Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Batman vs Superben.

Enough talk! Debate, hate! Let the games begin! You really want to settle this? Then lets wait until 'Batmen v Superman' get it on in next years 'Dawn Of Justice' in the battle with Marvel's Avengers 2.5 in Captain America's 'Civil War' with Iron Man, where the two iconic, duking it out comic-book franchises will be too busy fighting amongst themselves to worry about whose taking sides and winning.

Stan Lee's team may have the belt now and next years 'Winter Solider' sequel featuring every Avenger (except the seemingly uninvited Thor and Hulk) and the introduction of the Black Panther and the highly anticipated, eager awaited, big Spider-Man deal is set to be the victory lap in Washington.

"On your left".

But don't count out D.C. yet. Shaded in the darkness of Marvel's light hearted, fun approach the Detective Comics are about to illuminate the blockbuster skies like the new Bat Signal. Comic Con convinced us. The 'Justice' trailer is in a league of its own. Even more than Jared's Joker and new, classic laugh introduction to the 'Suicide Squad' that we want to see 'really, really bad"!

Leto may even be in Zack Snyder's 'Man Of Steel' sequel if the Easter egg of Easter eggs cracks open the old comic-book reference of the Joker killing Robin with a crow-bar. And you wondered what was with the Clown Prince's hip-hop metal grill! This Frank Miller time 'Dark Knight' homage is set to illuminate. With a bulky, Bat-Suit that could even battle the Hulk-Buster. The epic duel of epic duels with the fictional, iconic cities of Metropolis and Gotham side by side-creatively like no comic before-in richness and poor health like San Francisco and Oakland (will there be a basketball, champion Gotham State Warriors?) for a novel idea never seen in the graphic books. This to go with the return of Superman's own Joker, Lex Luther, back for the first time here, Jeremy Irons as a more scientist looking Alfred and a Wonder Woman that looks...well wonderful (if a little Xena Warrior Princess) will leave fans looking at this epic, event film and thinking; "now there's a Batman"!

Speaking of the devil, we've been defenders of the Batflek for quite some time under the pale moonlight. And now everyone-even the most angriest Christian Bale fan-is ready to move on and hand the cowl to the man that's about to rewrite the career he scripted with 'Good Will Hunting' alongside Matt Damon. This guys not going to piss in the suit...he looks great in it. The right cut and in hallmark grey, bleak in its tone but offset perfectly by the billionaire bucking trend of him making a real Bruce Wayne playboy, philanthropist too. He hasn't just got the chin to play Bats...he's got the balls to do it too.

Still I must join the Daredevil (that film was a lot better than most admit. Even if the new series completely blind sides it), "how dare he's" with one concern for the 'Gone Girl' actor playing the Bat Boy. After overcoming all the mid career madness of all the poor choices and 'Bennifer' critics, Affleck went on to show he was still a great actor, but an even better director, behind the camera like a young Clint Eastwood. In just three films he elevated himself to Hollywood's big three. With 'Gone Baby Gone', directing baby bro Casey, Affleck went to the bold and brave, dramatic, dark depths of a Clint film like 'Mystic River'...with his first movie. Then he went back to the 'Good Will' beginnings of his birthplace Boston for 'The Town'. Bullet for gunfight 'Heat' the greatest action film you have or will see either side of 10 years. Then the politics and Oscar came with the amazing 'Argo'...need we say anymore?

Now some may be quick to say "Argo f### yourself" to this writer, but this writers concern is the deeper Affleck goes into the dark knight, the less light we'll see from his camera lens. Sure the man who once turned down directing 'Man Of Steel' and almost starring in its sequel due to a cited "lack of special effects experience", (despite once technically, suiting up and playing Superman as the original George Reeves in 'Hollywoodland') may have just been handed the Batmobile keys to direct and star in the solo, stand-alone movie 'The Batman'...which is now becoming as hotly awaited as this new one, but we're talking about some original storytelling. Although we cant wait to see the man that called Batman, "America's 'Hamlet's'" spin on the cave dweller that only comes out at night. Ben's last three movies are arguably the reason he's here now in the position he is to play the fictional American hero and icon. And if you want to talk about a career reboot, just ask Avenger leader Robert Downey Jr. how much being a superhero takes up your time. Even a billionaire playboy one with all they tricks and tools.

Between all his solo Hollywood albums and the group work of the 'Justice League' how can we complain though at what will probably be the making of this mans commercial career? Especially with the future flight plan of the Bat under his wing. We just can't wait to see more of the critically acclaimed work that starts from script scratch from this man. Like a reunion with B.F.F. Matt Damon (and we're not talking about a Robin team up), or director Fincher for 'Strangers On A Train'. Still for the man that studies Hitchcock Im sure we'll see as much alter ego Affleck directing in the day, as much as we will crime fighting, vigilante justice at night. After all if he wants to star in comic books as well as write them, to go along with whatever direction he's taking, he can. He can do anything he wants! Why? Because he's BATMAN! TIM DAVID HARVEY

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