Monday, 18 May 2015



50 Shares Of Grey.

Lets talk about 'Sex Tape'! No, no Pamela, Paris or Kardashian. But Jason and Cameron making a porno for a crass comedy starring Diaz and Segel that isn't all ass. Sure this sex in the camera plot is extra safe thick mind. It's your classic, 'married with children' trying to get that spark back, so they fire up the old videotape for some home porn. But viewers beware in this digital age movie they didn't think about The Cloud and all the social media, mass sharing that this viral world of hash tags and likes is trending today. Or all the family, friends and public servants Segel gave iPads to as gifts...wait! What! Hang on! Who is this guy? Steve Jobs? Crazy plot timelines up in the clouds aside, Pad swipers like Rob Corddry and a sensational scene stealing Robe Lowe apply themselves perfectly here alongside a classic cameo that keeps us all updated. As for the tape reels participants, you can clearly make out how great they are. Following their partnership on 'Bad Teacher' the still ever sexy Cameron Diaz is the apple of both your eyes and sides, rolling on skates and tube socks. Whilst Segel shows he's still all 'I Love You Man', even though how do you explain this one when meeting your mother? Lost in the clouds of comedy craziness, from SIRIously slapstick dog fighting, to the strangest reference to basketball star LeBron James and clutch legend Derek Fisher going one-on-one this is a ball...and all balls too. Worthy of taping, even if you want to erase after. But still press play and be kind...rewind. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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