Monday, 16 May 2011


We pick 5 old films we watched this week for your consideration.

LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN: This is the film that made Josh Hartnett's career. Playing Slevin he strikes career gold with a stellar, charismatic performance. This atypical thriller is slick and scarily tense with a great vintage feel. New York looks it's best as ever plus costume designers wardrobes have never look better (except that wallpaper like towel, still the female fans won't be disappointed). This A-List cast bring it's star game from Bruce Willis, to Morgan Freeman, Sir Ben Kingsley and Stanley Tucci. Still through all the stars, thrills, blood spills and bullets it's Hartnett's classic chemistry with Lucy Lui that sets this movie.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN-DEAD MANS CHEST: With the latest installment of the Captain Jack series 'On Stranger Tides' released this week let's look at one of the best in the series. Sure the first one was the best but this one was where Depp and co really had fun. Light, enjoyable, swashbuckling and savvy this film was epic bridging the gap between the franchises beginning and peak. Plus the CGI to boot was real special, making Bill Nighy looking unrecognisable as squid faced Davey Jones, as all he had to turn up to on set with were his pajamas and effects. With a sublime score to boost, it all spoke volumes for Disney's diversity.

BLOOD DIAMOND: Forgive the slightly dodgy South African accent, for this is one of leading actor Leonardo DiCaprio's most defining performances. Epic, horrifically moving and thrillingly though-provoking it's... who really packs the punch however with his powerful passion. More Hollywood pictures should look at this genuinely concerned canvas for future references. As this movie captures the beauty of South Africa but the ugly truth's of it's blood diamonds that are lapped up by the Western world without consideration or care. They haven't, don't and probably won't make films like this again.

YOU, ME & DUPREE: The perfect comedy film for a lazy afternoon/evening. Owen Wilson is on top Notch form as Dupree; a lovable slob who needs to move in with Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon (who don't share these affections). From literal toilet humor to slapstick physical comedy this film is refreshingly hilarious and warm and uplifting for a movie of it's kind. Legend Michael Douglas and a then up and coming Seth Rogen round out a great cast.

TRAFFIC: Michael Douglas makes an appearance in this film, as does his wife and what seems like every actor going in this multi-story, truth scraping piece. Think 'Crash' but about the drug game. Harrowing, real, genuine and thought-provoking, sit up and listen cinema is rarely better then this (except 'Crash'). Cheadle comes in to his own in this movie as doe the rest of the cast, especially Benicio Del Toro. Powerful stuff. An unflinching look at drugs in modern-day America without that Hollywood shine. Michael Moore would be proud. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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