Monday, 16 July 2012


As this is a Christopher Nolan classic and practically everyone in it apart from DiCaprio (who was originally rumored to play The Riddler (how good would that have been?)) is in 'The Dark Knight Rises' how could we leave this out of our 'Batman Week'? In undoubtedly the movie of 2010 Leornado DiCaprio assembles a team of dream thieves to 'incept' an idea into Nolan's favourite scarecrow Cillian Murphys mind. Expect incredible action, thrills and twists and turns while DiCaprio and his team go within dreams. This supporting cast all step it up a level, especially the charming, not like Bane Tom Hardy and Gordon-Levitt. Again Nolans cinematography is captivating, his brothers script compelling and Hans Zimmer's score classic by any standard. This film is one part 'The Matrix', one part 'Memento' but overall very much it's own film. With shifts in gravity you'll never see better fighting scenes and Leornado DiCaprio plays the conflicted man lamenting lost love again so well just like he did in 'Shutter Island'. As a matter of fact DiCaprio may have made two of his best films this year. As for Christoper Nolan's greatest, 'The Dark Knight' still reigns supreme but with 'Inception' Nolan hasn't told a better story since 'The Prestige'. Simply one of the best cinematic experiences you could ever dream up. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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