Thursday, 28 January 2016



Miami Beat.

101 Minutes. Starring: Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Olivia Munn, Ken Jeong & Tyrese Gibson. Director: Tim Story. 

Ride or die? WOOP! WOOP! It's the sound of the police! Yep that's right the brothers in law are back in arms and this is the perfect 'Bad Boys 3' Summer movie for your January blues. All the way to the Heat of King James' former Miami throne. Complete with on the ocean, jersey logo typography. Whatcha gonna do? Need another ride? Come along! After what seems like a neon 'Rush Hour' of an opening, the nitrus car show introduction in this buddy cop comedy almost looks like one more ride with the 'Fast & Furious'. Complete with Roman Pierce too thanks to a classy cameo from actor slash singer Tyrese Gibson, polishing his action star resume with some comedy cliff notes. But its the rapper next to his shotgun that takes the wheel like Vin here...all Diesel! 'Straight Outta Compton', funny mother###### named Ice Cube is hotter than ever. An actor with attitude who looks like he took his Florida vacation off '22 Jump Street' all the way to South Beach...and his comedy talents are still Cavalier. The former gangster rapper and one of the greatest hip hop stars of all time these days has more in common with big budget comedies. Are you there yet? All the way from 'Jump Street' to your local 'Barbershop'. But he may have found his Tucker and Chan, Murphy and Nolte, '48 Hour' home and hold next to the smallest and biggest comedy star in the world. And now they're here for another one. Even if "they" dont want you to make movies in DJ Khaled's city.

Tell that to Kevin because we need to talk about him. The comedy King of Hart has got the bacon as the funniest man in the world right now and in a two way tie with 'Trainwreck' star Amy Schumer for funniest person on the planet. This stand up guy is just that funny and his sold out 'What Now' arena is answering any critic that questions him right now....worldwide. Still it's rare that a microphone master can make the transition to behind the camera as a movie star so well...maybe even rarer than a rapper. Yet like Miami beach cop 'Bad Boy' Martin Lawrence, Hart is def at comedy and whatever other jam he gets himself in. Whether he's the 'Wedding Ringer' best man for Olaf from 'Frozen' or trying to get Will Ferrell hard...wait...erm! Let it go...Let it gooooo! Put it this way Kevin Hart has the massive movies to even make his stage spotlight take a stage left back seat....yeah they wish! Even with an even stronger sequel supporting cast, from new X-Men mutant, Olivia Munn, kicking ass like it was the 'Apocalypse', to the hungover Ken Jeong with a hell of a morning after. All after a villain that looks like he could be John Leguizamo from the first movie 20 years later. You can't stop this dynamo. Hart attacks this and puts the black hammer down until your under cardiac arrest. He even looks to have another great buddy cop tandem picture in place with the 'Central Intelligence' of The Rock, Dwyane Johnson rolling (now...don't get us started on how hard it is to become a successful actor...comedy and action after being a professional wrestler). Which if judging from their back and forth trailer and the tag line 'All you need is a little Hart and a big Johnson' it's going to be C.I.heeeey hilarious!

Going undercover there is more you need in this comedy cocktail however and that's two cubes of Ice. Then you know everything is going down smooth when it comes to the slick comedy set pieces and the bantering back and forth between the rapper and the comedian. From impersonanting dignitaries with...well at lot of respect left to be desired (but still too 'Family Guy' offensively funny) to Ocean Drive, 'Grand Theft Auto' car chases straight out of the video game hub of 'Vice City Stories'. Not a joke here is wasted and any that don't hit their mark are made up by the classy, charismatic chemistry between the top two billing leading men. Behind all the big set up jokes like some of the freight finale, paint by numbers action sequences there are much more subtler and better gags that will leave you needing one. From the mannerisms to the way they say things you'll be howling. From Hart's innate comic timing genome and natural chemistry with hilarity, to the way O'Shea Jackson Senior makes everything sound like a seagull just crapped on the parking ticket of his car the moment he rolled it off the lot....oh and he scratched the door whilst opening it frustratedly onto a bollard too. Still all in all it was a good day. And this your perfect Friday film for the weekend. You'll be laughing so much you wont be able to feel your face. In this 'Ride Along', 'Training Day' cop car all they need to do is have the little Hart open his big mouth and see the officer that once told the police where to go look back with his shaded, stoic angry as s### reaction too. We could watch it all day. Do you still want to ride? TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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