Sunday, 17 May 2015



Hotter Than July.

Feel that? Cold isn't it? No, we're not talking about typical British weather round Summer, but this amazingly atmospheric, terrific Jim Mickle thriller, 'Cold In July' based on Joe R. Lansdale's brilliant book. Starring 'Dexter' and 'Miami Vice's' Sonny Crockett himself. Just listen. As a matter of fact, role up those suit sleeves and slick back that mullet, because this film is as 80's as cops rolling around in automobiles that only drug dealers would drive around now. And you'll be sure to find some classic cars off nostalgias lot in a movie that's got more American muscle under the hood of its spit and polish shine of its look and tone. Even one that iconic legend and show stealer Don Johnson makes his 'B****'', as he goes full 'Unchained', Big Daddy mode complete with Stetson, rhinestone and horns, with the Johnny Cash of a country star all around his spurs. Yet its the almost unrecognizable Michael C. Hall who takes us through this picture of a Parton, 9 to 5 and T.V. dinner, lukewarmly perfect family life, interrupted by a midnight caller intruder, put to an end on the chime of an hour by Dexter washing blood down his sink once again. The far reaching and teaching repercussions and turmoil of this hairpin, split second response results in some of the most tense and thrilling conflict seen in cinemas for years. Especially with legend Sam Shepard in perfect play and Kurt Russell's son Wyatt showing he looks more than just the part to take the passed torch and burn brightly under his own light. To reveal more about this great movie that seems to have about three more films, subplots, secrets and lives all wrapped up under its brutal but brilliant blow would be more than a spoiler, it'd be a crime to cinema. Almost like the fact that this film deserves more in this blockbuster big budget world. Just like it gives its viewers in the pay off of a dynamite, action-eer of a third act that most number one movies in the country would kill to engineer. Even if this modern movie world is no country for old men cold, 'July' still finds its place even in the hottest Summer. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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