Saturday, 16 January 2016



The Other Dads.

96 Minutes. Starring: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Thomas Hayden Church & Hannibal Buress. Director: Sean Anders & John Morris.

Whose your daddy? No...not him although its a pleasure to meet you sir! No I'm talking about 'The Other Guys'. Two former buddy cops who are in need of more than one spray of a Febreeze fresh start like a college dorm room, now they've gone from partners in crime to fathers in line. Stepping up to the plate as the non-biological in the blue corner is the undisputed King of Comedy, Will Ferrell. Now he may be a 'Semi-Pro' when it comes to this, but who better to anchor the manly role as your stand in pops than Ron Burgundy himself? Knights of Colombus it hurts when this guy makes you laugh...from 'Talladega Nights' to the 'Blades Of Glory'. Feeding our funny every morning like toast and two scrambled eggs, Will's ways now know how to start your comedy year the right way each calender. Last year he 'Got Hard' with 'Ride Along' resident funny man, stand up Kevin Hart and this time he's going even harder too. The man whose looked like a T.V. sitcom dad since his debut in every household with 'Saturday Night Live' finally becomes one for this modern family, but forget about getting embarrased by dad dancing, because a Will Ferrell film wouldnt be a Will Ferrell film without him being without his shirt on, or close up to the camera screaming something as crazy as the slapstick schtick he's about to hit you with. And whatever you do don't take this Flint Tropic to a basketball game, even if it as Lakers one. And DON'T let him take the halftime halfcourt shot, because it'll be a bigger hit than the time Niles Crane put it up on 'Frasier'. But are you listening, because Jackie Moon has still got it. And all of Ferrell's fearless cracks of comedy are still whipped into the shape of the crease on his belly. The same place you'll find most of your laughs.

But your going to feel it in your gut when the new kid on the block hits you because Marky Mark is rapping up quite the comedy career like his brother does burgers. You may know this 'Lone Survivor' from modern day hero classics like 'The Departed', 'The Fighter', 'The Gambler' and 'Contraband' but after doing two comedies with his furry friend 'Ferrell' and 'Ted' too this family guys lighter side is no longer concealed and hidden. He's a true 'Transformer', forget Optimus Prime and riding a steel horse of his own machine in leather, denim, buckle, boots and and no local barber, he rocks like an Ace of Spades Motorhead forget a Bon Jovi cowboy. He's the real deal. The real dad. No donor. You've all seen 'Boogie Nights'...we dont need a paternity. People always ask why good girls fall for bad guys, but does this Hollywood hunk really compare to the stay at home, step dad Will? Well even if he is trying to break up and remake up a happy home from his pre-papa Rolling Stone memories he certainly does in the comedy department. With more in store, oftentimes Wahlberg's banter bangers come off even better than Ferrell's firecrackers. Just check out how he deals with everything from dry walls to dance halls. But just like when Will fights back and pulls more punches, Mark's reaction is priceless. Its all about how these two play off of each other...and boy do these boys play. From John C. Reilly to the Channel 6 New Team, the 'Step Brothers' star may have finally found the perfect comedic collabo with his Step Dads dynamic duo, odd couple opposite. Even if all he wants stay on the road dad Mark Wahlberg to do is put a shirt on like his Brick associate Steve Carell in 'Date Night'. Don't act like you're not impressed.

Step dad or real dad however there's more to this family that matters. Daddy isnt the only one home. Nobody phones it in like E.T.'s red finger here...even the kids are alright. 'E.R.' star Linda Cardellini is on fine form as the mother of this picture. Perfect even though we thought she was Hawkeye's lady...we always knew he and Black Widow had something going on! Budapest? Like cupids arrow you're going to love her like the two fathering male leads with avengance too. She's a marvel and opens her house to even more comedy family in this new Brat Pack ensemble assemble. From the howling offering of 'We Bought A Zoo' hyena laugh keeper, Thomas Hayden Church to the funnyman handyman Hannibal Buress, who is just too funny. He has all the tools. The stand up star is just one cameo away from his own movie. Could gag dynamite directors Sean Anders and John Morris be the ones to give it to him? Because they're giving it all to us here. From tree houses of terror to skateboard ramps Tony couldnt even hawk. Now from the dad-off to the dance offs its time to let the games begin. So whose it going to be? Monday to Friday or weekends and every other thursday? Because this laugh for laugh father-time makes sons out of everyone and everything else. Pop goes the comedy...its found its home again. Nothing is as cool as these daddys...its a family tie. Now can I please have my allowance? TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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