Friday, 1 May 2015



Wild, Wild, Seth.

Once upon a time in the West, Seth MacFarlane gave us a million ways to laugh. From the formidably funny 'Family Guy' to its cuddly cousin in the classic 'Ted'. In this movie the more offense caused coming from a mastermind where every man, woman and child is a target, is that this comedy isn't as quick a laughing draw as the rest. Yet it's still a sharp shooter in Hollywood's evergreen vintage love for the traditions of the wild west, from 'The Lone Ranger' to the out of this world 'Cowboys & Aliens' and out of Tarantino's damn mind 'Django Unchained'. Here uncaged MacFarlane gives us the first look of his all-action acting in front of the green screen and its a punctuated performance in a saloon of stars. One that slides a whiskey across the bar for a show stopping and stealing Charlize Theron in a surprising send-up film, the moustache maverick of Neil Patrick Harris, 'Ted 2' Mila Kunis step-in Amanda Seyfried, the always weirdly perfect Giovanni Ribisi and stand up gal Sarah Silverman. And of course the, old hand legend Liam Neeson. Because what's a film without Neeson? The only thing missing here is Samuel L. Jackson in a film that has everybody and everything when it comes to classic cameos. From an unrecognizable Mr. Belding (if you didn't watch Jimmy Fallon's 'Saved By The Bell' reunion), to two classic, comedy cinematic crossovers that we are dying to roll out, but would be too bad to spoil. This is a tale of how the West was almost won by Seth. Sure this film has a little good, bad and ugly, but its still a real barn dance for you old prospectors. Yeehaw! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

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