Sunday, 8 May 2011


16 BLOCKS: Real rapper Mos Def is on tour this week but the diversely talented man is as good as reading scripts as good as he is writing rhymes. Here he puts on a unique voice and twist to a character supporting another great Bruce Willis performance in '16 Blocks'. In this film Willis' character must battle alcohol addiction, age and his own men as he attempts to transport Mos' character across 16 New York City blocks to a courthouse. It would seem simple enough if everyone of New York's finest police force (led David Morse, who plays so any cops in films he should be one) wasn't after the pair. An action-packed, exciting thrill-ride that's also touching, you won't want to let it go.

IRON MAN: With the latest Avenger movie 'Thor' surprising and entertaining critics alike let's Marvel at another superhero classic. With his charisma and charm Robert Downey Jnr breathed new life into the genre with Gwyneth Paltrow by his faithful side. Hilarious and thrilling, the graphics and the action where sublime thanks to Jon Faverau's direction (he'll be missed). Speaking of those missed by the franchise Terrence Howard raised his and the films stock (although Don Cheadle got his 'next time baby'). While fan favourite Jeff Bridges (dude where's your hair?) made a surprisingly sinister, coldly convincing villain.

LOST IN TRANSLATION: With love to Japan, which was the perfect, beautiful setting for this atmospheric love story, Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannson came together as perfect polar opposites on the common ground of loneliness, isolation and bewilderment. Thought-provoking, deep, funny and touching this is classic, modern-day cinema at it's finest. You'll fall in love with this movie.

CITY OF ANGELS: Another great love story set perfectly in the incredible city of Los Angeles (for more ways then one). Meg Ryan and black coat wearing Nicholas Cage are the right cast in this moving motion picture which epitomises 90's cinema. It's aspects of nostalgia makes up for it's cornball elements, while it's light and Hollywood shine forgive it's darker themes. This guardian angel film is a great one to watch over.

THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMAN: While most action films these days pack on the violence, this enjoyable fantasy yarn makes everything else look like a farce. Sean Connery leads an extraordinary assembled cast of familiar characters including Dorian Gray and Jekyll and Hyde. The graphics are stunning and the set-pieces exciting, entertainment as it's finest. Plus, of course Connery bonds the cast together well with his legendary charm and wit, but it's 'ER' actor Shane West that steals the he's supposed to.TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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