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A cool, classy compilation you'll want to let get in the cars.

The 'Fast & Furious' franchise hasn't just given us an exciting and entertaining series of car films, it has also spawned a series of on track soundtracks which have pooled some brilliant songs. From rappers like Ludacris and Ja Rule offering quality tracks as well as cameo's ('Act A Fool' and 'Life Aint A Game' respectively) to an impressive array of D.J. and foreign rap talent (from D.J. Shadow and Mos Def's 'Six Day's' to the fourth and fifth instalments Don Omar and Tego Calderon's 'Bandaleros'). Now with 'Fast Five'; the latest and greatest part of the series, those behind the soundtrack match the film's speed with some choice torque tracks for the ride.

This collection starts and finishes strong as 'Fast Five' actor Don Omar joins the legendary rapper Busta Rhymes and Reek De Villain for the 'Fast Five Remix' of the huge, hot hit 'How We Roll'. Don Omar's credits don't end there however as he starts the celebration with the euphoric, upbeat 'Danza Kuduro' a hit, dance-floor ready party number. This album rolls and rolls through the hits to all the way to the brilliant climax 'F5 (Furiously Dangerous)', which also plays the film credits out. On this track 'Fast Five' and '2 Fast 2 Furious' favourite Ludacris handles the lyrical gears with rhyme genius Joe Budden (who also blessed the '2 Fast' soundtrack with his biggest hit 'Pump It Up') and his Slaughterhouse group riding passenger.

Soundtrack master Brian Tyler also scores big here with the tracks, 'Assembling The Team', 'Mad Skills' and 'Fast Five Suite'. The compose who uses car parts and other instruments to help make his music motors this compilation on with something different. The talent doesn't stop there however as up and coming producer Hybrid collects a range of seriously stellar scores. From his swooping 'Han Drifting' music to his positive correlation with Edu K on the 'Million Dollar Race' scenes music. Hybrid also lifts the hood on Speed's 'Follow Me, Follow Me (Quem Que Caguetou?)' putting nitro in the engine, for a fuel injected, high octane remix.

Hybrid isn't the only up and coming talent here as the stars clear the lane for others to shine on this disc. Marcelo D2 & Claudia bring fresh and fun sounds to one of 'Fast & Furious 5's' most memorable scenes (trust me on this one guys). While MV Bill makes other rappers envy he on the most valuable 'L. Gelada-3 Da Madrugada' which sounds good in any translation. As does the darker 'Batalha' By ObandO which is talking the right language for this movies more sinister scenes. Still one of the albums high points steps out the rap vocal booth as Carlinhos Brown's 'Carlito Marron' gives the perfect shining, Latin flavour to this film set in the Brazilian city of Rio De Janeiro.

Overall just like the movie 'Fast Five's' soundtrack set is the best yet. It may not have the biggest hits, but it is the most consistent, playing like a cohesive set with no skipping or shuffling required. The soundtrack's success is not only capturing the flavour of the sound of Rio-with celebratory tracks ready for Madi Gras-but also in keeping some influence from the sounds of the legendary locations where the other films where set (Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo and Mexico). Sure after his fun 'Pick Up The Phone' song from '2 Fast 2 Furious' it's a shame we've been disconnected from a track from returning actor/singer Tyrese. Still as brilliant as his vocal talents are the tone of this CD doesn't really call for R&B. What it does call up though is a truck load of unique and diverse up and coming talent. As the biggest names are saved for the film where still left with plenty in the tank as the young, raw talent fuels the fresh sounds of this soundtrack. The perfect accompaniment to this motion picture, the sounds coming out this rides speakers keep this record and this film spinning. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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