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The Walking Dread.

13 Episodes. Starring: Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Elodie Yung, Rosario Dawson, Scott Glenn & Jon Bernthal.

Better the devil you know! How dare you? You withstood the heat. You stayed in the kitchen. Now there will be hell to pay. As Netflix's hugely popular 'Daredevil' series cooks up its second year and season, New York Cities Hells Kitchen is about to boil and toil with trouble and explode. Out there in the bruised and bloodied battered soul of the city it's a War Zone. You thought Vincent D'Onofrio's fist full of Fisk Kingpin had the throne in Marvel's Avenging last year 'Age Of Ultron' and tall 'Ant-Man' tales to astonish? Then just you wait until you see who really is the Castle. To be Frank this is the year of the American 'Civil War' Cap! These days are only going to get stranger Doc! Marvel are in the phase and age of 'Infinity'...and 'Deadpool' fourth-wall studio breaking. Now amongst all these wars and their one with the duelling 'Batman v Superman' of D.C., Stan Lee's comic creations aren't afraid to take the fight back to the streets or the small screen like the 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' in again somewhat ironically the same time former Daredevil Ben Affleck's caped crusader is about to don his own Wayne mannered cowl. Especially with their Man Without Fear itself, Matt Murdock. Ally McBeal by day. Marvel's shadowy and horny version of the Dark Knight by dusk. With hell to bring, but one rule...absolutely no tombstone. No killing! Although beating the bad guys into a crippling, life changing, paralysed pulp is fine. But this time the Devil of Hells Kitchen has more nightmares to deal with than a slow roast from Gordon Ramsey on a Sunday. Even the classic Church confessionals from this Catholic will have to dig deep to offer more. No good Devil goes unpunished as this hells angel has more on his plate and we aren't just talking about an old college girlfriend coming back to break his heart and balls. The streets favourite red seeing vigilante with bull horns is about to be charged with more than epic courtroom drama legal proceedings (forget 'The People vs O.J. Simpson'). He's about to face two anti-heroes looking for their own brand of justice that finger trigger the knife edge of good and bad. It's this light versus dark, both sides of the cape fear that give the second series two stellar strings of inspired interweaving plot that make this season in the bleak fall of a lonely New York as foremost as the first. From the first kick to the last punch in overcooked overkill, amazing action of classic coordination Marvel send it all back to the kitchen...with compliments to the chef!

Following the success of Marvel's small-screen Jessica Jones, Netflix are killing it as their favourite public Defender is back and about to make way for the punch of Iron Fist and the rope-a-dope of Miss Jones' boyfriend Luke Cage. But it's still the Devil that decides your fate and Charlie Cox dares and wins. He is everything to this theory of the Daredevil comic the book. Battered in kevlar and crimson, the devil is still fighting strong like the Gods of Justice amongst us. What's Affleck got now!? Just check out the take two one shot of this season that decks and wrecks the halls...and descending stairs Penrose of the first series', classic, most talked about scene. One great shot deserves another and it's lights out for the man that sees better in the dark. Dont be afraid there are other ways to have vision...and oh does blood soaked vigilante show us...and anyone willing to stand in his way. You're going to love this guys stick! Dardevil in red by the disorder of night, maroon bespectabled Attorney of Law by day. And Cox gets the whole Matt Murdock alter-ego dynamic third bowl of porridge to start your day right like Bruce Wayne and Batman, Clark Kent and Superman and of course Tony Stark and Iron Man. And just like Robert Downey Jnr you just get the feeling Charlie cant wait to tell everybody who he really is. Fear not though his legal counsel know how to work a case and playing the angels Elden Henson's Foggy best friend and Deborah Ann Woll's heart and soul love interest really step it up yet again showing they are no bit parts or side pieces. They may not know great superpower, but they know the responsibilty of great acting. Just like recurring guest stars of supporting listed legacy Rosario Dawson and Scott Glenn, nursing and mentoring respectively. So well in fact you yearn for more of the first seasons welcome standouts from perfect preists to Betsy's boy and so much more. This city is more than just one man, no wonder the blind lawyer watches over it as so.

Look for more though in the villain department this time round however. The Kingpin maybe striked out behind bars, but our hero has more Gangs of New York to deal with than DiCaprio and Day-Lewis. By night the hands of the Yakuza buzz like the horses they fly in on. as they give Daredevil more trials than the Triads. Making for some 'Fearless' formidable martial arts scenes that are pure fighting poetry. But Murdock's anti-murder fight has more to help...or deal with in the form of his hearts old alias. And in garnering more praise than Jennifer's body of solo movie deserving work, Elodie Young is electric as Elecktra. Complete with a more realistic, less sexualised costume (thankfully with Marvel reversing the trend of their female heroes being merely geeks comic candy) and Mutant Turtle Rapheal swords this fatal female is ready to send the rats back to the sewer...or even six below that. She's not the only one willing to pull the trigger to get the job done. Half measured villain or cowardly hero not. All this crime and we haven't even got round to the punishment. Well from the moment his opening footsteps turn a hospital into a morgue its time this cape feared the walking dead...or dread of killing machine Frank Castle, who is breaking down all sorts of walls. Deep actor of dark character Jon Bernthal does more than sell you his role as The Punisher like he did that pen in that classic 'Wolf Of Wall Street' scene of improvisation. He writes off both movie star Thomas Jane and all-action hero Dolph Lungren with a hairpin stroke. Hitting everything like Jason Statham, Colin Farrell character. It's a different mark man! Bernthal is a murdering leather glove, trigger thumbing perfect Punisher that fits this crime. Zoned out and war ravaged like the rage he displayed in filming the tanked up 'Fury' when he wasn't allowed to meet his newborn son until he was 8 months old, this veteran frankly is Castle. From method acting Brooklyn Bridge blood dripping (like the iconic title sequence), walking the city with weights in his backpack and the "don't f### this up" expectations of all those passerby New Yorkers that recognised his face on his shoulders, Bernthal earns his black strapped boots on the ground. Clicking as the man that wears an iconic skull on his Cross Bones (although was that that truck again from 'The Winter Soldier'?). Jon knows what this iconic comic book character means. Stating that people have gone to war with that skull and died with that symbol on their chest. Bernthal honors it all perfectly and respectfully in a raw and ravaged time brings to the forefront of beyond comic conversation the control of guns and the safety of the hands holding them. The "you hit them and they get back up. I hit them and they STAY down" vigilante, street justice debate of conflict. One batch, two batch, judge, jury and executioner dime and punishment. The new Castle in this game of self-appointed anti-heroes thrones even brings the emotion behind why he's doing this and who those rounds and bullets really are for. I bet you thought The Punisher only had one way to make you weep for your mother!? But from the vantage of his cop coffee drinking rooftops to the lead streets below he wakes up like brimstone, Jon Bernthal tears it up as the Punisher. You know he's one good day away from being in his own solo series. Now would you dare to give this devil his own show...BANG! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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