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Dollars & Sense.

110 Minutes. Starring: Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Cody Horn, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Matthew McConaughey, Tate Spalding & Olivia Munn. Director: Steven Soderbergh. Screenplay: Reid Carolin

"Honey, I thought this was just a film about a magician called Mike"?! "What it's not a basketball documentary about Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan"?! Please! OK so when you go to watch the new Channing Tatum male-stripper film with your boys, while your date is busy then you really have no shame. If your the only member of your group of males and females who like woman and this film then you might have something to worry about. It's one of those bear-pit 'Anchorman' jumping, "I immediately regret this decision" moments when you buy your ticket on your own. Still, 'Magic Mike' isn't that bad I must admit. Strip me of my credibility but there it is all laid out.

Bound to make your date more excited than 100 more pages of '50 Shades Of Grey' and with shades and echoes of 'The Full Monty' and 'The Wrestler' (there's even a Mickey Rourke lookalike) this film has more depth than the shallow water it appears to tread. OK fellas sure, heed the warning this film may make you look bad but it'll make your date owe you one and Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Claud Van Damme and the rest of 'The Expendables' are returning next month for the perfect revenge movie. You've earned it.

Still the man that directed the assembling of 'Oceans Eleven'-the ever versatile Steven Soderbergh-puts on another great show. This film really reveals all and how good it is however with the charm of Channing Tatum and the charisma of Matthew McConaughey. Tatum brings his 'Step Up' dancing up a notch to some cool choreography. The guy who showed just how funny and better he is in this years best comedy-'21 Jump Street'-shows he's the man of the moment...well maybe the co-man of the moment.

With his slick, Southern drawl and his recent resurgence via last years big, career case making 'The Lincoln Lawyer' and last weeks murderous 'Killer Joe' McConaughey is in classic control here. Like Tom Cruise's coming out in 'Magnolia' McConaughey holds the stage vocally and the way he carries himself. From serenading the ladies to being the coolest, charming and charismatic compare (check him out as Uncle Sam on a 4Th July ladies 'we want you' special) ever this is the film-following his indie hits-that puts Matt back on the mainstream map. Like the woman in this picture this film is putty in Channing and McConaughey's hands.

Still its new kids on the block Alex Pettyfer and Cody Horn that are more than alright and bring the real depth and raw emotional side to this picture, from the troubled and concerned aspects of the brother and sister respectively. Matt Bomer, Tate Spalding (who really has a ball) and rising star Olivia Munn also bring more to the floor. Still this film is more than just shaking it for dollars. It may lead some people to leave the cinema shaking their head and complaining; "why wasn't their more ****", but that's because this funny looking picture is a bit more serious than you'd expect.

Exploring the glamour starved world of turning tricks to make money this film takes the issues of drug abuse and the no salary life to task. It also takes a deeper look into relationships both romantic and related with some awkwardly brilliant acting from all parties. Sure the darker and realer this movie gets the uglier it gets but anyone that knows Soderbergh should know this is not for show. With some classic comic-relief you can take this but there's a real story to be delved into here below all those leather chaps and tank tops and it looks pretty good as a result. 'Magic Mike' has a few tricks up his sleeve. Just wait until they're revealed. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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