the mask reveals himself as the most formidable of foes. This perfect cast all comes together with another sort of Captain America in legend and treasure Robert Redford. He may not be young enough to play Gatsby anymore, but this is a man that DiCaprio even wishes he could match film for film, Oscar for Oscar and here he offers the new school of films the testament from one of Hollywood's most traditional greats. From the beautiful beginnings of a sublime sunrise, mid-morning Magnificent Mile jog through this powerful but quiet cities monuments and nature that has shades from the chapters of President Barack Obama's 'The Audacity Of Hope', you can see why they call D.C. 'The City Beautiful'. Now all that's missing in this picturesque, cinematic piece is a pensive soldier standing in front of the iconic, moving Lincoln memorial like in the comic-books. Still any film that makes a conscious effort to introduce Marvin Gaye's classic 'Trouble Man' soundtrack album to its social commentary like Mark Wahlberg's recessive drive through the debt-depressed Winter of Detroit in ' Four Brothers' is something more than just average Avengers. This truly is something else. Oh, captain my captain it doesn't get much more American than that between all this amazing action and serious stakes that put a Marvel mirror up to the real world, all the while being the perfect epic escapism for modern day hard workers who are the true superheroes. With Phase 3 in site, the Avengers look ready to even join the Superman/Batman D.C. fight and you know which Captain will be leading. As Nick Fury tells him best; "it looks like you're giving the orders now Cap"! 'Damn right'! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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